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Some tips that give your electronic cigarette a longer life

by Lalit Bansal 11 months ago in list

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The electronic cigarette is an electronic device that surely has a date of expiry. After some time, the devices stop working. Now, this is in your hand that the life of the product you are using as you are the one who will handle the product.

The better you will handle your cigarette and take care of it, the more it will be your companion. That is why we are compiling up a list of 5 tips that will keep your cigarette intact and increase its life.

Never let the liquid flow to low in the cigarette

If we see the electronic cigarette structuring, then at the lower part, there is a battery. Above that, there is an atomizer section and above that is the oil chamber. In the chamber of other oil, there is a coil fitted that heats the solution. If a person has one time to use an e-cigarette, then there is no issue, but if a person has a reusable one, they have to take care while refilling that the liquid never follows in the atomizer.

There is a level in the oil section above which if you dill the oil then through the coil it will enter in the lower section of the electronic cigarette. That is why always try to fill oil below that level as it will increase the electronic parts' life below.

Always clean the terminals of the battery

The battery that is installed in the electronic cigarette works as an energy source for the whole setup. When you turn the battery on, they start providing heat to the atomizer, which transfers it to the coil. Now when the battery is so important, then it should be cleaned properly.

After every use of the cigarette, you should clean the battery and the terminals too. The terminals must be cleaned as it is the portion connected to the oil section, so to avoid any deposition and proper transfer of charge, terminals need to be cleaned.

Store the cigarette correctly

There is a proper way of storing the electronic cigarette mentioned in every manual that comes attached to the package. Most of them say that in the box of the device, you should always store them straight. The benefit of straight storage is that if any oil is left in pen, it will never flow to the lower section. It stays in the oil chamber always till you clean it or use it for the next time.

The mouthpiece should be cleaned and dry

The mouthpiece is the portion of an electronic cigarette through which a person inhales the vapor. When a person puts the mouthpiece in the mouth, they should always clear the part. The reason behind this is when a person is unpacking the device; then sometimes the oil gets stick to the mouthpiece.

It can affect the durability of the mouthpiece and also reacts in your mouth. That is why always try that when you are storing the device, then cleans the mouthpiece thoroughly and dry it before storing.

Always pack the battery with some charge left

The electronic cigarette is an electronic device whose functioning depends on the battery. Now what people do is when they leave the device, they never leave some battery left behind. Due to this reason, sometimes the battery dead inside. According to the battery's functioning, when you are leaving the battery unused for a longer period, if there is a small amount of charge in it, it will stay alive.

But if the charge is zero, then there are chances that the battery dies forever. That is why you always try to keep a small amount of battery in the electronic cigarette when you leave them before storing them. If you have utilized it completely, then charge it for some time and then store it.


These are some of the tips that every electronic cigarette user must keep in mind and follow. If you always take these aspects, then even after the guarantee and the warranty of the product provided by the vapebox.co.nz is over then also you need not be worried about it. These aspects will automatically increase the battery life of your cigarette pen.


Lalit Bansal

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Lalit Bansal
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