Is Red Wine Actually Healthy?

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Is red wine actually healthy? Well, if you're a lover of red wine, then you're about to love the delicious drink even more after seeing its great benefits!

Is Red Wine Actually Healthy?

Ah, red wine. The sound of popping open a cork or unscrewing the cap is music to our ears. But nothing beats the sight of someone pouring you a glass of wine that you've been dying for from a very stressful week. And that first sip just reminds you why red wine is literally the best type of wine, and best type of alcohol overall. That first sip also leads to many more.

That's what we love about red wine; it calms our senses, our thoughts, and us as a whole. Winding down after a horrific week of work with a glass of wine is definitely the way to go. Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot... even red wine sangrias! From the rich taste to the exquisite scents, you're indulging on a slice of heaven. Even though many of us drink red wine for the taste and its ability to clear our minds, is red wine actually healthy? This question has been traveling through the years and there are people who don't believe red wine has any benefits to our health. And there are healthy wines to drink out there. But those people are wrong, because I'm about to tell you the majority of the wonderful advantages that comes with drinking red wine. And remember to drink responsibly and never go past your limit.

It helps with diabetes.

So, is red wine actually healthy? It seems that one of the great benefits is that red wine helps with diabetes. There are so many people out there who deal with diabetes in their lives and take heavy medication to balance it out. But if you're at risk for type two diabetes, I have the best medication to suggest for you.

While it's not really a medication, red wine can help with diabetes. It’s been proven that red wine improves sensibility to insulin. While insulin resistance leads to preventing type two diabetes risks, a large glass of red wine doesn’t sound like a bad idea right? Maybe even enjoy red wine with your Italian food after work for better flavor!

It helps your heart's health.

This is probably the most well-known fact about red wine: it can help your heart's health. It’s true! Drinking a glass of red wine a day can battle heart disease. Since red wine contains procyanidins, phenols that gets rid of free radicals, this prevents cardiovascular disease.

Red wine positively impacts the blood vessels and even improves blood flow within the body. While the blood is swiftly flowing through your veins, your heart’s health stays in tip-top shape. Does this give us an excuse to drink wine every night? Perhaps…

Red wine boosts your immune system.

Did you know that red wine can boost your immune system? It's among the benefits that comes with the delicious drink. If you're taking daily vitamins to help your health, don't replace them with red wine. But just like taking your daily vitamins, drinking a glass of red wine a night is also a great idea!

Consuming red wine can brush off infections and keep your immune system looking spotless. However, just because one of the advantages of red wine is boosting your immune system doesn't mean you should chug a whole bottle. Excessive drinking can eventually lead to terrible effects on you and it defeats the purpose of helping your immune system. A glass a night is something you should stick with!

Red wine improves cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Now that we know red wine improves your heart's health, it can also lower your cholesterol. The procyanidins in red wine aren't just there to help your heart but bring down cholesterol. Reservatrol can also decrease the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL).

This means that red wine can lower your high blood pressure rates, too. If you're dealing with high blood pressure on the daily, try drinking a glass of red wine every night. Not only will your cholesterol be controlled, but your high blood pressure can drastically come down, as well.

It fights obesity and prevents weight gain.

If you're looking to improve your diet and searching for more ways to lose a few pounds, red wine can definitely help you. Sounds like a miracle, right? You get to drink your favorite red wine while it can help you get rid of a few pounds? I should just stop here with the amazing benefits that red wine offers us.

However, is red wine actually healthy? Well, from the compound found in grapes and other fruits called piceatannol, this has an equivalent chemical structure to resveratrol. Piceatannol blocks an immature fat cell’s capability of developing and growing. So, when piceatannol is there, it’s very effective that it can fight obesity and even weight gain. Since it can demolish fat cells in the beginning of the process of cell development, red wine can basically help get rid of fat cells and avoid gaining weight in the future. But never just rely on red wine to help you lose weight. Maintaining a proper diet and exercising are the two keys in achieving your desired weight.

It gets rid of free radicals.

Free radicals are uncharged molecules that can cause horrible health problems like cancer. Since red wine is loaded with antioxidants, this can ward off free radicals from getting into your system. And drinking a glass a night can maintain a free radical zone in your body!

Remember to never drink past your limit, but one to two glasses a night to achieve its benefits. Antioxidants are great for your health, especially when it comes to dangerous diseases to avoid. So, is red wine actually healthy? So far, it looks like it!

There's a possibility that red wine prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

Is red wine actually healthy? It seems that red wine can possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease if you drink a glass daily. There’s research behind the fact that red wine is a natural treatment for Alzheimer’s.

The resveratrol that’s in red wine may possibly control the main aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and even the slow dementia progression. This is because resveratrol has the ability to decrease oxidative stress as well as inflammation and work as a neuroprotectant. Red wine just sounds better and better after every benefit.

Red wine fights off a cold.

Do you get the cold often? And how long does it take you to get rid of it? Some people have trouble fighting off colds where it can take about one to two weeks to completely get rid of. It's certainly a pain to deal with when we have responsibilities to handle. But a great way to help get rid of a nasty cold is by consuming red wine!

When we get sick, all we want to do is lay down and relax ourselves in order to get better. What greater way to wind down and calm our bodies than drinking red wine in the midst? While red wine naturally contains antioxidants, this helps with boosting your immune system and clearing out any infections and colds from the body. If you're dealing with a cold, drink a glass of red wine at night to help quicken the process of you getting better!

It's possible for it to prevent cancer.

Just as how red wine contains antioxidants that can fight off free radicals, there's a possibility that it can ward off cancer, too. Since free radicals are among the reasons that causes cancer, if red wine gets rid of free radicals, then it's seen to demolish cancer, as well.

It’s advised to drink about one glass of wine three to four times a week to fight off cancer cells. This way, your system can be cleared with any roaming cancer cells and free radicals.

It controls blood sugar levels.

Finally, is red wine actually healthy? Red wine can actually help with blood sugar levels. While the skin of red grapes is a rich source of the wine’s natural compound resveratrol, this can help diabetics maintain a proper blood sugar level. There’s even a study showing diabetics taking resveratrol supplement once a day for three months lowered their blood glucose levels. Would red wine have the same effects?

Since red wine does contain resveratrol, without a doubt it can help lower blood sugar levels. Resveratrol can also help stimulate insulin secretion that can control glucose and insulin sensitivity, resulting to controlling blood sugar levels. But remember to never drink too much alcohol. Since red wine comes with so many advantages to the body, it's important to drink properly to achieve those great benefits!

Jacqueline Hanikeh
Jacqueline Hanikeh
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