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Side Effects of Marijuana Smoking

by M Lim 11 months ago in health
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Marijuana Smoking

Marijuana is a very mind-altering substance that has many negative effects on both the mind and body. Even using it once can cause many subtle symptoms to appear. These symptoms and signs may not show up immediately or may take months or even years to develop. However, when they do finally appear, they are often obvious and extremely annoying.

One of the primary physical effects of marijuana abuse is the fact that people tend to fall asleep much more frequently than is healthy for them to do so. People may also begin to snore and experience slurred breathing as well as sleepiness throughout the day. There may also be a change in the social skills of a person. Many times, marijuana users who are trying to quit will report feeling out of character for a period of time. They may begin to have problems with public speaking, inability to concentrate, and many other social changes as well.

The mental and social changes are two major areas that can be directly tied to marijuana abuse. People who smoke marijuana regularly tend to experience less attention and concentration, they will find it hard to focus and remember things, and they will have a low tolerance to most things. This can be frustrating for some people because they want to experience all of the benefits that marijuana has to offer but cannot handle the mental and social changes that it causes. Sometimes, the symptoms may seem relatively minor at first, but everytime they can begin to have a significant impact on a person's life.

There are a few physical symptoms that are fairly clear indications of marijuana abuse. Some of the physical symptoms include a feeling that someone may be having a heart attack, a feeling that there may be some sort of serious malfunction going on inside of the body, or some combination of those things. Oftentimes people will smoke a joint just before getting into the mood for something fun or going to work, but then end up getting in the mood for something more serious later in the day. It can make it very difficult to either control or eliminate these mood swings.

Psychological symptoms of marijuana abuse include changes in perception or thought patterns. These can range from a small change such as thinking that something is wrong or being unable to make the choice that you would normally make. Other common symptoms may include paranoia or becoming extremely irritable, to depression or becoming extremely anxious. It can also cause you to have a problem with memory, thinking that you are seeing or hearing things that aren't there. These feelings can also lead to anxiety or even depression. However, these are all psychological symptoms, and while they can definitely be signs of addiction, they are not proof of it.

Effects of marijuana addiction may include physical issues as well, but these effects are generally more mental and psychological than physical. Physical symptoms include things such as tremors and insomnia, which are caused by the person suddenly becoming very sleepy and allowing their mind to become distracted. It can also cause nausea and can make you feel dizzy. However, mental health problems are usually less noticeable than physical ones, and many people can go through their entire day without even realizing that they had a bad mental day.

How long does weed actually stay in your system? Most people who use marijuana on a daily basis will find that after about three to six months of constant use, they begin to experience negative side-effects such as anxiety, depression and a loss of appetite. Not to mention the fact that marijuana is also known to slow down your metabolism and this will cause your body to retain more fat, which leads to obesity. Even though marijuana is not an actual food, the calories from the food you put into your body are used by the brain to make it feel good and therefore you gain weight instead of losing it.

These are just some of the short term effects of cannabis and although they are relatively harmless, they can become more than that. Within two years of continuous use, you may suffer from irreversible changes in your brain. This includes memory loss, decreased concentration, and in extreme cases, complete inability to process messages from the thc and transmit them to your brain. Two years after using marijuana, the brain will be processed like you had a brain tumor and you will be labeled as "pothead". So if you use cannabis regularly and you want to enjoy life to the fullest, then you will need to consult your doctor who will advise you on how to reduce your consumption or better yet, completely stop it. There are many different medications available for treatment of the physical effects of cannabis but you must understand that these will only mask the problem and not actually get rid of it.


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