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The Drug Dealer Healer

by Kayleigh Fraser ❤️ 2 months ago in humanity · updated 11 days ago
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helping humanity one interaction at a time

The fuel crisis in Sri Lanka had reached new peaks and hardly any traffic was moving on the roads. Queues at gas stations were literally miles long in each direction and the death toll in these queues was now at 15. Today was bright and sunny, and around 33ºC in the shade. Uber and PickMe drivers had all but disappeared and the only option was to cycle it.

I set off around 1pm in the peak of the midday sun and reached my new client around 4.30pm. Melting. I text him when I got close to our meeting point - a small side street where google maps claimed there was a cake shop. Upon arriving the area was extremely quiet and residential. My mind briefly flirted the idea that I didnt actually know this man I was meeting and this could be dangerous, but I put the flame of fear out quickly. I trusted my instincts more than ever and I knew I wasn't in danger.

How amazing to realise this in that moment. Having spent years in near isolation and debilitating fear, it was really wonderful to see just how far I had come. Thankful for the shade over me and the beautiful scene around. Birds and chipmonks were singing to each other. The lush tropical greenery was so vibrant and alive. I felt so good just being in this scene.

A blue car approached and the window wound down to reveal a man around my age who smiled widely through the pain I saw in his eyes. He handed me a water bottle and I thanked him, immediately opening it and taking a drink.

"Thank you so much for coming all this way, this is so sweet of you. I really could have come to you."

"Honeslty it's no problem. I am trying to exercise more and lose some extra kilos I gained this year anyhow" I assured him. It was true. I was grateful fot the excuse to cycle this far. I would never have pushed myself to if there hadn't been someone in need. It seemed wasteful for him to drive to me when petrol was nearly impossible to buy and was taking an average of 3 days in a queue.

I handed him the package and he immediately opened it to reveal the two brown glass dropper bottles. I instructed that the larger 30ml one was the Nutmeg & Mace extract (Insomnia) and the smaller was a sample of my HIbiscus Flower extract. I talked him through the warnings for the Insomnia blend - stressing the absolute importance of staying hydrated whilst using it and to begin with only a tiny amount due to it's potency.

I explained the academic evidence base for it's use and shared some of my favourite studies about Nutmeg - including the mice study where they induced diazepam brain fog and memory imparement then gave them nutmeg extract over three weeks. The mice not only recovered, but had better memory test scores than before the study. It seemed promising for Alzheimers and demetia patients as well as being proven to regenerate the liver (amongst countless others). I advised him to look at my website and read about this in full.

It seemed that as usual I had intuitively picked the right story to share. My client told me his memory had been very poor recently and that he was struggling with staying asleep. He told me he had considered seeing a doctor about this but so far had not. I offered to him that these symptoms are all stress related and he immediately agreed, informing me his engineering company was failing and he had to lay off many staff recently. This economic crisis was hitting the middle class hard now and the evidence of this was right in front of me.

I empathised with him and normalised his symptoms. I reassured him that there was nothing seriously wrong and this was simply his body's way of telling him that it was suffering and changes are imminently needed. I quicly explained the basic mechanics of stress (whether mental, physical, environmental, chemical) and its effect on the body from a biology point - creating infammation. Inflamation is the single factor involved in almost all chronic disease patterns. Where the inflammation gathers gives us signs as to where we need healing / change.

For instance, I explained that his memory impairment was reflective of inflammation in the brain. His thoughts were creating this. His perception and focus on the problems were creating this. If he could allow himself to disrupt those patterns, the symptoms would end. I proposed that he give himself permission to relax, and to have fun.

He laughed and said that seemed impossible. The situation was so bad right now in the country that it having fun wasn't possible. I countered by explaining the outside stresses would be there regardless of whether he was feeling depleted in energy and ill, or healthy and full of energy. If he chose to ruminate on the problems and decline his health futher - he was not going to be in a strong position to handle this or come up with solutions.

If he chose to allow himself to tune out of the present, collective reality and instead into small, frequent acts of self care - he would soon find his health back on track and from there would his ability to problem solve would increase. Knowing now that he was an engineer, I appealed to his logical brain. It appeared to be working with ease. I suggested that these small, seemingly insignificant self care things would all pay off in a big way. I asked him to ensure that he do at least one thing daily that brings him joy. Even if its playing a computer game or making a cup of tea and deciding to do nothing at all except focus on enjoying the sensations of drinking it. Slow the breath, slow the mind, slow the body, slow down time and enter a realm of healing.

I was unsure whether to add this next point but I felt guided to. I said the other way to look at this, from a more spiritual persective, is to realise the laws that govern this universe. We live in a quantum reality, whereby we are actively affecting what happens outside of us just by merely observing it. This makes it even more vital to focus on what is positive, what is there to appreciate as what we give energy to grows. If we give energy (and thought is indeed energy) to problems, we get more problems.

To my aboslute delight, he looked instantly more energised. He agreed with all that I had said and profusely thanked me. He said this felt like exaclty what he needed to hear today and that he was so thankful to me for my time. I gave some more encouragement and we talked for a little longer before I realised I had to begin cycling in order to make it home for sunset. Thankfully most of it would now be downhill!

He thanked me profusely, again. He said that he would get me so many clients for this medicine and tell his friends. I laughed lightly at his enthusiasm and told him to try it first, see how he feels and to update me on his experience. I said that I am 99% certain he will love the light, floaty feels of it and again stressed the importance of dosing small and hydration.

I left smiling and feeling bathed in the warmth of his appreciation. The sun was setting and the air had cooled. I loved the breeze on my face as I freewheeled downhill. I thought about the finances of the transaction and I laughed to myself. I had charged rs 1000, which today is just £2.22. In total I had a 5.5 hour round trip, spent around 20 minutes imparting health wisdom and essentaily a mini counseling session, provided a product that took me months to research and create all for the tiny sum of £2.22. That somehow seemed so laughable when I thought about how anyone else would perceive my efforts today.

And yet the feeling I had gained from this interaction was priceless.

I could feel that I had just helped to realign this man's life. The knock on effect of this, the butterfly effect, would be huge. My heart was lifted and I sang songs on the cycle back to my house. I knew this product wouldn't require any marketing at all. This would organically grow in the best possible way - from word of mouth and person to person recommendation. This was the start of a very exciting jouney. I was finally stepping into the role I had been training for all my life, as a true healer.


Thank you for being here and for taking the time to read my fictional story. Every read count brings me immense joy to see. If anyone is in a position to tip and is willing to - you will know that the butterfly effect of that will be immense! I once got a $1 tip and it seriously made my day. If you would like information on the medicine I have discussed please visit my webiste (link below). There you will also find instructional videos I made teaching you how to make it yourself at home. It is so simple and yet so very effective.


Much Love,



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philosopher, alchemist, writer & poet with a passion for all things health, wealth & love related 🤍💫

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