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A Positive, Regenerative, Conscious Belief System

Do you want a regenerative belief system? Here it is!

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
A Positive, Regenerative, Conscious Belief System
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Quick Facts

-It’s very helpful to assume a positive, conscious, regenerative, loving belief system if your current belief system isn’t serving you very well.

-You can always change it and rearrange it to apply to you and your current circumstance!


I'm glad you made it! You're reading a post about positive, regenerative, conscious beliefs so I'm quite impressed.

As many of us know beliefs are a very powerful part of our life. Our beliefs can very well be filters for our actions if we embody and act them out, so everyone knows this and does their best to create and live out an amazing belief system that does wonders for them, right?

I wish. But I choose to take it a step beyond a wish - I choose to create an amazing belief system that you can (most likely) adopt and have your life go in an upward spiral. Please keep in mind that this probably isn't as effective as you creating your own belief system and that it isn't as effective as not believing anything at all (the state of the mystic). With that said, let's check it out!

What Counts As A Solid Belief System?

Let me be very careful so I don't fall into the land of belief while I answer this question:

A solid belief system enables survival, health, sexuality positivity, love, communication, understanding, and the advancement of consciousness.

Why? Well, we have to survive if we're going to keep playing the game the way we're playing it. Sexuality, of course. I include psychological, emotional, and physical health since being in pain lowers our chance of survival and since it's usually an undesirable feeling/way to be. I feel like positivity goes beyond simply being healthy in the sense that it's regenerative and that it feels good, and because it seems like that's what life's all about I'm a certain sense.

Love, of course. Communication because giving and receiving signals that can be transformed into imaginative images and understanding enables our survival and expansion of consciousness. And because understanding and the expansion of consciousness seem to be meaningful and pursuable phenomena in and of themselves!

I include no more and no less because survival, positive feelings, expansion, and more seem to be the name of the game! I'm certainly opposed to any beliefs that are self-limiting, beliefs that aren't an accurate representation of reality, beliefs that hurt the believer and everyone around them, etc.

What The Benefits of A Great Belief System Are

Why adopt an amazing belief system, anyway? Isn't it better to go with what you believe already?

For some, maybe! However I wish I had a belief system to adopt when I was younger, I was simply a giant mess. My beliefs were all out of whack and I suspect that writing this down will help you if you're anything like me!

The benefits, of course, are uninhibited survival, the creating and sustaining of positive emotion including passion, sexuality, confidence, love, intuition, knowledge, and more, the giving and receiving of meaningful communication, the obtaining and sustaining of knowledge and understanding, and the advancement of your self-awareness, self-liberation, and overall consciousness. How does that sound?

The Beliefs

Here are the beliefs themselves:

Survival - "I deserve to survive with no inhibitions."

"Surviving is easy and effortless."

"I find fulfillment through taking care of my responsibilities."

The creating and sustaining of positive emotion - "I feel passionate."

"I feel sacred."

"I feel sexual."

"I feel pleasure."

"I feel humored and humorous."

"I feel confident."

"I feel enthusiastic."

"I feel love."

"I feel intuitive"

"I feel like I know."

"I sustain my positive emotion as long as I choose to."

"Negative emotion does not distract me from the fact that I am in control of my own emotions."

Communication - "I communicate effortlessly."

"I regularly give and receive meaningful communication."

Knowledge and understanding - "I regularly give and receive meaningful knowledge"

"I understand everything I prompt myself to understand."

The expansion of consciousness - "I keep an open mind."

"I regularly expand my consciousness."

"I choose to open my 3rd eye and keep it open."

Creating A Belief System

What I've added above is a solid body that covers the bases! I have done my best to create a belief system that effortlessly intertwines with itself since cooperation seems to be more meaningful and more effective than competition.

Feel free to add any beliefs you wish to add! You know your situation better than I do so I greatly encourage you to take that into consideration and create your own belief system, like I've mentioned above. But if you feel quite depressed, lost, or if you don't know where to start, here you go!


Thank you so much for reading my article! I'll see you next time :)


About the Creator

Gabriel Mohr

Hey everyone, my name's Gabriel! I love writing short stories, spreading conscious knowledge, and positivity! Author of 3 books :)

Check out my website!

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