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HE changed himself to be a SHE. He was a husband at 18, then a wife at 28.

The lessons we can learn from his/her extraordinary successful life.

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
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A woman's soul in a man's body

He was a gifted dancer, his talents brought him to the foreign land

Far away from his family, the making of his fame has begun

He knew deep down he is a She, wrongly born in the body of a He

He needed to survive well before his fame, in this foreign land that promises him the fortune

Then he saw the chance for a perfect swap, with a fellow lady dancer for a win-win

They got married to have each other's needs fulfilled

He got his financial security in this foreign land, she got to stay here legally with her sweetheart

It was a legal marriage on paper, but a fake one in the actual sense

For he is not interested in women, three of them are buddies till today

Manifesting his biggest dream

He finally gathered the money he needed, to fulfill his biggest wish in life

Which is to change himself to be a She inside out, he returned to his homeland

Asking for the blessing of his parents in this huge decision, which was earth-shaking and unheard of in his homeland

His parents' quick and easy blessings came as shocking to him! He was overjoyed for having such open-minded parents in that era.

His surgical operation nightmare

One day, his surgical doctor came by and broke him the bad news that he may become paralyzed

Due to some unexpected complications during the operation, he may not be able to walk and dance again

But dancing is the love of his life, and also the skill he depends on for livelihood

But he always knew what he wants in life, he asked the doctor to continue despite the risk

He was ready for the worst outcome, 'I can dance sitting in a wheelchair!' He told himself

With tears scrolling down his cheeks, 'Universe, please grant me a miracle!' He prayed

Her sweet miracle

The Universe must have heard his prayer and was moved by his grit

His wish was granted - it was a successful operation, he finally transformed himself to be a charming She

Where his soul was finally put right in a She's body, now He is officially a She inside out

She has the iron will of a tough guy, that lives in a curvaceous lady's body

Her successful career

She is not only a gifted dancer but also gifted in gab, she was invited to be the panel judge in various dancing competitions

From there, her wittiness and daringness have charmed many audiences, she has never hidden the fact that she used to be a He

But this has only added a layer of intrigue on her to her audience, soon she expanded her role to be the host of her own talk show

In no time, her talk show rose to become very popular, she soon becomes a household name in her homeland

Her romance life

How about her romantic life? You may ask

She met this nice guy on a plane where he sat next to her, the moment he laid his eyes on her

He knew she was the woman that he wanted, their chemistry was undeniable

They chatted non-stop during the flight, their love story continued after the plane landed

He had no qualm when she told him she used to be a He, to him, she is the perfect woman for him.

Soon they got married and live happily together.

Her children

Now you may ask - does she have children?

No, she doesn't have her own biological children, but she adopted children, not one but three!

Because she wanted to be a mom too, she has a very strong sense of caring and nurturing for kids

Indeed, there is a through and through woman soul deeply inside her

All her three children have grown up now to be teenagers, you could see they all are healthy, happy, and dear to their mom.

She married the same man twice

How did it happen?

She divorced his husband when there was a complication, in her children's nationality registration in her homeland

Her children are her most concern, she would never let anything come in the way

The only solution was she divorce her husband, though she loves her husband dearly

But she will choose her children's welfare over her man, it was a difficult decision that had to be made

This man agreed as he knows how much she loves her children, 'What's the big deal? We can re-marry again after this is settled.' He said.

True enough, they remarried again three years later, she has never felt so grateful for this man's understanding

Again she thanks The Universe for all these blessings

That enables her not only to live her dream life, but a very fulfilling life that many can only dream of.



We know what we want in life, put in all the effort and be perseverant

Do and say the right thing at the right time, create your own luck, don't just wait for luck to come to you

By being proactive and grabbing the opportunity when it arises, turn the lemon into the lemonade when there's a setback

The chances of your wishes being granted are high

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