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Best Ways to Store Weed for an Extended Period of Time

Every cannabis enthusiast has a preferred method to store weed for an extended period of time, and each one is happy to share that method with all and sundry. Keep your stash fresh with the top choices.

By Ami RoachPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on bud, only to have it dry out and turn brittle. It isn't necessary, anyway, given how easy it is to store weed for an extended period of time. The only time you risk crispy, crumbling nugs is when you don't store it anywhere in particular. It's technically okay to keep your stash in a Ziploc bag in the short term, but ideally, you should put it somewhere safer and more airtight than a plastic bag—and no, it won't cost a fortune to snag the perfect vessel. Still don't think you need to do anything special? You should realize that weed lasts for up to three years when you learn how to keep your stash fresh. Using above-average methods, it can stay fresh for even longer. Every toker has a favorite method and there are many tips for storing marijuana, but the long-term storage options listed here are at the top of the heap.

Say “No” to oxygen.

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No matter how you ultimately choose to store weed for a while, the key is to ensure that it's in an airtight container. Oxygen exposure degrades your weed, which means that in addition to choosing a sealed vessel, you also need to pick out something that's neither too large nor too small for your stash. Leave the bud some breathing room, but don't try to store it in a container that's much too large. The extra space introduces too much oxygen, which kills the potency of the flower's cannabinoids and terpenes.

Avoid the light.

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Exposure to light and UV rays will also degrade your cannabis. Specifically, it does a number on the plant's trichomes, the resin glands containing the THC. Never, ever place your weed anywhere in direct sunlight. Store it somewhere dark, even if you end up using an opaque container. The opaque quality is helpful, but you don't need it as long as you keep your dank in the dark.

Keep it away from moisture.

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Cannabis thrives at 65 percent humidity, although it can withstand a relative humidity as low as 50 percent. Lower than that, and it gets brittle. Higher than that, and the moisture content is too much for your herb. Know what happens? Your marijuana grows mold. Doesn't hurt to seek out a container that's waterproof as well as airtight.

Cool it down.

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To effectively store weed for an extended period of time, you need to keep it in a cool, dark place. You know the light is terrible for your bud, but heat harms it, too. It's a marijuana myth you probably believe since we use fire to smoke the weed. Too much heat may make it brittle or cause it to sweat. You wind up with crumbling nugs or moldy weed. Hard pass on both. It's essential to avoid extreme cold, as well, so aim to keep your weed a bit cooler than room temperature.

Go for glass.

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Glass jars, such as Mason jars, are far and away the simplest, most cost-effective way to store weed for a long time. As long as the size of the jar complements the amount of your stash and it's airtight, you're golden. The jars used for canning, which have seals made of rubber or silicone, are excellent for keeping your bud fresh, but jars with lids that screw on tightly are legit, too. You don't have to search for an opaque jar or paint yours. Again, just keep it in the dark.

Pick out plastic.

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Plenty of cannabis storage containers are hardcore, durable plastic, so dense and sturdy that it resembles ceramic or glass. As long as it's not too large and the lid screws on tightly, a tough plastic jar is a fine place to store weed. Some cannabis connoisseurs will put their bud in a plastic bag, then place it in the jar. It's just another layer of insurance. Airtight plastic medicine bottles work, as well. They're old-school but easy to find and they do the job.

With weed becoming not only legal in numerous states but less stigmatized throughout the country, there's a bevy of options available to store weed for an extended period of time. The CVault is a popular pick, and given its status as a kind of safety deposit box for your bud, there are also several duplicate products that aim to do the same thing. The CVault does stand out, though. Like other containers, it doesn't betray an aroma, it's airtight, and it keeps the light away from your nugs, but it also includes humidity packs. Granted, you have to change them every couple of months, but maintaining a decent humidity level is worth it. Props to the stainless steel, as well, for being food-grade.

Make it metal.

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Metal, in general, is a dependable storage material. However, don't set a metal container anywhere in the sun, at least not for long periods of time. Metal gets hot with a quickness. Also, do your diligence to ensure it's airtight. Not every metal container will be able to prevent oxygen from affecting your weed.

Vacuum-seal your stash.

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Plastic bags and Ziplocs aren't fantastic storage options, but vacuum-sealing is a foolproof way to store weed for an extended period of time. Yes, it uses plastic, but it's fully sealed—and don't worry, as you can find plastic without any BPAs. This method is efficient and effective because it removes every hint of oxygen. It's the best option for explicitly storing marijuana for a length of time.

Store weed for an extended period of time and leave it alone.

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Repeatedly moving your weed causes it to jostle all over the place, shedding crystals and breaking into pieces. Handling it with your fingers all the time is even worse because the trichomes stick to your skin instead of the flowers. Those are the best part, obviously, so you need to keep them intact. Leave your weed alone to make it last for extended periods. Can it live?

Rehydrate it.

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Sometimes, no matter how well you store your bud, you discover that it's still becoming brittle. First, make sure that you're actually trying to store weed for an extended period of time using a fail-safe storage method. Then, try to rehydrate it. You can never bring back the terpenes lost after weed dries out, fades in color, or loses its aroma, but you can return some of its oomph. Store it with an orange peel, or place a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto a cotton ball, and drop that into your storage container.

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