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By Zenia SamsonPublished 13 days ago 4 min read
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For the first time, it appears to be beyond the realm of science fiction, but for some years, this amazing tale has been making the rounds online under various eye-catching headlines, such as "Pan American Flight 914 took off in 1955 but landed after 37 years" or "DC 4 aircraft disappeared in 1955, landed after 37 years" or "1950s Airliner lands with 92 skeletons" or "Lost Plane Found After 37 Years!" All of these describe nearly the same incident.

The story behind the disappearance of Santiago Flight 513

Actually, "The Weekly World News Tabloid, 14 November 1989 Edition," where the account of a newspaper writer named Irwin Fisher confirms the hazy information of the missing Santigo aircraft 513, was the first to publish this astonishing incident as a magnificent news item. Is it solid information, or was it just a fantastic hoax?

What transpired to the ill-fated Santiago Flight 513 that was its route from Germany to Brazil?

Authorities in Brazilian aviation claim that on September 4, 1954, a commercial airplane under the name of "Santiago Flight 513" took off from Germany and disappeared over the Atlantic. After a massive, fruitless search, the investigators were finally compelled to conclude that the plane had crashed and all of the passengers had perished in this awful incident.

What makes the missing Santiago Flight 513 narrative extra weirder is as follows:

When the missing jet supposedly returns and circles Porto Alegre Airport in Brazil on October 12, 1989, and lands with 92 skeletons on board, the tale only gets more intriguing!

The authority claimed that there was no connection between the control tower and the missing plane, which is believed to have circled the airfield before landing. Airport support and security were extremely startled to find 92 skeletonized bodies, including those of all 88 passengers and 4 crew members, when they opened the plane's doors after checking it out. The skeletonized pilot, Captain Miguel Victor Cury, was sitting in the intact position and appeared to be still holding the controls, which was a peculiar sight. They also saw the aircraft was still in idle mode.

Strangely, however, officials had declined to comment on the resurfacing of flight 513, which had gone missing. They were unable to determine the plane's location throughout the previous 35 years.

Has Santiago Flight 513 traveled into a time warp?

Missing-1954-flight-513 There is no alternative explanation, according to Dr. Celso Atello, a paranormal expert, for why Santiago flight 513 might have entered a time warp. But he doesn't seem to have known how the pilot's skeleton was able to land the jet without incident.


A plane that vanished in 1955 is said to have reappeared 37 years later, according to a post that has been shared more than 75,000 times on Facebook in Kenya and India. The assertion is untrue; the original publication of this tale was in an American tabloid infamous for its fabrications. The narrator of the video that goes with the post also mentions that the narrative is probably a myth.

On March 5, 2021, a Facebook post with the title "A Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37 Years" was posted. Here is what took place.

The narrative is accompanied by a film that alleges that Pan Am Flight 914 took off from New York in 1955, disappeared after slipping off the radar, and then reappeared mysteriously 37 years later, landing in Miami, Florida.

On March 24, 2021, news of the fake Facebook post was seen.

The tale first appeared in a May 1985 piece in the Weekly World News, an American tabloid that was available in print from 1979 to 2007. In 2009, it had its online relaunch.

May 1985 article obtained on March 24, 2021

The Pan Am Flight 914 story, like other stories printed by The Weekly World News, is untrue.

In 2019, the same year that a YouTube page called "Bright Side" produced a trending video that has been viewed more than 19.2 million times, Snopes already disproved the rumor.

Even the film itself raises questions; the narrator remarks that "the story just seems to be an elaborate fabrication" after reiterating the allegation for seven minutes.

Various Images Purporting to be of the Same Man

In the years that followed, The Weekly World News published its article twice again (here and here), using two different images of two different men identified as Juan de la Corte, an "eyewitness" air traffic controller.

The article made use of a Stock Image

According to a reverse image search, the photograph of the aircraft featured by the Weekly World News is a stock image from Alamy of a DC-4 carrying the livery of competing airline TWA in around 1935.

Additionally, the flight is not mentioned in the records of the US Department of Transportation's investigations into aviation accidents from 1934 to 1965, hence the claim is not supported by any reliable news sources.

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