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Do Not Underestimate ‘Friendship Love’

It can be more lasting than fragile, passionate, romantic love.

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
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When a guy wants to go after a lady, there’s a mountain in between them

When a lady wants to go after a guy, there’s only sheer silk in between them

~ Ancient Proverb

Her eyes tell the whole world crystal clear how much she likes him

Her eyes sparkled with joy whenever she caught sight of his shadow

Her eyes sweep around every corner for the sight of him on his office floor

Her sweet smile becomes even sweeter and wilder whenever she sees him

Her efforts to show all her curves with that low cut and body-hugging dress

Her young and sexy body ease and gets close and closer to him at the party

She looks into his eyes deeply and is full of admiration and adoration

Her body is very honest and not shy to tell him how much she desires his

She dares to put on the super tight jeans and leggings to show him her curves

Nor will she feel shy to put on the flirty extra small size top for his eyes

As she knew those are his ‘killer’ dressing which he couldn’t resist from a lady

This is to catch his eyeball and remember her among many girls in the office

* * *

She will make excuses to see him in the office besides work-related stuff

This will make her smile and giggle excitedly shown obviously on her face

She will purposely walk past his workstation hoping to take a glimpse of him

She takes a few coffees a day at the pantry near him hoping to say hello to him

She tells him that she likes black coffee too just like him while cringing at its bitterness behind his back

She changes her FB page theme design similar to his to show they are of the same tribe

She emulates the hairstyle of the girl he fancies in the office to show him she can be the type he likes too

She joins the same tennis club and is on his team trying to break into his life outside of the office hour

She voluntarily asks if she could join their meal session after the tennis to spend more time with him

She sacrifices her own hobby to join him in other sports to show they share many common interests

She never forgets to show her curves with her tight sportswear in all the sports sessions too

For she wants to catch his eyeballs to stay on her sexy curves and pretty face and imprint it on his mind

* * *

She befriends all his friends so that she could get more info about him and break into his friend’s circle

She knows no man can resist having a sweet young sexy thing next to them to show off to their friends

She put in extra efforts to make her look pretty at all angles, flawless and sexy all-time

The make-up, hair-dyeing, and volumizing shampoo comes in handy for such purposes

She put in efforts to lose weight to achieve an even more ideal sexy figure

To project her image of the goddess that makes other girls so plain-looking

She makes excuses to stop by his apartment and artfully waltz into his bedroom

From that day onwards the rest is the history as he was conquered by her

Her efforts paid off soon as she become his closest and best ‘friend with benefits’

She makes an aloud official announcement to kick her opponent away for good

Her thick skin enables her not afraid to be the laughing stock of her colleagues

For she knew: ‘The prince in this world belongs to the bold and the beautiful.’

Her mind says :

‘I don’t mind being his buddy first, or friends with benefits, as long as he belongs to me. Do not underestimate friendship love, aren’t we all saying that passionate love is fragile and can wither, but friendship will stand the test of time in a relationship?

I’m not just another chick that tries to pin him down, I WILL pin him down as I’ve got what it takes and I’ve no qualm executing it. I don’t mind if his heart is with her, so long he belongs to me officially’

* * *

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