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Share Your Hookah Stories Online And Let Them Know How Fun It Is

by NoahJones 3 years ago in pop culture
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The influence of internet and social media to people all over the world is just very visible on how we live our daily lives. Different businesses are now being promoted online to gain more profit. We can now purchase everything online and it will be delivered at our doorsteps. We all stay connected via different social applications and we also get to share our activities for them to see. We can let our friends and family members to know more about the things that keep you busy. You can also invite them if you want to spend time with them by logging online and using social media websites.

One thing that I have learned from my closest friends is using a hookah. I did not know anything about it before but after trying it with them, I really enjoyed using it. Since my goal is to share with other people the fun of sharing hookah with friends, I decided to share information about hookah online. I just hope that people will read my story and try use hookah from time to time.

What is a hookah?

I find it important to discuss information about hookah for the benefit of those who do not have any idea what that is. I remember myself when I did not know what that thing is and I was in awe when my friends invited me to a hookah lounge and I saw its setup. I must say that after trying it, I look forward to our next get-together all the time and I always look for hookah for sale.

A hookah is like a cigarette but it is being smoked with the use of an equipment like pipes and cigars. Compared to regular cigarettes, inhaling a hookah is considered much safer because it filters the smoke through the use of water. The base of the equipment setup is the water jar and then the body, which is basically part of the pipe, is submerged in water. There is a gasket where the hose and valve are connected. Just above the body, there is a plate where the wind-guard is attached. Inside the wind-guard, you will find the charcoal that is placed in a bowl. The substances that you will be inhaling are the ingredients of the charcoal. You can choose the charcoal of your choice if you are going to smoke a hookah in a lounge.

Will you get high if you smoke a hookah?

I just want to make myself clear that I am not having fun smoking hookah because it makes me high. Hookah contains nicotine and this substance can be very addicting, but it does not make you high like when you take drugs or smoke marijuana. It will just give you a slight buzz at first, especially if it is your first time to smoke. Since it has nicotine, it will keep you active and will enjoy spending time with your friends.

Why should I post my hookah experience online?

Hookah lounges have nice ambiance and these places are designed for social interactions. Letting other people know that there are places like these that they can visit and enjoy is very fulfilling for me. When I post stories about how me and my friends enjoy sharing hookah, I make sure that I post photos, too. People are more encouraged to try new experiences when they see colorful photos. I want to let the world know that they can release all their stress and anxieties when they use hookah together with their friends. Hookah can make everyone active and happy and it will definitely create great memories for you and your loved ones.

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