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Best Gifts for Your Favorite Beer Lovers

by Riley Raul Reese 4 years ago in beer
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Who doesn't love to crack open a brewski? These gifts for your favorite beer lovers will have them grinning ear to ear!

I don't know whether it's just a "writer" thing, or whether it's an "everyone" thing, but it seems to me like everyone has that one friend who really, truly appreciates beer. It just seems to be the natural order of things.

With me, it's a good friend of mine who I met at work—and he still shows his love of great beer every single day when he works as a beer manager. Whenever I need to know what are the best shower beers, what are the best beer growlers, or what are the best dark beers, I go to him.

Once in a while, I like to shop around for good gifts for my beer-loving friends. Over the years, I've found quite a few epic gifts that will make beer fans squeal with joy. If you need to show some love to your favorite Bud-loving buddy, check out my personal list of gifts for your favorite beer lovers.

A real beer lover will taste his brew like fine wine. He will want to examine the rich color that the hops give it, enjoy the foamy head, and smell the aromatics that make a great beer such a wonderful experience.

You know, we have wine glasses that are designed just so that connoisseurs can enjoy all the aromas of good wine. Why not get beer glasses that accomplish the same thing? These cool beer glasses from UncommonGoods are designed to unlock all the good stuff from aromatic beer. Your friend will love it.

Without a doubt, one of the best gifts for your favorite beer lover would be a growler. Growlers are the perfect way to pick up your favorite craft beer from your local brewery—and if your friend adores that fresh beer taste, then nothing will beat having this impressively large pressurized growler.

The uKeg 128 is pressurized to keep your beer foamy and carries up to a whole gallon of beer. No matter where you go, it stays cold and keeps the flavor fresh.

If there's one thing that most brewheads love, it's craft beer. If you have crafty people in your clique, then you might want to get them into the age-old hobby of homebrewing.

Homebrewing your beer isn't easy—at least, it's not if you don't have a kit to start you off. Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer Making Kit has all the goods you need in order to make a crisp and bitterly refreshing IPA all on your own. There's no guesswork involved. Just follow the recipe, and you're good to go.

What's better than making one gallon of beer at home? Two gallons! This awesome homebrewing craft beer making kit will make absolutely delicious two-gallon batches of beer—and comes with all the accessories to keep making more after refills finish up.

This is one of the best gifts for your favorite beer lover, especially your friend has an avid love of homebrewed beer.

Yes, beer making kits will always be excellent gifts for your favorite beer lover. You can never have too much experience trying out new recipes. Single Hop IPAs are pretty hard to come by on the market, so if your friend's a fan of these drinks, this is a great choice.

Craft a Brew makes some very nice, high quality kits. Each kit makes gallon batches, which is perfect for folks who love to keep drinking modest.

Jackie McLane and Micah Renner are two artisans who really know how to make gifts for your favorite beer lover that don't involve homebrew kits. Beeropoly is a spoof game of everyone's favorite classic board game, and is themed around everyone's favorite drink of choice.

Hop around the board, sip some hops, and enjoy the deliciously fun game that will have everyone laughing.

If you love sipping a beer during the dog days of summer, then you already know the struggle of having to deal with a lukewarm beer by the time you reach halfway into the bottle. Hot days and cold beer might start off well, but keeping beer chilled is hard.

That's what makes Chillsner one of the best gifts for your favorite beer lover. It's a specialized device that's all about chilling your beer, soda, or other bottled item cold while you drink it. Just drop it in, drink it down, and enjoy the chill.

Love the idea of a kegger, but hate the idea of having to deal with hauling a giant overgrown tin can into a house? This portable beer dispenser allows you to serve up booze in class—all while keeping itself easy to clean. Just place a 12-ounce can into the system, and let the beer dispenser give you a perfect, pub-worthy pour.

Fans who love that crisp beer flavor at regular bars will love having this on tap. (See what I did there?)

Who doesn't like seeing a touch of class with your craft beer? If you're friends with a dapper gent, one of the best gifts for your favorite beer lover will be a pair of cufflinks that will help him crack open a fresh bottle in a pinch.

These cufflinks are made of durable stainless steel that are easy to clean and provide a beautiful and stylish shine. They're a subtle addition to a modern man's attire that'll get the nod from any beer guru.

Love having a mini-keg on tap? Who doesn't? If you've got a friend who loves to throw small beer parties, then having a quality mini kegerator like the one from EdgeStar is a great way to make sure the beer stays carbonated, is poured well, and also stays chilled.

Though anyone can enjoy a tasty five-liter keg, this is definitely one of the better gifts for your favorite beer lover that just pledged a fraternity.

Ginger beer is one of those kinds of drinks that you always taste as a kid. It's a soda that's spicy, has a kick to it, and makes you feel tough. If you love the taste of a Moscow Mule, or just love the idea of getting an alcoholic version of this childhood treat, you're going to love this one of a kind DIY kit.

This might be one of the only beer brewing kits to focus in on an alcoholic version of ginger beer. Delicious but sinus-clearing, this kit's product will be a hit with adventurous drinkers.

So, you have a bunch of beer bottles, right? You don't want them to constantly take up a ton of space in your fridge, right? If this sounds familiar, then you'll understand why the Bottle Loft is one of the best gifts for your favorite beer lover with a sense of style.

These strips allow your beer fan to store beer bottles on the ceiling of your fridge, leaving the actual shelves for more important things... like salsa. Or actual food.

