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Best Summer Sangria Recipes

What better way to enjoy the summer than with a tall glass of sangria. These are the best summer sangria recipes.

By Jessica HerringPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

The summer is a great time to enjoy a refreshing glass of sangria. These summer sangria recipes are delicious and very easy to make. Whether it's just you or you're having a party it's never too late to experiment and learn how to make an amazing glass of sangria. This drink is a staple in the summer time since it's fruity and a perfect way to cool off.

Rosé Sangria with Mixed-Berry Ice Ring

Rosé Sangria with Mixed-Berry Ice Ring has one of the best summer sangria recipes. It is a very fruity and easy drink to make. It's a wonderful drink for your next party since it serves eight to 10 people. Rosé Sangria is considered one of the best brunch cocktails. If you love Rosé and the hearty taste of sangria then you're in luck. This delectable drink is perfect if you love berries and strawberries too. Learn how to make Rosé Sangria with Mixed-Berry Ice Ring here.

Red Sangria

This classic drink is a favorite among many wine drinkers. It's delicious, flavorful and very easy to make. If you're ever in doubt about which drink to make for a party, red sangria is always a good choice. It is one of the best big batch cocktails made with wine. This tasty drink will help cool you off and goes very well with Spanish and Portuguese food. Get the Red Sangria recipe here.

Sangria Flora

Sangria Flora is a mouth watering sangria cocktail with delicious strawberries, raspberries, peaches, an orange and grapes. It will automatically please your taste buds and cause you to become a big fan of sangria. If you enjoy Sauvignon Blanc then chances are you will love this drink. It has one of the easiest summer sangria recipes. It also includes St. Germain elderflower liqueur. A combination of the alcohol and fruit makes it a perfect summer drink. Learn how to make Sangria Flora here.

Sangria Rosada

This cocktail is a mix of Rosé wine, brandy, liqueur and guava nectar. It's unique and delicious taste will keep you coming back for more. This is one of the best summer sangria recipes for a party since it makes eight servings. You and your guests will love this one of a kind drink. It can include cherries for more flavor. Get the Sangria Rosada recipe here.

Zen Sangria

Zen Sangria is an Asian take on sangria. It's a combination of white wine, pomegranate juice, pear nectar, apricot nectar and green-tea vodka. This drink is a great way to relax on a hot summer day. You can garnish this cocktail with an Anjou or Bartlett pear. The cocktail has one of the fruitiest summer sangria recipes. This recipe is intended for a large party since it makes 10 servings. You will be pleasantly surprised after making this drink. Learn how to make Zen Sangria here.

Watermelon Sangria

This delicious sangria cocktail is ideal if you enjoy white wine, vodka, triple sec or Cointreau, Citrus Syrup and watermelon. The red colored drink has a strong watermelon flavor since it includes two pounds of watermelon. If you are craving a fruity and refreshing drink then this is the drink for you. Learn how to make Watermelon Sangria here.

Hard Cider Sangria

Hard Cider Sangria is a strong sangria drink. This cocktail is perfect if you love sangria with a kick to it. It includes hard apple cider, apple brandy and lemon juice. Apple fans will thoroughly enjoy this cocktail since it has hard apple cider, apple brandy and thinly sliced apples. A tall glass of hard cider sangria is a great way to cool off on a hot day. Try the Hard Cider Sangria recipe here.

Brewsky Sangria

This cocktail has one of the most flavorful summer sangria recipes. It is perfect if you love beer and sangria. It has a fruity flavor to it with two Bartlett pears and fresh lemon juice. This drink is bound to be a crowd pleaser since it's a mix of beer and sangria. The yellow colored cocktail can be garnished with Bosc pears. Learn how to make Brewsky Sangria here.

Grilled Citrus and Grape Sangria

Grilled Citrus and Grape Sangria is a distinct cocktail since it contains grilled fruit. If you love fruit with a smoky taste to them then I highly recommend this cocktail. This recipe stands out among other summer sangria recipes since it includes grilled grapes, oranges and lemons. Also, this drink is right up your alley if you enjoy a nice bottle of Rosé. Get the Grilled Citrus and Grape Sangria recipe here.

Vino Francesca

This drink not only looks appealing, it also tastes great. This honey flavored drink with Rosé wine is very easy to make and bound to impress guests at your next party. All you need to do is buy an inexpensive bottle of Rosé wine and some sangria. You can add sage leaves and lemon twists to this drink for garnish. Learn how to make Vino Francesca here.


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