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Are Space Aliens Walking Among Us?

10 Hilarious Signs You Might Be Living Next to an Extraterrestrial

By Richard WeberPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Are Space Aliens Walking Among Us?
Photo by Emmanuel Denier on Unsplash

Have you ever thought, "They seem... a little off" when you looked at your neighbors? What if I told you there was a perfectly good cause for their odd behavior? Maybe they are extraterrestrials from another planet who are attempting to fit in here on Earth!

Given the size of the cosmos, intelligent extraterrestrial life could very well exist, despite the fact that it sounds like a wild conspiracy idea. In the unlikely event that extraterrestrial civilizations exist, it is plausible that some of them may have sent scouts ahead to survey the area before establishing formal contact.

So how do you know if the strange people living next door are indeed aliens hiding in plain sight or just weird humans? Watch out for these ten strange indicators that your neighbors may be extraterrestrial:

They Are Compulsive About Poking

Alright, let's just get this resolved. Everyone has heard jokes and urban legends about aliens and their habit of observing humans closely. If your neighbors are always bringing around various instruments, briefcases, or homemade medical equipment, you may want to avoid them when they come over to "run some tests."

They Utilize a Variety of Odd Noises to Communicate

Of course, everyone occasionally makes goofy noises and sounds. However, if your neighbors seem to be speaking in their original alien tongue out of habit, especially when they're alone, it's possible that they're still making a lot of clicks, chirps, and high-pitched whistle sounds when they communicate.

Their Taste in Human Clothing and Grooming Is Horrible

We can all agree that aliens have no idea how to fit in with Earth's fashion and culture. Your neighbors were probably just speculating about what seemed "normal" to us if they are constantly decked out in bizarre mismatched ensembles, hairstyles, and accessories that seem torn right from the pages of a kitschy sci-fi movie from the 1990s.

They Pose Numerous Ordinary Human Questions

It makes sense that aliens attempting to blend in and learn about us would want to know as much as possible about our cultures and species. However, they might go too far in asking questions such, "What is the purpose of this grooming ritual you call a shower?" constantly. and "Why do you consume dihydrogen monoxide (water)?"

They Find It Difficult to Eat Our Food

Just consider all the really human foods we eat, such as pizza, hot dogs, McDonald's, and so forth. A true extraterrestrial would essentially see everything we eat as a type of alien fuel. When you try to share meals with your neighbors, if they consistently say they "can't eat that" or if they throw up when they try our food, it could be because it's biologically inedible.

Your streaming devices and satellite TV are their obsession.

The ability to receive signals from space that convey news, entertainment, and information about our planet onto a little screen would appear to be extremely advanced technology to aliens who are just landing on Earth. It's possible that the neighbors are using our media as a tool to gather additional information about us if they are always hanging around and trying to have a glimpse at your computer, TV, or streaming devices.

Their Sleep Cycle Is Odd.

Numerous creatures on Earth have biological clocks and circadian rhythms that have evolved to synchronize with the 24-hour rotational cycle of our planet, as proven by scientific research. This would not apply to an extraterrestrial society that developed on a planet where, according to its local stars' and celestial bodies' orbits, day and night cycles might be significantly different. It could be quite telling if your neighbors maintain wildly inconsistent sleep cycles that are entirely at odds with our perception of day and night.

They Never Appear Older

Based on our comprehension of Earth's development and biology, senescence and aging appear to be an inevitable aspect of existence for all living things. What if, however, aliens have already discovered biological immortality or anti-aging science? Your neighbors may not be according to the same laws of mortality as ordinary people if they have lived on your block for decades and don't appear to age at all.

They Possess Highly Skilled Knowledge That No Human Should Have

Consider the enormous amount of knowledge that an advanced alien culture would possess—things that are incomprehensible to us as humans. Some aliens living in secret would unintentionally demonstrate their abnormally sophisticated abilities in domains such as engineering, technology, chemistry, physics, medicine, etc., but the majority would probably try to play it safe with blue collar or service jobs. Your neighbor's knowledge is probably the result of education lightyears beyond anything on Earth if they are building absolutely unexplainable stuff like antigravity machines or casually talking transwarp theory.

You Simply Get That Instinct Sensation There's a problem...

In the end, as a human, you have to have faith in your instincts and intuition. Indeed, there may be entirely valid justifications for an individual's peculiar behaviors and peculiarities. However, if you can't get rid of the sensation that your neighbors seem incredibly strange and frightening, perhaps it's because you've already come to terms with the fact that they're not like you or me. Pay attention to that persistent inner voice. It might be a warning from the universe.

This is, of course, a lighthearted piece and should not be taken too seriously. However, hopefully it at least made you think and see the "normal" people in your environment in a different light! Embracing the diversity of human cultures and behaviors is a terrific approach to maintain an open mind, even if they're not aliens.

Who knows, maybe we will actually establish contact with intelligent alien civilizations at some point in the future. And hopefully we're ready and have been keeping a careful eye on our peculiar, alien neighbors the entire time, in case that momentous day ever arrives!

And Just For The Record

For those that know me, I may seem like an alien, but I am not! I was adopted and raised by them. I am 100 percent human!

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