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Scottish Bishops Defend Kate Forbes.

Christians Under Attack.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
SNP Poster.

Kate Forbes, the Christian candidate running for the SNP leadership has been attacked for her stances. Stances on abortion and same-sex marriage.

Ms. Forbes is a member of the Free Church of Scotland. But it seems just because she is a Christian she is fair game for attack. Just like other Christian politicians before her. So-called libertarians attack her left, right and centre.

However, Ms. Forbes 32, is unapologetic and is staying in the race. Her views do not seem to have damaged her leadership bid. Indeed, she is second only to the perceived Nicola Sturgeon successor Humza Yousaf. With Ash Regan coming third in the race.

Scotland's Bishops mainly Catholic have sprung to Kate's defence. They say the "insidious attacks" on her are typical of the times we live in. Where Christophobia seems to be in fashion. Whenever Christ, Christianity, or God is mentioned many go running for their metaphorical hiding places. Or come out wanting to cancel such views or expecting people with Christian beliefs to keep quiet or resign. The Bishops say this is an aspect of freedom of speech, and freedom of belief. That is to bar people simply on something others disagree with is not right. Let the electorate of the SNP decide whether Kate becomes leader. If some other candidate wins then that is that.

It is noticeable that Humza Yousaf, a Muslim, has not come in for half the criticism that Kate Forbes has come in for. Islam condemns same-sex marriage and even abortion. Something both Muslims and Christians agree on and can and do work together on.

When questioned about Islam's stance on the above issues Yousaf plays it down. Saying his faith will not determine his political beliefs. However, Yousaf often looks uncomfortable when being questioned. Acting as if he would rather be somewhere else when asked questions on these subjects.

As much as Humza will get the Muslim vote there may be many Muslims questioning his stance on issues like gay marriage and abortion. At least win or lose Kate Forbes is being true to herself and her faith. Christianity teaches "love the sinner hate the sin". That is no doubt Ms. Forbe's stance on the issue.

There doesn't appear to be hatred towards anyone from Kate Forbes. Those who feel targeted may feel threatened by her stances. As far as the LGBTQ community are concerned they do not like Kate's stand. Her stand on marriage is for a man and a woman only. This undermines their very way of life and yet Biblically speaking she is being true to what it says. Pro-abortionists feel her stand on this takes away the right of women to choose to stay pregnant or not. Negotiating these views can be a minefield at times.

Why would an Englishman be writing about the SNP (Scottish National Party) you may ask? The SNP is the third largest party in the UK now. The party has a large presence in Westminister not just in Holyrood (the Scottish Parliament). Being in Westminister gives them a chance to air Scotland's views on issues affecting Scotland. Also, they can now speak for the whole of the UK as Westminister gives them that chance.

Nicola Sturgeon has been the Leader of the SNP and the First Minister for Scotland since 2014. Her sole reason it seems for being in politics was independence for the nation. In Mel Gibson's words (playing William Wallace) "FREEDOM". There was a vote in Scotland in 2014 to say yes or no to that freedom. However, very narrowly the Scottish people voted to stay in the UK. However, she has never given up on that but failed to achieve this. This is probably what caused her to resign.

Now there is a leadership campaign underway. As stated before Humza Yousaf as Sturgeon's preferred candidate has threatened to carry on where Sturgeon left off.

This means that if Yousaf carries on in the way that Sturgeon did nothing will change. Maybe Kate Forbes or Ash Regan are a refreshing change to the Sturgeon years. And though independence remains the ultimate goal Ash Regan or Kate Forbes may concentrate more on issues of daily life that matter more.



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