How to Enjoy the Perfect Beer

by Kyle McGregor about a year ago in beer

Step-By-Step Guide

How to Enjoy the Perfect Beer

This article will explain the best way to enjoy beer in order to give the user maximum taste.

I recommend purchasing the beer at around 11:25 AM as this time is when the stock will be updated and the store should be less busy. Next, you must go to the snack isle and purchase a salty snack such as peanuts which will help you crave a second bottle. Upon the journey home remember to drive safely as a road accident may result in the loss of beer and you may be in financial difficulties when replacing the beer. If this affects you, you may want to add ‘beer replacement’ as an optional extra onto your insurance.

Remember to purchase the beer of your choice the day before consumption and place in the freezer for 55 mins which is the point before a 330 ml bottle of regular lager will completely freeze. I personally recommend 80 mins for 440 ml cans. After the given time transfer the beer into fridge overnight. Next place a glass in the freezer for a minimum of one hour to cool the glass right down to minimum temperature. This will also help keep the beer fresh for extra time when consuming.

At exactly 4:24 PM on a Saturday afternoon, I recommend using a tong to collect the beer from the fridge as use of hands will affect temperature. You must then exhale with your mouth before placing your nose over the beer to intake the fresh smell which will help set the mood. With the tongs, carefully pour the beer at a 52 degree angle in line with 2.3 cm from the perimeter of the glass edge. Make sure the beer is flowing at roughly six mph as a faster pour will result in extra foam and a slower pour will result in wasted time.

You can measure the pour speed with a ‘beer speedometer’ which can be bought from the local speedometer store. Once the beer has reached one inch from the top of the glass then make sure to stand the glass upright until it reaches the top. I recommend spilling a little on the floor in order to slip and break your wrist which will result in an extra day off work which will mean more time to enjoy the beer.

Once you have carefully considered your ideal drinking spot, pick the glass up with a cloth to minimise body heat affecting the beer and exhale while looking into the beer to make yourself aware of the beautiful golden liquid. I then recommend taking a little drop of salt and placing it onto your tongue and then having a 30 ml gulp of beer and the beer user must swallow 3.8 seconds upon entering the mouth. Upon completion you have successfully tasted the perfect beer.

I thank you for reading this article. If you would like any recommendations towards any other products then please let me know and do not forget to donate your hard-earned money.

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