One of the most traditional gifts for your favorite beer lover is going to be a koozie—but why keep things traditional when you can give them an upgrade? YETI offers a stainless steel koozie alternative that looks stylish, keeps your drink in place, and also keeps it frosty.

It's a simple gift, but a very utilitarian one. Your friend will appreciate it.

True craft beer fans know that there are beer glasses, and then there are beer glasses. Choosing the right beer glass is crucial if you want to enjoy craft beer with all its elements presented in the best possible way.

This artisan-style 13-piece beer tasting set comes with six different tasting glasses, a set of coasters, and a specialized beer tasting kit will help you sip your beer like a master connoisseur.

Everyone has a friend who insists on having both style and functionality. When you have that friend as your beer aficionado of the gang, then this hand-blown crystal beer glass set from LA-based Sempli will be perfect for them.

Four crystal, lead-free glasses are included in this set, each of which have a unique kind of beer that it's designed for. They look like they were made to be displayed in MoMA, don't they?

If your bud's a fan of convenience while he's sipping on his Budweiser, why not get them a glass that does all the important acts of a good beer drinking session? This beer opening glass from UncommonGoods makes cracking open a bottle easier than ever, and also ensures you never lose the bottle opener again.

For forgetful drinkers, this is one of the top gifts for beer lovers on the market.

One of the harder tasks for beer drinkers who want to have a serious home bar isn't getting good kegerators; it's getting a pub-style draft experience. This Beer Foamer & Glass Set from Copenhagen's Menu is designed to separate the pouring and frothing portions of serving.

Once you try it out, you'll be able to enjoy a classic bar-style pour—and you'll never go back to standard serving.

It doesn't take much to make a beer drinker happy, even if they already have all the gadgets and gizmos they could want! Getting them a subscription to the Beer of the Month Club is one of the best gifts for your favorite beer lover who has it all.

Every month comes with a new craft beer to try, each bottle a new discovery of rare, award-winning goodness.

Whether it's for a picnic, a tailgate party, a festival, or a day at the beach, it's easy to see why grabbing bottles on the go is a great idea. The problem is that six-pack holders are typically made of cheap cardboard that rips.

This stylish canvas case will carry your booze safely, won't rip, and also comes with a handy bottle opener attached. Somehow, we feel like this would be country club-approved.

Keeping your beer cooler just got a lot easier. Beer Wands are the original beer cooling device. Just freeze them, drop them in your beer, and enjoy sipping on perennially-chilled booze.

This pack comes with four beer wands, all of which will keep you (and your friends') beers chilled. If your friend lives in a hot region, this will be one of the best gifts for the beer lover in your life.

A friend who gets obsessive over their beer is a friend who will love trying out Beer IQ, the party game that's all about testing your knowledge about beer and beer-related trivia. When played sober, it's an amazing learning tool about beer. When played as a drinking game, it's a great way to get alcohol poisoning.

You'll love it. Promise.

Can't find a beer opener to save your life? Then why not have a wall mounted bottle opener at your home bar? This old-school cast iron bottle opener has a very "utilitarian" look that will blend in perfectly with a more modern warehouse look.

Unlike other wall mounted openers, the Starr X opener is made out of cast iron. This means that it can handle all the wild parties you could ever throw.

Don't be fooled by its appearance. This unique glass isn't a joke glass; it's actually one of the best gifts for the beer lover you know. Its unique "upside down, double wall" glass keeps beer away from the warmth of your hand, which in turn, means that your beer will stay cooler for longer.

This glass isn't bottle-shaped for no reason, either. It holds exactly one whole bottle of beer.

Beer pong is a classic drinking game that is great for frat boys and older partygoers alike. That being said, you don't need a pong table in order to play it. Heck, you can class it up a bit with this adorable artisan made Mini Beer Pong set.

Artisans Derek Dahl & Sam Buss made this beautiful cutting board beer pong set for folks that like a more "grown up" version of the classic game. This is one of the best gifts for the beer lover who misses college—or just loves a good time.

Shower beers are an interesting trend that is slowly spreading on the net thanks to Reddit's r/ShowerBeer forum. If you love drinking a cold one in the shower, then you're going to love this shower beer holder from UncommonGoods.

Go ahead. Get your friend in on the biggest guilty pleasure on the net. She'll thank you, we promise.

Add a little bit of love in your gift with a product that is made by husband-and-wife duo Terry Craig and Jennifer Wanless-Craig. This pair of beer glasses allow you to engage in a classic game of tic tac toe while you drink up.

Winners of each round get to score a pint, making each game a fun one to play. It's one of the better gifts for your favorite beer lover, especially if they tend to enjoy a friendly competition while they sip.

Arra David and Anne Johnson are two artisans who really, truly love rocks—and boy, do they know how to work with this material beautifully. This set of beer bottle chilling coasters are made of granite and are kept in a gorgeous hardwood ash display case.

The natural coolness of the stone will keep your beer bottles chilled in a health, natural way. This is one of the cooler gifts for your favorite beer lover that enjoys a more "spa-like" aesthetic.

This beverage cooling mug might look a lot like a Moscow Mule mug, but don't be fooled. It's a specialty mug that's designed to keep your liquids cold for twice as long using a specialized freezing gel inside the mug's handles.

People who love an ice cold beer that's served in a Viking-style mug will love getting this as a gift. (Also, it totally looks like it's ready for LARPing, doesn't it?)

Sometimes, all the beer accessories in the world won't be the best gifts for the beer lover in your life. Once in a while, it's just about showing a little love with clothing. For times like these, this cute and snuggly pair of socks will do the trick.


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