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7 Types of Toxic People You Need to Avoid

by Afshara 7 months ago in advice · updated 7 months ago
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How can you identify them?

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As a doctoral researcher fascinated by psychological and behavioral studies, I enjoy gathering insights surrounding our personalities and human behavior.

We interact with different types of people around us. If we pay close attention we may notice that some of these people act and behave in a certain way which drains our energy. These kinds of people are toxic people. Usually, toxic people are attracted toward their total opposite persona, for instance, nice and empathetic kind of people.

So, how do you identify whether the person you are dealing with is toxic or not? And which type of toxic person are you interacting with?

Let’s find out here. These are the 7 types of Toxic people that you should avoid:

1) The spoiled brat

This type of toxic person is egoistic and exudes a sense of arrogance. They always expect others to treat them like royalty as their parents treated them like that. Yes, we all know that dealing with these people is difficult and annoying. They will throw tantrums and even burst into anger when things don’t go according to their way. They always expect that everything should be done according to their wishes.

2) The Narcissists

This type of toxic person is the most dangerous kind. They have an attitude of superiority and a need for constant, unrelenting adoration. They expect to be regarded as supreme even though they haven’t accomplished anything. This type of individual likes to seek attention and external validation from others. Sometimes they will purposely create drama or engage themselves in drama to seek others’ attention.

4) The liars

This type of toxic person often lies for no reason. Some might even have pathological lying tendencies. Thus, any sort of interaction becomes very difficult for them as they lie about every little thing. With this kind of people, it’s not possible to know if they’re telling the truth or if it’s just another lie.

5) The Cynic

This type of toxic person also can be identified as the “Negative Nancy”. They always have negative opinions about everything. Most of the time they behave this way because of their unhappiness and mental health issues. They bring negative energy to any conversation thus, it is advisable to avoid communicating with this type of individual.

6) Emotional Manipulator

This type of toxic person is selfish and self-centered and always acts in their own best interests. As they do not have empathy, thus, they don’t think twice before crossing any line. They will often use gaslighting, deception, and many other emotional manipulation techniques in order to achieve their personal interest. This type of toxic person is very dangerous as they use your weakness against you to emotionally manipulate you.

7) Gossip king or queen

This type of toxic person gossip and spread rumors for the sake of flattering their mood or status. Sometimes they do this to get information about others which they can use to spice up their gossips and spread more rumors. This toxic individual is always ready and prepared to divulge facts and bits of knowledge, as intimate as they may be, to virtually anybody.

According to Dr. Birkey, “Always remember that if a person gossips to you, they will gossip about you.”

Final Takeaways

Interaction with any type of toxic people is emotionally draining for us. The best way to deal with them is to keep your distance as most of them are not friends you need in your life. Even if you know the toxic person for a long time, for the sake of your sound mental health and your happiness, you have to maintain a healthy distance. As nothing and no one is more important than your own mental health.

Thank you for reading

This article is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Please seek professional guidance for more information.

Disclaimer: The original version of this story was published on another platform.

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