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by Tony Buford 9 months ago in addiction

A Short Story

Blu sat in the cafe, looking out the window at the early morning action on Pike street, picking up fragments of conversation from the people around him. "the 2008 elections are coming up", he heard the woman at the next table tell her companion.

he wondered what it would be like to be with someone, discuss politics, or the weather, or little mary's birthday party. it had been sometime since he had found that kind of repartee of interest to...another bus pulled to the stop in front of the cafe...was it the 150...? Yes! Blu intently scanned the deboarding passengers. Damn, he thought. Felix wasn't on this one either. "Fuck"! He hated dealers and idiosyncrasies. This mothafucka wouldn't drive when he was carrying. So Blu found himself sitting in this yuppie cafe with too much time to think. Blu didn't like to think. He didn't like where it led.

He knew he was dressed well enough to blend in. He was good at blending in, except for being black of course. Well, there was nothing he could do about that was there? At this thought, he laughed in his head.

Blu ha that smooth skin, like dark chocolate, and the kind of soft dark eyes that drove women crazy, but he got his street name because he seldom smiled and laughed even less, like there was a blues refrain always playing behind those dark eyes.

Another bus pulled in. it was one of those 60 footers that bend in the middle. Blu saw Felix step down and thought, look at this stupid mothafucka, trying to be inconspicuous, when everything about him screamed drug dealer.

Felix spotted Blu through the cafe window. He stopped and lit a cigarette, fuck him, let him wait a little longer, I'm the man, he thought to himself.

Blu watched him and knew exactly what this asshole was thinking. He hatted himself for wanting anything from this bitch.

self-loathing passed quickly as Felix put out his cigarette and entered the cafe.

"Blu! What up dog" Felix said as he took a seat. Blu could smell the cologne...which Felix thought made him so cool...and had to fight down nausea.

"So what you want Blu, I got places to go, I'm a business man you know". " gimme two bills and show some love", Blu said. Felix slipped the package under the table and took the money. Felix looked at the money and smiled, those stupid ass gold teeth shining in Blu's face. Felix, suddenly had nowhere to go, but a lot to say. Blu tuned him out, waiting for his chance to leave without appearing too obviou. Blu got his opening, left money for this bill and walked out.

He hurried to his car, parked below Pike Place market.He got in, he could smell the sea through the open window. As he broke open the package, he thought of the promise he had made Jack, his friend. Well, it would have to wait. He would deal with it tomorrow. As he sat in his car smoking crack and looking at the Sound, somewhere in the murk that was his mind, he knew he was running out of tomorrows.

It hadn't always been this way. He had never had thoughts of failure or losing. Negativity had never been a part of his thinking. He had never encountered anything he could not handle. He had always been alone, yet never felt lonely. He had felt the bite of racism, but had never been defined by it. He knew that every encounter presented new opportunities.

The pain and hopelessness that Blu now felt...that stained his very soul...for the most part, could be directly attributed to his drug use. Ain't that a bitch, he thought, the buck stops here. He laughed out loud.

Blu pulled his mind back from the brink. As he watched the ferry boats crossing the sound, he noticed a light rain had started to fall. He liked the rain, it made him feel invisible. He could smoke his dope in peace. Rrrrrrr! "Shit"! Blu almost jumped out of the car, pipes and all. Damn, he hated that. He should have remembered to turn that damn thing off! the phone kept ringing. he waited for his heart to slow down.

Was that Sara! Oh yea! it was Sara1 Nobody had titties like that but sara! she was coming toward the car. She was right on time, Blu thought.

Sara knocked on the window and Blu rolled it down. "Hi Blu, I hoped you would be here, can I get in out of the rain"? "Get in girl", Blu said, looking at her nipples through her blouse. The rain or something had made them hard. He remembered how long they a little dick or something...and felt himself getting hard, in spite of the crack.

Sara got in and closed the door. Blu offered her the pipe. She hesitated and then, said "I can't Blu. I'm going to check on this job while I'm clean. I thought you were going with your friend jack to a meeting or something".

Oh shit, there goes the party, Blu thought. "I was, but something came up", Blu said. "yea, I see" Sara said, looking at the mess in Blu's car. "Blu, I need a ride. I'm running a little late and this interview is really important to me". Blu's firt thought was, how high gas prices are, not remembering he had just spent 200.00 on dope.

Of all the women on the street, Blu had this thing for Sara. She made him feel like... he was with a real lady. Here lately, she was more serious, talking about changing her life. At first, he thought it was all so much bullshit, but now he wasn't so sure.

"ok, I'll get you there. Do you want me to wait for you? "We could kick it afterwards", he said as he started the car. Sara looked at him for what seemed like a long time. He knew she like him. Finally. she said "no Blu. I want to, but more to be with you than to smoke this shit. I need time to clear my head. aren't you tired of this life Blu"? Blu turned left on jackson and pulled up in front of the metro building. He looked at Sara, she had opened the door and had one leg out of the car. Her skirt had ridden up her thigh, revealing beautiful legs. She knew he was looking, but it was also obvious she was waiting for an answer. Blu finally met her eyes and said, "yes, but I don't know how to stop". Sara held his eyes, and with a little smile said, "well maybe that's a start". Then she was gone.

