Safety Meeting

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Safety Meeting

If it weren't for marijuana, I'd have long gone mad. It's surprising, most experiences of marijuana and being Schizoaffective are straight up meant to not be mixed. This has never seemed to include me. I don't seem to have the negative mental health effects like experts say I should. How does that make me feel? Odd, for one. Why do I seem to be the minority of a minority of a minority.

Marijuana has always helped me when I was down, couldn't process things correctly; anxiety, focus and clarity, motivation, and time for my brain to think. Yes, I feel these things when I smoke marijuana and living with schizoaffective disorder. I've rarely had bad experiences smoking. Now in the time of Medical marijuana in Florida, I know what I'm getting. Strains are specifically targeted at the individuals needs. No longer am I wary of unknown strains and potency. I can find what truly works for me. Specially curated by specialists. This is something that works for me. When will my psychiatrist catch up and recognize what my body needs.

Medical marijuana is now thriving throughout the state. As the numbers steadily begin to rise. What is stopping me from having my medical card? Simply put, Money. If it were cheaper then I would be game, it's a lot up front to get the card, then you still have to purchase what you need. Now we are still technically in the Wild West of Florida Medical Marijuana. Things are still in their infancy, steadily growing, and building up the structure of how things will work. So I give it time. The more common it becomes, the cheaper, more easily accessible infrastructure is put into place.

Today only about 5 main companies have a hold on medical marijuana and dispensaries. "Trulieve", is one of the top brands across Florida. I address my marijuana habit and needs that street dealers just can't keep up with. Transparency. Who know's what you're getting. Might seem good. You wouldn't know it was laced till it is too late. This is why I am moving away from illegal street dealers, to more well informed Medical dispensaries.

People with all types of ailments can rest easy their medical needs will be met at a dispensary. Why is schizophrenia not on the list for registering? All I hear about smoking marijuana exacerbates the psychosis. Seems the opposite with myelf. I must conduct my own research. Collecting data for myself and the greater part of the mental health community. My psychosis worsens longer I go without smoking. I treat marijuana as a medicine, as I should. Smoking serves a purpose for me. My meds and counseling only do so much. Marijuana takes the edge off. I'm able to breathe for a minute. No matter what I do I can never truly achieve this without help. Our bodies naturally have the THC receptors. Why else would we have this if we are not meant to partake? The age old ganja question.

Until I have adverse effects of THC, I am its number one medicinal user. Am I truly separate from others with mental illnesses? I still feel alone even when I know others suffer as well. Let's hope with growing statistics surrounding medicinal use and potential of dispensaries. Let's hope for more informed, better business, medically cleared, and one day recreational.The richness of the data will continue to grow.

Come put out the orange safety cones. Time to pull out your Safety Patrol Guard sash. Blow your whistles to begin the meeting. Lock up your bikes. Schools out. Pull up. Come join, roll your joints. The safety meeting will soon commence.

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