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Indeed all the earth and its pleasure are useless

By Chrispus MbusaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

In my poorly lit garage, surrounded by dust-covered memories of the past, sat an important close to the heart - a once vibrant 1985 Mercedes Benz. This was not just a car; it was my first ever purchase, a symbol of independence and the gateway to countless adventures. But now, it found itself misplaced, abandoned in a place where time seemed to stand still.

The memories flooded back as I approached my long-lost companion. I remembered the day I first laid eyes on it, its sleek lines and shiny exterior glistening under the dealership lights. The engine roared with a promise of freedom, and I couldn't resist its allure. Little did I know that this car would become more than just a mode of transportation; it would become a steadfast companion in the journey of life.

As I ran my fingers over the dusty hood, I couldn't help but feel a sense of betrayal. How had my cherished car ended up in this forgotten graveyard of vehicles? The once vibrant paint now appeared dull and lifeless, and the memories of road trips and late-night drives were buried beneath layers of neglect.

In its silence, the car seemed to whisper its tale of abandonment. It recounted the days when we navigated the bustling city streets, the wind in our metaphorical hair, and the music blaring from its modest speakers. The car remembered the laughter of friends, the tears of heartbreak, and the quiet moments of solitude when it served as a refuge.

But now, it was relegated to the shadows, surrounded by the ghosts of automobiles that had once thrived on the open road. My car longed for the days when its engine would roar to life, and its wheels would spin in rhythm with the beats of life. It yearned to feel the warmth of the sun on its hood and the gentle caress of the wind through its windows.

In the solitude of the garage, I made a silent promise to revive my misplaced companion. Together, we would embark on a new journey, forging ahead despite the layers of dust and neglect. I envisioned a future where the once vibrant red would shine again, and the memories of our past adventures would become the foundation for new ones.

With determination, I vowed to rescue my first car from its misplaced existence. The journey would be challenging, but the bond forged over years of shared experiences would not be easily broken. As I closed the garage door behind me, I turned to steal one last glance at my forgotten friend. The journey ahead would be a testament to the enduring spirit of a car that refused to be confined to the shadows.

Months passed, and I dedicated myself to the restoration of my misplaced first car. The garage echoed with the sounds of tools clanging against metal, the hum of an electric buffer, and the occasional triumphant cheer as I made progress. It became a labor of love, a resurrection of memories that had faded into the background.

The first challenge was the thick layer of dust that had settled on the car's once vibrant exterior. With each wipe, the true color emerged, and the red began to reclaim its rightful place. As I worked tirelessly, I could almost sense the car awakening from its slumber, grateful for the attention it had long been denied.

Next, the engine, the heart of my beloved car, required a meticulous revival. I delved into the intricacies of its mechanical components, learning as much about its inner workings as I had about the open road during our earlier adventures. It was a journey of rediscovery, an exploration of the synergy between man and machine.

The car's interior, once a haven for countless conversations and shared laughter, needed a thorough cleansing. As I removed layers of dirt and grime, I uncovered relics of the past – a mixtape from a road trip, a crumpled receipt from a late-night drive-thru, and a collection of forgotten coins in the glove compartment.

With each restoration effort, the garage transformed from a place of neglect to a workshop of rejuvenation. The air became thick with the scent of polish, and the dim corners of the space were gradually illuminated by the revived luster of my first car.

Finally, the day arrived when the engine roared to life once again. The garage, which had been silent for far too long, vibrated with the familiar hum of my reawakened companion. As I sat in the driver's seat, gripping the steering wheel, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. The car seemed to share in my excitement, ready to hit the road and create new memories.

Together, we ventured out of the garage, leaving the shadows behind. The world outside welcomed us with open roads, and the sun gleamed on the freshly polished surface of the car. As we drove, I couldn't help but reflect on the journey – not just the one we were embarking on, but the one that had brought us to this moment.

My misplaced first car had not only been restored to its former glory but had also become a symbol of resilience and the enduring bond between a driver and their vehicle. The road ahead stretched out, filled with possibilities, and my rediscovered companion and I were ready to embrace whatever adventures lay in store.

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Chrispus Mbusa

I am a Mechanical Engineer who believes in Science because it has proven facts about life. I am a father and a researcher

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