Jack was looking for Blu. He cruised down Rainier, turned right on Central. When he got to Jackson, he almost turned left, but continued instead on Central. it had stopped raining, the afternoon sun was out. As he drove, his mind began to wander.

He remembered street life, the smell of barbecue and the sound of blues music drifting down the street like a lost dream. Pimps in nice cars and the 'hoes', lord the hoes...not like these strawberry bitches, who would suck your dick for a five dollar hit, but real hoes, pros, down for the money and as fine is the day is long. He caught himself. Better not go there, he thought and laughed out loud.

Jak was a big man, born in Jamaica, his patios made the ladies swoon, not to mention his big dick. Jack was really hung, he was also brilliant. He had spent too much time in these streets, but his life was different now...filled with hope and new dreams. More than anything, he also wanted this for his friend.

Jack, the older, had watched Blu become a man. Blu was clean then. they both had this passion for life.. Jack had a Master's degree in math, Blu had always been impressed by this. Blu got his BA and made plans for his masters and with Blu's good looks and charm and Jacks big dick, they felt they had the world by the proverbial balls.

Jack headed downtown. It was Jack who had given Blu his first hit of cocaine. jack remembered that Blu didn't want it, but jack kept offering. Blu finally said yes and the party really began. They got lost together. With great effort and courage Jack Managed to rein his self in, now he felt he owed Blu. No matter how long it took, he vowed, he would not leave his friend alone on these streets to die alone.

He turned on Alaskan Way. It had started to rain again. He watched the street cars carrying tourist up and down the waterfront. There it was, across the tracks, Blu's car. Jack pulled in behind blu. Blu wasn't parked out in the open, but it wasn't that private either.Jack always marveled at this about Blu.

Jack realized there were two people in Blu's car and as he approached, the passenger door opened and a girl got out. She was attractive in a beaten down down sorta way. She passed him, walking toward the water. "hey big man, you back out here"? It surprised Jack That he was still remembered on these streets.

"hey Blu", Jack said as he got into the car. "Jack my man, oh we gonna party now", Blu said and laughed. jack was the only one who could still bring real laughter out of Blu. Blu put his stash away out of respect. "Ok say it, as you can see your buddy's busy here", Blu said, still smiling.

"Blu you promised me you would come to this meeting. When you didn't show I knew you were high, because you don't give your word lightly, so let's try again". "Why you keep trying Jack"? "Because I may be the only person who cares. because I'm your friend and because I think a part of you wants me to". Blu said nothing, just stared at his friend, with this little smile still on his face. "well I guess there's only one way to get rid of you Huh'? Jack waited. "Ok, I'll check this shit out if you help me get rid of the rest of this stuff, deal"? "Deal", deal Jack said and thought to himself, whatever it takes Blu, whatever it takes.

Jack still knew a few people on the street. He wanted to get this over as quickly as possible. They went to the house of an acquaintance from the old days. When they walked in and Jack surveyed the scene, he wondered how he he had spent so much time in places like this.

Jack's friend came out of the back room and as they were talking business, Jack heard a woman scream. Blu heard it too. Sara he thought. jack turned to Blu to say something. Too late. Blu hit the door to the room at a run. A man had Sara by the hair and was trying to force her down. when the door opened the man turned toward Blu.

"Felix! You bastard", Blu yelled and kept coming. He hit Felix hard, his power increased by anger and fear and slammed him into the wall. Felix was bigger and in better shape. he started to recover, but Jack, clear headed, had followed Blu into the room the door locked behind him. As Felix was getting up Jack hit him hard. He was not out, but there was no golden smile on his face either. Jack told Blu and Sara to follow him.

Without a nother wordjack hit the window and glass flew everywhere. He landed in the alley, a three foot drop, he rolled and came up running. All Blu and Sara had to do was jump. all three were running when they heard the door splinter behind them. Jack hated to admit it but he was having fun. he still had it! They came out of the alley onto 23rd street. Blu started to turn right, in the direction of his car. Jack yelled, "no". They turned left. jack headed for the 'dog park' it was late evening now but the dog park had no lights yet. Jack knew it would provide some cover.

They came out of the park on Aloha street, when they reached the corner of Aloha and central the 43 wa just turning off of 23rd. They ran to the bus stop and got on. they heard the screech of rubber as a car turned to corner at a high rate of speed. Too late. They were safe.

There were a thousand questions Blu wanted to ask Sara, but he already knew all the answers, so instead he said, "damn girl, I didn't know you were that fast". Sara couldn't talk, she was trying so hard to get her breathing under control, so she just looked at Blu with this smile, her eyes wild with a mixture of excitement, crack and fear.

Tony Buford
Tony Buford
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