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5 Tips on How to Smash Your Social Media Addiction

Set yourself free, and start living a productive life

By Liam M Published 2 years ago 4 min read
5 Tips on How to Smash Your Social Media Addiction
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Social media destroys productivity.

It distracts you and saps away your precious time. These platforms are designed to keep you there. They don't care about your time or your life goals.

To avoid this, you must remove the distractions. Delete the apps from your phone; heck, turn your damn phone off. Turn off the internet when you want to write. Even write on paper, remove the whole bloody computer.

There are ways and means to get around the algorithms that keep you enticed. You don't have to delete your social media account, I'll give you five tips on how to actively reduce your screen time.

How to reduce your screen time

1. Media blocker

I only just recently found out about the add ons you can install on your desktop computer. These blockers reduce the information that Facebook/Instagram, etc., can show you. This leaves you with a blank page and nothing to aimlessly scroll on.

Now when I log onto Facebook to check my messages, there's nothing else to do except stare at a white wall of nothing. It gets boring quickly. Now, I avoid scrolling for hours.

I quickly depart from social media and continue my day being productive as planned.

2. Create folders

Do you have all your apps on the primary screen? As soon as you open your phone, you're drawn into these apps by the bright colours.

Your home screen should have items that are frequently used (by choice) and items that enhance your life - podcasts, language apps, notes, etc.

Put the useless apps in a folder on the second page. By the time you click the app, you've gone through three stages home screen > the second page > app folder. By now, you're making a conscious choice whether you need to check your social. I found this technique helps "accidentally" go onto any unwanted apps.

Now you are in control, not the app with all its bright colours luring you in.

3. Disable push notifications

I honestly don't understand how people are happy with their smartwatches. Your watch shows you messages and notifications. There is literally no escape from the digital world. If you don't have a smartwatch good on you.

However, I'm sure all the apps on your phone have push notifications activated. I'm telling you now to turn these off.

Emails, Facebook, Instagram. These apps can wait. You don't need to know every single thing that happens. Why the hell do you need a notification for your emails?

Make it your choice when you check these out. Extract the information you need. Don't let your device dictate when you're going to use it.

While I'm at it. Unsubscribe from all those newsletters. I have a folder full of them I'm going to read at some point. It's only growing every day. Be honest and delete all the crap in your inbox. I aim to keep it below 10, which is easy because I only receive a handful of emails per day.

4. Silence

Phones have a way of getting our attention, whether that be via noises or vibrations. Once your phone notifies you, it needs to be checked there's a little niggly voice in your head urging you to check. This can be removed by having your phone on night mode/silent/no vibration. You can work away from your side project/passions with zero distractions. Once you've finished, you will catch up on the world. The world will not end if you don't check your phone. Remove the distraction from your life and utilise your time.

5. Set time limits

Give yourself an allowance each week. 7 hours should be enough. I can already sense how tense you are, that's an hour a day, relax. Use a stopwatch or your phone to keep track of your usage. Some phones even have a built-in timer for app usage.

When you reach your limit, you'll be really tested. Stay strong and push past the temptations. You will feel much better when you use your time wisely. Avoid wasting it on social media.

Once you overcome the need to check your phone constantly, you win. You have gained control over your addiction. Now you can work forward and even reduce the daily time limit you have set.

Create new habits

Create new habits and free yourself from the grip social media has over your life. I have found myself much more creative since reducing my screen time. I even feel as though my happiness levels are on the rise. Since removing social media using these methods, I have improved my life. I'm now writing and learning every day. Before I was wasting hours aimlessly scrolling.

You can easily avoid wasting time by using these 5 steps.

1. Using media blockers

2. Using folders

3. Disabling push notifications

4. Silencing my phone

5. Setting time limits

Take control of your life. Win back your time. Avoid social media.


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** I am trash **

Brit living in Germany, living the sober life. I grew up as a trash bag, but now I associate as a human.

Writing about life, sobriety, money and all things in between

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