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13 Reasons Why

by Destiny Welch about a year ago in trauma
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13 Reasons Why
Photo by Eva Blue on Unsplash

The series 13 Reasons Why hit a little close to home for me. In the first season, Hannah Baker explains everything that led to her suicide through cassette tapes. When the show first starts, Clay is grieving over Hannah’s death and dealing with the feelings he had for her. There were many traumatizing events that led up to her suicide, and I have been through a lot of the same things.

The most traumatizing event that hit so close to home for me was when Bryce Walker raped Hannah in the hot tub. She thought these people were her friends, and so did I when my best friend raped me. I begged him to stop repeatedly, but he would not listen because he didn’t care, and people like that never do. After the situation, it took me years to realize it wasn’t my fault. I thought that maybe it wouldn’t have happened if I dressed better or avoided him, but the truth is, people like that are sick and need mental help.

The next thing that hit so close to home was when Justin died from AIDS from drug use. Jessica helped him with his addiction until he died. This takes me back to high school when I became addicted to drugs, even though I never had a std. I still struggled with an addiction to pills which put me in the hospital. After I recovered from that, I was put in a mental hospital. I was devastated while I was there, but I learned who I was and how to love myself again. When I left, I still had that addiction, but everyone around me was very supportive. I just wish I would have spoken up before it got so bad.

I’ve had many friends who struggled with suicidal thoughts. All I could do was be there for them however they needed me. I think suicide is one of our biggest problems in society today, but you can’t blame the people who react in this way. Not everyone is strong enough or have anyone there for help. Some people feel like suicide is the only option, but what about the things people do to drive others to suicide? Hannah Baker felt like she had nowhere to go. Every little thing you say and do has a big impact on so many people’s lives.

A lot of people experiencing such trauma are normally girls, but boys get this feeling too. Boys get raped and depressed just like girls do. Tyler Down was raped in the school restroom by Monty, one of the schools most enraged bullies. I won’t go into the gruesome details since we’ve all seen what happened. Tyler became greatly depressed. He took a picture of himself everyday until one day he was finally honest with everyone about what happened. Tyler isn’t the only guy who has been through such hard times.

The reason I wrote this story is to raise awareness for this type of thing. Suicide, rape, and addiction are some very intense things to get into, and once you do, feels like there’s no out from it. If you are struggling with any problems, I suggest you reach out for help. You do not have to do this on your own like I thought I had to. There are many people in your life that probably would want to help, but you don’t realize it because you’re not mentally there.

I know this because I’ve been there. You sort of feel trapped, and you take the only way out. The way you take out is entirely up to you, and it’s different for everyone. Just make sure it’s the right way out.


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