The 12 Most Famous Stoners of All Time

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The most famous stoners of all time have two things in common: They are all super talented and they all love to smoke weed.

The 12 Most Famous Stoners of All Time
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When people hear the word pothead, they often think of characteristics such as sleepy, lazy, and unmotivated. However, this collection of people couldn't be more opposite. These are some of the most famous, talented, and richest people in the world. They work hard, play hard, and fight for what they believe in. Many of these celebrities claim weed has saved them from more dangerous paths and influenced some of their greatest work. There are comedians, TV personalities, song writers, and singers who all smoke weed, and a lot of it. Instead of hiding behind their fame, they use their exposure as a platform to share their personal use of weed, assist in national legalization efforts, and promote the use of medical marijuana. They find no shame in their pot smoking game; and for that, I applaud them. Here are 12 of the coolest, most famous stoners of all times.

Snoop Dogg

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

You obviously cannot have a "Most Famous Stoners of All Time" list without Snoop Dogg at the top. As a man who smokes 81 blunts a day with his crew (or at least used to), Snoop wouldn't be where he is without his love for pot. He attributes his original style, insane talent, and overall positive attitude to smoking weed, and has smoked marijuana with some of the most famous people around; including, Willie Nelson and Martha Stewart (in fact, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have become quite close). The best Snoop-weed fact is not his favorite munchie while high, a bologna and potato chip grilled cheese sandwich, but his confession to smoking out a bathroom in the White House. Hey, when the craving calls Snoop, he answers.

Bob Marley

Photo courtesy of GQ

Bob Marley is the true posterchild when it comes to getting high. I mean literally, half of the world's college dorm rooms have a poster of the late and great Marley smoking a joint with a Jamaican-themed marijuana leaf as the background. However, while we may think Bob just smoked the reefer to feel good, write, and perform, there was really so much more behind his love for ganja. For him, it was a spiritual outlet, a religious way to connect with himself and meditate. No matter his reasoning, Bob Marley is and will always be one of the most iconic stoners all of time.

Willie Nelson

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

Willie Nelson is, hands down, one of the most famous country artists and stoners of all time; and at 86 years old, he is still waking, baking, and going strong. He is a legend in the cannabis community thanks to the time(s) he out-smoked Snoop Dogg. That's right, Snoop admitted to Nelson being the only one to "smoke him under the table." He stands behind his love for the green by not only speaking out about the medical benefits and legalization of it, but by firmly speaking to the fact that he believes weed saved his life. On a deadly path of alcohol and cigarettes, it wasn't until Nelson found that smoking pot saved him from being an alcoholic. Willie told Rolling Stone Magazine, "Weed saved me from killing a lot of people, and a lot of people wanting to kill me." With that kind of love for marijuana, it only makes sense that Willie's Reserve was created, his own cannabis company where he acts as the CTO (chief tasting officer). His line produces everything from edibles and oils to their latest creation, Willie's Remedy Coffee.

Miley Cyrus

Photo courtesy of Billboard

We all know Miley is no stranger to living on the edge, including experimenting with drugs and alcohol. One experiment that has stuck though is her use of marijuana. Miley Cyrus is not ashamed nor embarrassed about her weed use; in fact, she even smoked marijuana on stage as she accepted an award at the MTV Music Awards in Europe. If that doesn't show her devotion to Mary Jane, then I don't know what will.


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No one openly smokes or talks about weed more erotically than Ms. Rhianna herself. Many of her number one songs include verses devoted to rolled kush, and her social media accounts feature many images of Rhi Rhi enjoying a blunt or two. She is one of the most talented rappers who love weed, and one of our favorite human beings in general.

Wiz Khalifa

Photo courtesy of Forbes

It seems the musically-gifted are some serious pot smokers, as they are dominating this list. Wiz, who has admitted to spending $10,000 a month on the green, has no shame in dedicating his love for weed in all aspects of his life. He refers to his house as "The Bakery," has named his albums and tours after his favorite cannabis strands, and has even produced his own rolling papers named Wiz Khalifa Brand Rolling Papers.

Barack Obama

Photo courtesy of CNN

Say what? Is our former president really on the "Most Famous Stoners of All Time" list? Yes, yes he is, and not because he ran our country while under the green-influence or is now walking around post-prez with joint in hand, but because of his honesty in past participation. You see, Mr. Obama belonged to a group of teenagers called the "Choom Gang," where they would ride around in a Volkswagon minibus known as the "Choom Wagon" and smoke up while listening to Aerosmith and Stevie Wonder. He also claims that, if selfies had been around during that time, that he probably would of never been elected president; and therefore, never would have been one of the most famous celebrities who smoke weed. I really love that man.

Bob Dylan

Photo courtesy of British GQ

It is no secret that Bob Dylan was a weed smoker, but what gets him a spot on this list is his claim to being the first one to smoke weed with the Beatles. Apparently, in a New York City hotel room in 1964, Dylan sat with the Beatles and discovered they had never gotten high. That is when he stuffed the hotel door with a towel, rolled up a joint, and, despite trying to teach them to "puff puff pass," Ringo wound up smoking the whole thing himself. Not to worry, Dylan had more of it to go around. And around. and around...

Amy Winehouse

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

While I contemplated including the late and great Amy Winehouse, I figured why shouldn't she be included? She was just as skilled as all the others here (if not more), reached incredible levels of popularity, and loved herself some weed. Amy had admitted to smoking loads of weed while recording her first album, which influenced much of the hip hop and R&B sounds of that record. In 2008, she reportedly smoked marijuana for 36 hours straight, which landed in her in the hospital. If only weed would have been the worst of her addictions, then perhaps we would still be blessed with her incredible talents.

Tommy Chong

Photo courtesy of Leafly

Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong is an obvious pick for one of most notorious pot-smoking icons. Why did he make the list and not Cheech? Well, despite their years of stoner success together, Tommy is still smoking and standing behind his love for and the healing properties of pot, whereas Cheech has since tapped out. Even with a few legal hiccups (like when Chong served almost a year in prison for marketing and selling paraphernalia; AKA Chong's Bongs), he is still a smoker and pot activist. Nowadays, Tommy is a contributing writer for Cannabis Magazine, has his own (state legal) line of cannabis called "Chong's Choice," and is a board member of The National Organization for the Reform Law of Marijuana (NORML). He also stands by the healing benefits that hemp oil and medical marijuana had during his bout with cancer.

Bill Maher

Photo courtesy of LA Weekly

Whoever believes that smoking weed makes you stupid, is, well, stupid. Bill Maher is the perfect example of brains and blunts, and used his celebrity platform to showcase his love for Mary Jane by smoking the herb during his show, Real Time with Bill Maher while on air. Alongside Tommy Chong, Maher is a weed activist and board member of NORML (National Organization for the Reform Law of Marijuana), and will go toe-to-toe with anyone on all medical, political, and financial marijuana issues. This is one stoner who is definitely on a mission.

Seth Rogen

Photo courtesy of Colorado Public Radio

Comedian, actor, and one of the most famous stoners of all time, Seth Rogen is not holding back when it comes to publicly announcing his heavy use of pot, and not just for his weed-related roles in movies like Pineapple Express. Seth Rogen recently told Stephen Colbert that he "smokes all day every day," and when asked if fans have ever seen him high in his movies, his response was classic: "Yes, 100 percent, for the last 20 years exclusively." Seth is the perfect example of how incorrect pothead stereotypes can be. He is talented, motivated, and hard working, and if lighting up some ganja inspires the hysterical characters he creates, then I say, "Smoke on, Seth! Smoke on."

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