Wine and Dine

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7 General Rules to Follow When Drinking

Wine and Dine

For the past couple nights, I’ve been cooking dinner (the above three are such) and it was brought my attention to the fact that I have been drinking a lot more than usual lately. Times are changing from being that young teenager I once was, and I can imagine that I am not the only person in this world going through these changes. This will apply to anyone and everyone growing up in this century.

There are certain rules that I follow when it comes to drinking outside of your home. This would include hotel rooms, friends house’s (in particular), late night movies (Flix Brewer House, for example), and pretty much anywhere else that is outside of the typical home. There are about seven of them, which are listed below.

  1. Make sure you are drinking with people that you trust.
  2. Make sure you can trust them to hold on to your keys.
  3. Also, make sure that there is someone SOBER.
  4. Never ditch your car.
  5. Always stay at the place at which you start drinking
  6. If you pass out, make sure it’s with people you trust.
  7. Do NOT drink and drive.

It may be a bit of common sense, but I still feel the need to elaborate on most of these.

I can’t stress it enough that you should trust those of which you choose to drink with. They need to know their limits and not go absolutely insane when they drink. If you can’t trust that they won’t get the police involved, I wouldn’t suggest drinking with them.

If there isn’t going to be anyone sober there, I wouldn’t choose a public place to drink at. Mainly because someone has to be able to follow listed rule number five, and you most definitely would want to be friendly to your wallet by not getting any Ubers or Lyfts. It’s never safe to do that type of thing alone while drunk if there isn’t a sober being to help make sure you arrive to your destination safely.

If you drive to a public bar or pub to drink with friends, make sure at least one of them stays sober so that you are able to get home safely via having them drive you and your car back home. This is basically reiterating the fact that you should never drink without a sober buddy to keep you and your car from troubles way.

When in doubt, if you pass out, just stay there. If you pass out and wake up later, you risk crashing while trying to drive home. This could be an exhaustion crash or a literal crash because you have fallen asleep at the wheel. Your friends shouldn’t mind and your loved ones should only care that you were safe.

Kaye  M.
Kaye M.
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