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by Farmer Nick 2 years ago in product review
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My journey abstaining from alcohol

The frat star (and senior baseball teammate) yelled at me in a slurred scream during my first college party. I stood there in the corner awkwardly… not sure what to say… not sure what to do. The party raged on, and I made my first of many premature party departures back to my dorm room.

I’d like to say this was the only time a public declaration of my personal choice was announced to my peers, but I’m afraid it was just the first. My personal favorite was the blind date at a sorority party (who was supposed to be the “Sober Sister”) but was actually the drunkest person there. When I told her I wasn’t drinking, it was as if she could not compute the words coming out of my mouth, and she proceeded to stand up on a table (a dangerous yet classic maneuver for intoxicated people) and yelled:


I digress…

Not drinking is just not common, and the question I get most often is “Why?”. People are genuinely curious and, to be honest, the answer isn’t all that exciting.

I just never had a desire to do it.

I didn’t want to rely on liquid courage to talk to women. I wanted people to get to know my authentic personality in social situations. And I like being in FULL control of my actions. Some people might think I’m too Type A or a control freak (and they are probably right) but it worked for me and became my competitive edge. If I could wake up at 8am on a Saturday morning and study, run, workout, practice, etc. I would become the best version of myself that I could be. I wanted to maximize my potential.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t an anti-drinking soapbox speech. But despite my resolute resolve, I’ve found it difficult to transition to a non-drinking lifestyle in the adult world.


Because it is kinda classy... A celebratory bottle of champagne. A fine wine pairing at dinner. A smokey cocktail while sitting in an old armchair in front of a mahogany bookcase contemplating the fate of the universe while reading Hemmingway. You know… cool, elevated adult things. I want all of that, just minus the alcohol part.

And I know I’m not alone.

Since talking about my alcohol abstinence on social media, an overwhelming number of people have reached out saying that they feel the exact same way. Whatever their reasons, it seems as if more and more people are choosing to skip out on the alcohol, but they still want something to fill the void in these social settings.

Enter Seedlip.

Seedlip was introduced to me by my girlfriend (who also doesn’t drink) and I reached out to learn more about the company. Their non-alcohol spirits are as classy as it gets, and their distilled, plant-based blends have become a staple in my culinary and social routines.

For me, having a non-alcoholic cocktail is not meant to create the illusion that I am drinking, rather it is showing a healthy alternative for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Many of my friends who were heavy drinkers in college have started cutting back a bit, and the idea of creating their own cocktails without the alcohol has become increasingly popular. (I’ve never been drunk before, but apparently hangovers hit harder in your late 20s).

I seriously couldn’t recommend Seedlip’s spirits more, and I’ve included one of my favorite recipes below. Their recipe e-book is being released later this month and it’s filled with creative concoctions like this one. I’ll make sure to announce it on Instagram when it is available, and I look forward to taking a few recipes for a test drive.

Anyway, whatever your reasons for choosing not to drink, just know that you’re not alone. We all deserve to feel sophisticated and accepted with or without alcohol, and Seedlip has personally helped me break down those barriers. I cannot wait to whip up a few drinks at my next plant potluck party in LA and I hope you do the same.

Oh, and don’t forget to add fresh herbs from your garden. It makes all the difference.

The Carrot Cocktail by Farmer Nick


2 parts Seedlip Grove 42

1 part tonic water

1 part lemonade (optional)

2 TBL of honey

2 sprigs of pineapple sage

4 leaves of lemon balm

3 carrot ribbons


Mix your liquids in a glass

Place your honey in a small saucepan with ⅛ cup of water

Heat on low until the honey mixes with the water

Add your pineapple sage and lemon balm and stir until incorporated

Remove from the heat and add contents to your glass with the liquid (herbs included)

Shave your carrot ribbons with a peeler and add them to the glass for a crunchy garnish. A thin slice of a golden beet works too =]

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