Beyond the Blues
Beyond the Blues

6 Effective Ways to Overcome Depression

by Amelia Grant about a year ago in advice

Our psyche is an amazing and very thin structure.

6 Effective Ways to Overcome Depression

As practice in the field of psychology shows, people who subject themselves to stress or heavy loads (whether physical, intellectual, or moral) are prone to neurosis. But in addition to the way of life, there are also external factors that create a cyclical psychological state: autumn depression, magnetic storms, and the moon phase.

If you add up all these factors, add a little stress, lack of sleep, and lack of pleasure—depression is guaranteed!

In most countries of the world, it is generally accepted to work on yourself with the help of a psychologist. It is normal and right to fight stress and negative emotions and to clear your mind of unnecessary things. But some prefer to keep everything to themselves. For such there are methods of psychological prevention that can be carried out independently, without specialists help.

Methods of Psychological Prevention:

1. Healthy sleep

Often, those who work a lot—sleep little, and this is understandable. But the constant lack of sleep significantly exhausts the nervous system, because sometimes it’s worth it to put rest into priority.

It is advisable to build your day in such a way that it is possible to fall asleep before midnight. An 8-hour sleep is considered healthy, but with the right sleep patterns, 6-7 h can be enough to restore the nervous system. If you go to bed and get up every day at about the same time, the body will adapt to the regime itself, and this will not be something super complex.

2. Pleasure

Enjoy your life! It’s impossible to deny yourself things that make you happier for a long period of time. It’s not necessary to go on vacation or buy a new car every month. It can be elementary moments of joy in the form of your favorite music, delicious breakfast, communication with a person who is pleasant to you, or a walk along your favorite street or park. Fill your day with pleasant emotions, and this will not only make you happier but also more productive.

3. Sports

During physical activity, serotonin is produced—the hormone of happiness, which is one of the main factors of our mood and psychological state. Even a 15-minute warm-up in the morning can drastically change the mood for the whole coming day. And a small walk in the evening will charge you with positive emotions for the next day!

4. Healthy nutrition

It is very important to fill the body with all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, do not neglect vegetables, fruits, nuts, and protein foods. It’s very useful to start the day with a full breakfast, which will give energy for the whole day.

5. Switch attention.

Depression is characterized by obsessive thoughts, which are very difficult to get rid of. If you feel that you are already scrolling the same memories and questions in your head for the hundredth time, turn your attention to a different subject.

Lift a pebble from the ground, examine it, mark the color, texture, weight, roll in your hands, think what it looks like. Instead of a pebble, you can use any other object. It is important to concentrate on contemplation. In a few minutes, dark thoughts will recede.

6. Color Therapy

Now it is scientifically proven that the usefulness of food is determined not only by its chemical composition but also by other factors: smell, taste, and color. Therefore, color therapy in nutrition is used to correct weight problems or anorexia.

In addition, color therapy is used in conjunction with other methods in psychiatry. Many have the opportunity to observe the thoughtful color range of interiors in private clinics, psychological centers, and similar institutions. You may use this method of depression treatment at home. Just buy a special lamp and with colorful interchangeable lenses. All this is done for a reason, and taking into account the effect of color on a person.

Amelia Grant
Amelia Grant
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