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10 Unusual Uses of Beer

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By Ewan HarrisonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
10 Unusual Uses of Beer
Photo by Thais Do Rio on Unsplash

We cook from time to time, it goes great with a small portion of grilled and we know that it is full of B's, so it can be considered a food. You guessed it, of course, what it's all about: beer. Have you ever thought, however, that this liqueur can have other uses? We will tell you in the following what they are.

Discover 10 unusual uses of beer!

1. If you have run out of bath salt and want to relax after a hard day's work, all you have to do is add the contents of a dose of dark beer to the tub and forget about stress. Brewer's yeast will make your skin glow, nourishing.

2. If you have digestive problems, use beer! Take one mouthful of beer every 4–5 minutes and the pain in the intestines will also disappear with the liquor contained in a dose.

Careful! This remedy is not indicated for people suffering from ulcers or gastritis!

3. Give up the furniture spray for good! Leave a little beer in an uncovered cup and when any acid has disappeared from the drink, you can use it to polish your furniture, pouring a little liquid on a soft cloth. Amazing, isn't it?

4. Soy sauce is a staple when it comes to marinating meat, but beer can also be used for the same purpose.

5. If your garden is infested with slugs, all you have to do is leave an uncovered container full of beer in the area where you know the pests are gathering in large numbers. The snails will be attracted by the smell of beer, but their curiosity will be fatal, because they will drown, of course.

6. Brewer's yeast is a wonderful fertilizer, so if after a party you are left with doses or bottles of beer that have little liquid in them, fix them in the garden soil upside down. In this way, you will irrigate the soil with a dose of beneficial energy.

7. No one is happy about the bees and wasps that make their appearance when preparing a barbecue. But here's the beer coming to your aid again! Leave a few doses of beer at an appreciable distance from the place where you prepare the food and you will give them to the flight attendants so that they will completely forget about you and your guests.

8. Mix the yolk of an egg with a dose of beer and you will get the best hair mask without spending a fortune in specialty stores or salons.

Apply the mixture on damp hair and wait at least 30 minutes, then rinse well with water, without using shampoo or any other product that contains chemicals. Brewer's yeast and egg nutrients will nourish your hair, so if you use this treatment once or twice a month you will be proud of your shiny hair ornament.

9. Next time you make a yeast-containing dough, change the recipe a little and use a little beer instead. Not only will the final product be fluffy, but it will also have a special taste, I guarantee you!

10. Do you want to cook the best-grilled chicken? Here is the recipe: empty half a can of beer and fix the chicken on it, just as you would in the case of the chicken recipe on the bottle.

Grease the meat with a little olive oil, season it according to your preferences, and cook it for an hour and a quarter or until you notice that it has browned. Beer will also play an important role in softening the chicken on the inside. Good appetite!


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