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10 Ways to Open a Beer Without an Opener

Want to crack open a cold one, but don't have a bottle opener? These are the useful and interesting ways to open a beer without an opener.

By Greg BondPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

You've just entered your friend's house with three cases of you and all of your friends' favorite IPA beer. Everyone is getting hyped and more than ready to go at it. But wait, your friend can't find the bottle opener. He's been search and searching through drawers, cabinets, under his bed, in the bathroom, and everywhere in the house and the opener is no where to be seen. You and your friends are devastated, how are you going to possible cracked open these bottles and enjoy the goodness of beer?

No worries, there are so many simple ways to open a beer without an opener. With nearly anything that's laying around the house, you can use it to pop open a Mexican beer bottle. Even things that you had no idea can open a beer bottle, like a dollar bill! I'll get into that in a bit. But right now, these are the unique ways to open a beer without an opener around. And remember to always drink responsibly!


Wait, a lighter can open your beer bottle? You're going to burn the cap right off? No that's not how, and don't even attempt it. There's a much easier and less hazard way of opening your beer with a lighter, and there's no use of fire in this process.

You basically use the lighter just as how you would use a bottle opener. You firmly hold onto the top of the bottle, with the bottom of the lighter, you place it above the bone of your thumb knuckle, but under the cap. Then, continue to grip the bottle and lift the lighter to try and pop it open. Do this a couple of times until you get it right!

Belt Buckle

From the interesting ways to open a beer without an opener, you can use your belt buckle. It's just like opening a bottle with a regular bottle opener. However, it can only work if the buckle is the right shape. This is also one of the great reasons to wear a belt!

Anyways, you use the flat part of the buckle to open the bottle. Just like how you would use an opener, you place the cap in the opening of the buckle, and use the edge to pop it open. If the buckle isn't too thick, this can be done in a breeze. Yet, it can take a bit of time to get it right, but it should be a great way to open a beer bottle.


A key is also one of the great ways to open a beer without an opener in an instant. Even though this method is a bit more tough, it can get the job done. But make sure you use a thick, sturdy key. If you use a key that's old and isn't too thick, there's a chance of breaking it right in half.

For this tactic, you grip on the top of the beer bottle. Place the tip of the key under the cap and on your finger to get in under the cap. Then, shove the tip of the key right under the cap, and with the help of your finger, lift the key to hopefully pop open the cap. This can take some time to open it, but it's not impossible!

Dollar Bill

Yes, a dollar bill is certainly one of the intriguing ways to open a beer without an opener. Don't underestimate the power of the dollar! It may be made out of paper, but you have the ability to transform it into a handy and strong bottle opener.

What you need to do is fold the bill in half vertically and then roll it up as tightly as you can. Fold it again in half and there you have it, a strong-ass bottle opener that’s made out of paper! You then place the bent buck under the cap and push it upward. This should pop the cap right off of the bottle.

Any Edge or Countertop

Probably the most beneficial way to open a bottle, and nearly everyone uses this method since it's the easiest. Find any edge of any sturdy surface. Any thick to sharp edge, this should help you open your bottle. Even a countertop does the trick!

Once you find the perfect table edge to open your bottle, hold the neck of the bottle tightly. Then, use your other hand to put pressure and slam down on the bottle agains the edge of the table. A few pressure pushes should do the job! But make sure you do this slowly. If you do this fast with full force, you can possible break the top of the bottle open and the aftermath won't be pretty.

Staple Remover

A staple remover isn't the only handy tool that can remove staples, but bottle caps, as well! This is probably one of the more easier ways to open a bottle without an opener. Just like how you would use it to remove a staple, it's the same way of removing a bottle cap.

Firmly grasp the beer bottle and with the staple remover, place the two teeth upwards and underneath the cap. Gently squeeze the staple remover and pull up. Do this a couple of times, until the cap is completely off of the bottle.


This is a cool bar trick that many people do with their engagement rings, wedding bands, or a simple, sturdy ring they wear. But if you're wearing a ring that you wouldn't want to ruin, don't try this trick. However, if you don't mind using your ring to open your beer bottle, then go right ahead with this method!

This one is tough, but a couple of times should eventually open the beer bottle. You first place your hand with the ring on it over the bottle cap. After, place the underside of your ring under the bottle cap and grip the top of the bottle. Then, pull right back. A couples of times with this trick should remove the cap.


Using a fork is also one of the more common ways to open a beer without an opener laying around the place. Since there's most likely always a fork in the house, people tend to use this method the most. And I don't blame them, it's quick and easy.

So, if you don't have a bottle opener, just use a fork. With the fork's teeth, place it right under the bottle cap. Then, lift the fork and attempt this until the cap pops right off.

Strong Pair of Scissors

Using a strong pair of scissors is also a great alternative to a bottle opener. But when I say strong... I mean strong. You certainly shouldn't use a cheap pair of scissors that are too thin and are usually meant for kids. The durable scissors that you should use are probably meant for heavy-duty house work.

Once you've got yourself a strong pair of scissors, lightly open them. Then, place the top of the beer bottle in between the sheers and use the scissors to bend parts of the cap upwards. Do this about three to four times, the cap should be much easier to remove.

Large Spoon

A large spoon is one of the best ways to open a beer without an opener. While people use a fork to open their beer bottle, there are other people who find using a large spoon the best option. Plus, a big spoon can be laying around anywhere in the kitchen.

You would use the spoon just as how you would use the belt buckle or lighter. Grip the top of the bottle firmly. Then, place the spoon on top of the bone of your thumb's knuckle and right under the cap. With the help of your thumb, lift the spoon up and it should pop the cap right open.

Finally, from learning different ways to open a beer without an opener is through this awesome book—99 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener by Brett Stern. If you want to know many more useful ways to open a beer bottle without an opener is through this book. You can learn 99 ways to open beer bottle! There's seriously 99 ways you can get the job done.

With a dog collar to a remote, park bench, BBQ grill, police car, and so much more, you don't even have to use an actual beer opener anymore once you've gone through this book and understand the tricks and methods. This book also gives you detailed descriptions and steps for each trick to help you get it all right.


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