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Caught in a storm

Part One: The Shadow

By C.B. VisionsPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 5 min read
Caught in a storm
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Another day in paradise gone wrong. Something he never imagined experiencing; however, he should have known better because no matter where he went, his true self would accompany him.

Jason Salmiak wandered along the aisle. His footsteps echoed through the empty barn. Through the small, dirty windows shone a misty moonlight, bathing the inside of the old building in an eerie sea of shadows.

Once in a while, he interrupted his restless walk to look upwards at the exposed beams on which the hayloft began. He shook his head in resignation and had to sneeze as the tiny dust particles, which got caught in his black hair, crept into his nose.

Something rustled through the dry straw above him, mingled with the sound of the storm outside the barn and created a light goosebump on his body. But even this scary sounds could not make him going back to his parents’ apartment.

Jason needed a solution, and he needed it fast. One thing he knew for sure, it could not go on like this anymore. The only problem was, he had no idea what to do next.

Back home, he used to deal with this hidden part of his being, but here, during his vacation, things were different. There was simply no way out and he already realised that he wouldn’t be able to hide it any longer, especially since he had to share a room with his younger sister.

Whenever his thoughts arrived at a certain point, a passion stormed over his body, which almost robbed him of his mind. Even though he knew that he no longer needed to keep it a secret, he had a hard time to cope with it himself, especially because he was afraid of the consequences he had to face with such a confession.

Jason yawned soundlessly, then he emptied another can of beer and carelessly threw it in a corner.

His breathing has been heavy as his thoughts dipped into the past. Jason saw everything obscured through the mist of time, while he was experiencing the events during his last summer vacation; his summer of love and deepest despair.

He saw himself as he sat in a chair in front of the elevators at night, engrossed in his new Stephen King novel, because he did not want to disturb his cousin with whom he shared a hotel room. He absorbed the story about a pet cemetery, page by page, without even being bothered by the returning guests. In fact, he even did not notice them at all.

A blink of an eye later, he and his parents wandered across a rotten timber bridge where every single bar creaked under their feet and immersed into the swampy broth occasionally, so that the muddy water washed over their shoes. Then, the bridge suddenly ended, and they stood on solid ground again. In front of them emerged a hill and a yellow sign pointed out that it was the historical site of a former castle, which remains formed the foundation of the medieval castle on the other end of the city.

The scene was never clear and delineated to him, always overlaid by a veil, as if he were caught between the dimensions of time.

The scenery changed again. This time, his cousin and he swam in the muddy water of a castle pond. They knew that it was forbidden and found it part of the fun. Although some wanderer discovered them, they never got caught by the local authorities.

It had been a hot August day as the two boys strolled around the neighborhood on their own and suddenly stood in front of the castle. Without talking about it, they undressed themselves and jumped into the cool water. They fooled around laughing until they fell in the succulent grass at some point, where they indulged their own dreams. In his case, he longed to get closer and more in touch with his cousin's body.

Same day, different memory. While being observed by an elderly man, they compared their genitals in a huge drainage pipe between two fields. Later, the elderly man made them an immoral offer, which they refused disgusted. However, Jason was not that much disgusted by it; some part inside his body hoped for it to happen, less with the old guy and more with his cousin. A feeling that troubled him a lot.

They felt strong, unbeatable and enjoyed their time together. They were raging around on playgrounds and nearby fields, becoming inseparable until they were separated again.

It had been the last happy, carefree days of his childhood, before the unforgivable truth hit his mind.

He realized he had developed feelings for his cousin after that summer was over. From that moment on, he went into a denial of his true feelings, never ever wanted to accept them.

Jason knew it no longer made sense to fool himself with something that tasted like a lie. Even though he did not know how he should confess his feelings to him, he promised himself that he would do it in the morning. Perhaps he had to wait for the right time. Of course, it would be the best when they both were alone; or at least, somewhere without witnesses.

He was afraid, totally frightened about it, no question. But he also needed some certainty to go on with his life. This cruel uncertainty was killing him inside.

Jason had no doubt about it anymore; he had fallen in love with Dante. Despite their age difference, Jason felt a deep attraction towards Dante, enjoying his company and dreaming of lying in his arms, cuddling, and maybe even more.

Just the thought of him was enough to swell his manhood and press it against his tight jeans. Not for the first time, he was wondering how it would be to make love, to feel his soft skin under his fingertips, exploring his body and taste him.

Jason stopped in a corner to pick up another can of beer, but his hand slipped into the void. The six-pack was gone, just the empty box was there. Impossible. How could this be? He had not been in the barn long enough to kill the six-pack.

Something rustled over him again, forced him to wince instinctively. And for the first time, he was sure he was not alone in the barn. Whatever or whoever was up there in the hayloft came closer, slowly, softly rustling. He caught his breath; his heart pounded loudly in his chest and then he noticed the shadow. In a blazing lightning, the silhouette of a man climbing down from the hayloft distinguished for a brief moment.

This could not be good. Jason pressed himself into the next best niche, hoping that the man was not aware of him. He tried to hold his breath; however, it made him yawn loudly and he did not manage suppressing this impulse.

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C.B. Visions

An author, who writes tales of human encounters with nature and wildlife. I dive into the depths of the human psyche, offering an insights into our connection with the world around us, inviting us on a journeys. (Christian Bass)

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  • Test4 months ago

    Loved it! keep up the good work!

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