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Things You Didn't Know About Cannabis Roots

Many parts of the cannabis plant are used for a plethora of purposes, but how much do you truly know about its usage? Check out these things you didn't know about cannabis roots.

By Ami RoachPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - July 2018

Many are already well aware of some of the health benefits tied to cannabis. From its buds to its leaves to the health benefits of juicing cannabis, there are also a plethora of ways cannabis can be used to deliver those very benefits.

However, did you know that marijuana plant roots can have plenty of benefits as well? Yes, the roots alone of cannabis can be a powerful medicine. Let it be known that marijuana isn't just for recreational purposes.

That said, let’s get going and discuss some of the things you don’t know about cannabis roots.

Reduces Chronic Inflammation

Cannabis roots contain multiple pentacyclic triterpene ketones which are known to assists with inflammation. While this not the only part of the plant that is anti-inflammatory, and this is also one of the benefits of medical marijuana in general, it's still great to know that the cannabis plants' roots have this quality.

Powdered or boiled cannabis roots can be applied topically directly at the sites of inflammation and, for quicker absorption, can be applied with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil.

One 2013 study even discovered that herbs with pentacyclic triterpene ketones are great for treating diabetes and the complications that come with such.

Stops Excessive Bleeding

Cannabis roots are also known for helping stop excessive bleeding, especially after childbirth. If this is one the things you didn't know about cannabis roots, you'll be glad to know it now. (Hint: be sure to keep it in your medicine cabinet for emergencies.)

The roots of the marijuana plant can be boiled, ground up, and/or dried for anti-hemorrhagic purposes, promoting homeostasis by helping to seal broken blood vessels quickly.

Soothes Burned or Irritated Skin

A variety of skin problems including inflamed, irritated, burning skin can also be assisted with the help of raw, crushed cannabis roots applied directly to the site of the problem.

According to Project CBD, cannabis roots applied topically can also help with arthritis-related symptoms, joint pain, and infections. The analgesic effects of cannabis roots can be traced to its ingredients, carvone and dihydrocarvone, which are monoterpenes.

Othe compounds found in cannabis roots have been shown to provide assistance with pain including B-sitosterol, campesterol, and P-hydroxy-trans-cinnamamide, according to Project CBD.

Has Been Used for Medicine for Hundreds of Years

This is probably one of the most common things you don’t know about cannabis roots: the fact that the roots have been used for hundreds of years for medicine.

Records of marijuana remedies from history show that as early as 2700 B.C.E. in China, the roots have been used to relieve pain. Interestingly, the marijuana plant was dried and formed into a paste and applied to broken bones.

Our ancient ancestors, even the Romans, boiled cannabis roots to treat not just pain but also gout and cramps. Then in the 1900s, cannabis root and barley were used together to assist with pelvic pain and sciatica.

Provides Support for the Liver

Another one of the things you didn't know about cannabis roots (or perhaps about cannabis at all) is that it may have to power to help protect the liver.

A study has shown that the roots of cannabis contain an ingredient known as friedelin which is an antioxidant believed to provide hepaprotective agents for the liver and fight against free radicals.

While more research needs to be completed, it seems safe to say thus far that medical marijuana has great potential for a sluggish liver and potentially deadly liver diseases.

Eases Pain During Birth

We've already discussed that cannabis roots can assist with excessive bleeding after giving birth, but it can also help with labor pains as a natural and safer alternative to labor drugs and spinal blocks such as the famous epidural, that if incorrectly done, can potentially paralyze.

However, historically, cannabis roots have been used alongside child labor to assist with painful contractions and general complications through the process of giving birth.

Some believe that THC contained in marijuana plants can be damaging for a baby's brain; however, others state that cannabis roots contain very little THC to be considered harmful.

Reduces Pregnancy Difficulties

The benefits for childbearing women don't stop there. Cannabis roots may also help during pregnancy as well. One is in it for a whole nine months, so finding something natural and safe to assist with a variety of pregnancy complications is always a plus.

Interestingly, one pregnant woman who suffered from a rare pregnancy difficulty known as hyperemesis gravidarum had relief of her symptoms (e.g., excessive morning sickness, dehydration, weight loss) thanks to the cannabis plant.

Assists with the Nervous System

When used regularly, the roots of the marijuana plant are also noted for providing positive benefits for the nervous system that go beyond general nerve pain.

Some believe that cannabis roots and other parts of the plant can aid with nervous system disorders such as Tourette's, epilepsy, ALS, Parkinson's, and multiple sclerosis among other nervous system ailments.

For treating or relieving nervous system disorders and symptoms, cannabis roots in salve form work wonders for topic treatment.

Boosts Brain Health

The nervous system isn't the only system in the body that this plant root can assist with. Cannabis roots contain choline which is an important compound for general health including long-term memory improvement and focus, according to a 2009 study.

Choline is also known for its anti inflammatory properties. Inflammation is said to be a part of hundreds of not just physical conditions but also mental and cognitive conditions, potentially Alzheimer's, dementias, and even depression.

Believed to Kill Cancer Cells

Most already know that the cannabis plant can supposedly help slow the replication of or even kill cancer cells, but even cannabis roots may have this benefit as well.

The roots of the cannabis plant have pentacyclic triterpene ketones that are said to have cancer-fighting agents. Experiments have shown that cannabis roots have successfully been eradicated via apoptosis (cell suicide).

Overall, cannabis roots have a large array of benefits, so don't toss your roots; use them or sell them to someone who needs them. But before implementing the roots as medicine, speak with a doctor as in excess, the alkaloids presented in cannabis roots may be toxic.

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