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Think Regional not local

Reshaping your mindset for a better way of thinking

By Jamal GreenPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Everything starts with our mindset and the way we think, how we take in information and more importantly can we retain the information we learned previously.

The world is an entirely different place today than when we compare it to the early 2000's besides the known and commercial developments and modernizations of Ai, crypto and electric vehicles there is however another change we are enduring in our world today. The world is indeed become multi-cultural in every way possible, for some countries this has meant greater opportunity and less barriers, for other countries the aftermath has been greater income equality and a lack of sufficient resources to service the majority.

The important key factor to note, the world is more multi-cultural than it once was. Becoming familiar to seeing someone else living next door to you who isn't the same race as you can be quite odd or even bother you in some cases. It seems as though we have all forgotten the world we live in and how many different cultures and races of people are in it.

In order to change our way of thinking we have to first become open to learning and adopting other cultures and their traditions and respecting them. The world as we know it today will never be what it once was so leaving behind bad habits and routines you are used to is crucial for moving forward.

When you think regionally instead of locally you open your way of thinking and yourself beyond what goes on around you. I remind myself everyday the world is much bigger than what my surroundings are. Opening up your way of thinking will lead you to seek after what others around you don't. You will find yourself learning and exposing yourself to new and different things and people before you even notice it.

Having friends is another important factor, consider becoming friends with individuals who come from and have a different background of life and who had a different childhood and upbringing than you. The less you can relate to one another the more you are able to learn from each other. Having friends from different cultures can benefit you in ways you won't imagine as there is another part of the world they can share with you.

The best thing we all can do is learn from people that has a different culture than yours rather than sticking to your surroundings. Our surroundings is what can and do limit our growth and progress in life, as it involves little to no change and keeps us in our comfort by surrounding us with so much connivence.

It all starts with establishing a broader way of thinking, and integrating different cultures into your life and allowing it to be apart of your future. We have to leave our childhood friends and experiences in the past as of right now we shall allow them to be nothing more but a memory. Sometimes you have to ask yourself do I always want to be nothing more than what my surroundings are or do I want to progress further. Ask yourself do you want to always live where your family is or do you want to venture out on your own. We shall want more than what and who we grew up with and around.

Always remember the world is bigger than our surroundings and what we interact with on the daily basis. Thinking regional rather than local will benefit you rather than being a cost. You will develop regional habits and establish regional behaviors rather than local toxicity. The people you network with determine your situations you wined up in but it starts with developing the right mindset for this new multi-cultural world we live in.


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Jamal Green

I am a creative writer I have no limit to what I write and what topics I write about. I love to fulfill the readers with compelling topics that will align to their interests.

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