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Strawberry Guava Strain Review

by RJ 5 months ago in strains

Terpenes, THC, Experience, and Taste

Strawberry Guava sounds decadent just by the name. This strain is the love child of Strawberry Banana and Papaya, which yields a fruity terpene profile. The taste and smell are very tropical, which is usually reserved to Sativas. However, Papaya genetics make it an indica leaning hybrid- suiting my preferences.

The specific grow that I picked up was cultivated by Dave-Fu farms. The flower was frosty white and bright green with orange hairs spiraling around the buds. For simplicities' sake, to identify if this strain would be helpful for you, I'm going to rate it by category on a sliding 1-10 scale. Below I will list a summary of my opinion for convenience. Following that, I will go into detail for the true connoisseurs out there.

Strawberry Guava at a glance:

THC: {30.3% (this will vary based on the grow.)

Appearance: 8

Smell: 9


I am an appearance and smell snob when it comes to my weed. I want the best experience, and often dryer looking flower does not do that for me. No one wants something that looks like hay, tastes like hay, and doesn't get you high. When I was browsing the shop, Strawberry Guava caught my eye. It was bright and iridescent. The store had denser bigger buds on the exotic shelf, but they also had a baby bud version from the same grow, so I chose that for the price discount.

However, because the buds I got were not huge and dense, I docked the appearance a few points. If you are worried or deterred from smaller flower, Strawberry Guava is typically pretty substantial and size shouldn't be an issue.


By Steve Harvey on Unsplash

It's no secret that Strawberry Guava is very fruity smelling. I typically lean toward the diesel and pine notes, but the tropical aroma appealed to me. It hit me in the face, and I could smell it from 6ft away with my mask on. (Gotta love the pandemic.)

The only negative I have regarding smell is that once I got it home and my small amount was separated from the bulk, the smell deffiently lost some of its potency. It was challenging to identify all the different elements I could when I was shopping. However, this is pretty nitpicky, and I don't think it would affect the average consumer.

Taste and Effects:

I will combine the last two categories because you have already heard me drone on about how fruity and pleasant smelling and looking this strain is. Does it translate to taste? Yes. The smoking experience was enjoyable and sweet.

The effects are my favorite part of this strain. It was extremely, euphoric, and relaxing. I laughed all night, and my high radiated in the background the entire time. My body was light and floaty, and I was carefree and happy. I did get into my snacks and probably overindulged, but hey, when in Rome.


This strain is very powerful. Which in itself was not a negative, but I found my anxiety creeping up, and I felt a bit disoriented. I would not recommend this strain for day time use. I can assure you it will affect productivity and maybe induce some unwanted symptoms.

However, I did not have any irritation in my eyes or dryness of the mouth. Strawberry Guava was excellent for sleeping and unwinding after a long day. I used it to decompress after a trip with the inlaws, and it did wonders for my sense of well being. If you are struggling with depression, stress, or insomnia, this could be a viable solution.

Final Thoughts

Strawberry Guava is now one of my favorite strains of Mary Jane. The soaring euphoric effects and giddiness, fused with the belly-aching laughter and relaxation, creates the perfect cocktail to end an evening.

If you're an experienced smoker or new to cannabis, this strain could work perfectly. Just dose to match your tolerance and have fun experimenting!

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