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10 Health Benefits of Juicing Cannabis

Did you know that juicing cannabis can help your arthritis? These are the real health benefits of juicing cannabis.

By Ami RoachPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Top Story - March 2018

There are so many ways you can use cannabis. From smoking it, to baking it in edibles, and even eating it raw, like some people do, people find ways to incorporate cannabis in their diet. While certain people find simply smoking it to suit them the best, there are others who can only gain the benefits of cannabis by eating it in baked goods. But have you ever thought of juicing cannabis?

Not many people talk about juicing weed since they're fixated on baking it in goods or smoking it. But there are people out there who use cannabis as one of their ingredients when making drinks. And they find juicing cannabis to be the best way for them to ingest it. However, does juicing cannabis comes with great benefits to the body? Since this method of using marijuana is very diverse from others, there are tons of questions revolving around it. If you're wondering if juicing cannabis comes with advantages, these are the real health benefits of juicing cannabis.


Arthritis is a form of joint disease, also known as joint inflammation, where one or more joints can be swelled, cause pain, and stiffness. And it only gets worse the older you get. But did you know that juicing cannabis can possibly help your arthritis?

Since the marijuana plant leaves and buds is loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds, this really helps when you're dealing with arthritis. So, if you're struggling with the worst arthritis anywhere in your body, consider juicing cannabis. From the anti-inflammatory compounds, this can possibly help reduce your inflamed joints and relieve you of pain.

Chronic Inflammation

Of the health benefits of juicing cannabis, it can actually help with chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation refers to the long-term inflammation that can even last for several months to years. It's seen as an autoimmune disorder that attacks healthy tissue, mistaking it for a pathogen that causes disease.

Because cannabis features anti-inflammatory compounds in the leaves and buds, this can reduce the inflammation in your body. Especially if you're dealing with chronic inflammation, juicing cannabis is the better option to possibly help you out. Plus, you can make the juice taste great with the additional cannabis and other ingredients.


Yes, helping with diabetes is among the health benefits of juicing cannabis. You can get diabetes if you're putting too much sugar into your body and building high blood glucose. While there are prescribed pills and other methods to treat this disease, juicing marijuana is also another strategy you can look into.

It is a known fact that ingesting cannabis can help with diabetes. Since it's seen as a superfood by so many people and is loaded with great benefits like antioxidants, this can possibly help you with your diabetes if you're dealing with it. Juicing cannabis every day can be a great way to absorb the goodness and gain the advantages.


Among the health benefits of juicing cannabis, marijuana is known to help asthma. Asthma can come from having inflamed, swelled, or narrow airways, which makes it difficult to breathe. And many people who deal with the worst asthma are recommended to smoke medical marijuana to help clear up their asthma.

Aside from smoking it, ingesting it through juicing is another way of possibly curing your asthma. Since marijuana is seen as a great thing to use for asthma, including it in juicing is another ideal alternative to smoking it. Either smoking or ingesting, cannabis can help with you asthma.

Free Radicals

If you don't know what free radicals are, they're essentially an atom, molecule, or ion that has an unpaired valence electron. They can harm parts of the cells like proteins, DNA, and even cell membranes by taking away their electrons. And this can possibly cause cancer in the body.

Among the health benefits of juicing cannabis, it can help get rid of any free radicals roaming your body. While cannabis in general features antioxidants and health benefits of juicing cannabis, this helps get rid of the free radicals from harming any part of your cells. So, what better way to remove free radicals from your body than enjoying a glass of juiced raw cannabis?

Cellular Dysfunction

Cellular dysfunction is known to be a commonplace sequelae of sepsis and other systemic inflammatory conditions. It's basically one of the core reasons in developing organ dysfunction. In fact, one of the health benefits of juicing cannabis is that it can help with cellular dysfunction.

Because cannabis in general features so many benefits like compounds of antioxidants and anti-cancer, cannabis is seen as medicine. Since it's a superfood, many people take advantage of incorporating marijuana into their diet. Aside from smoking it, juicing raw cannabis is a great way to help you if you're dealing with cellular dysfunction.


Are you currently dealing with any form of infections on your body? Instead of smoking marijuana, consider juicing the raw plant. Among the health benefits of juicing cannabis, the magic abilities in weed can possibly cure any infection your body is dealing with.

For bacterial infections, juicing raw cannabis is one of the best methods you can try out to heal it. There are so many stubborn bacterial infections out there and they take a long time to completely disappear. But if you start juicing cannabis, it'll speed up the process. From the antioxidants that are naturally in weed, this can heal the infections on your body faster.


Lupus is a form of inflammation where the immune system attacks its own tissues, and many people deal with this inflammatory disease. The symptoms usually run around redness on the face, a lot of fatigue, and joint pain. So, if you're struggling with lupus yourself, one of the best methods of treating it is by juicing raw marijuana.

From the great health benefits of juicing cannabis, your lupus can possibly be cured by drinking juiced cannabis. Because of its anti-inflammatory compounds, this reduces the inflammation that is occurring in your body. Drinking a glass a day can possibly reduce the swelling or even cure your lupus.


Hypothyroidism, otherwise known as underactive thyroid, is a condition where the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough thyroid hormones. From this, it can cause the person to feel extremely tired, gain weight, deal with mood swings, and feel sluggish. Since it's such a common condition, it's treated by prescribed medication from doctors.

However, among the health benefits of juicing cannabis, your hypothyroidism can be helped by ingesting marijuana through juicing it. Rather than smoking weed, people with this condition should try juicing it so the cannabis properly enters the body. Juicing cannabis every day and drinking it raises the possibility of helping your hypothyroidism.

Cancer Cells

Last of the great health benefits of juicing cannabis is that it gets rid of cancer cells. Cancer cells are know to divide harshly, forming solid tumors or flooding the blood with abnormal cells. In fact, it's known that cannabis reduces the growth of cancer cells.

While it can stop free radicals from expanding, weed can decrease the growth of cancer cells as well. From the anti-cancer compounds benefits, cancer cells in your body can rapidly be reduced in growth size by ingesting raw juiced marijuana.


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