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Parents Living the High Life

by Adrian Spencer 4 years ago in culture

Weed may be making leaps and bounds, but there is still heavy controversy surrounding parents who partake.

Here we are, a day in age that most never thought they would see. marijuana slowly but surely becoming decriminalized state by state. Whether you're for it, against it, or caught between leaning no one way, Mary Jane is tackling obstacles with no sweat. With this, of course, brings up other matters that have people talking.

One of these hot-button subjects is parenting while living the high life. Again we have people all for it, others who strongly oppose, and those who simply utter "to each their own" when pressed for their opinion. We also have individuals who have no issue with a person sitting down to smoke a doobie (does anyone still use this slang? No?? Didn't think so...) But as soon as they hear that a parent is partaking in the smoke sesh, they are questioning morals and wondering if a call to CPS is warranted.

Parents Who Use Marijuana for Medical Reasons

I want to first start off with the parents (whether or not these parents have a medical marijuana card), who are taking advantage of the medical benefits abundant within the "devil's lettuce."

I've read posts from the mothers and fathers who suffer from mental, emotional, and/or physical disabilities who light up to keep these issues under control. I've listened to moms talk about how they had tried it here and there back in high school, but never took it up until postpartum depression started wreaking havoc. I've talked with dads about how marijuana has kept their chronic pain managed without adverse side effects. Some found no help in traditional medicines such as SSRI's (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) like Prozac and Lexapro. Others detest the side effects that come with popping pills like nausea, memory loss, dizziness, etc. Even parents who are actively going to therapy felt that it wasn't enough to keep midnight anxiety attacks at bay.

After turning to marijuanam certain aspects of life became reachable again. Parents were managing chronic pain with less hassle and fewer strings attached. Moms were finding joy in life again after being stuck in a dazed depression. Parents are reconnecting with their children and building strong bonds after finding marijuana to be a more effective treatment than traditional measures.

Parents Who Use Recreational Marijuana

Now we move on to parents who use marijuana in a recreational manner. A decent amount of us remembers mom having a glass or two of wine at dinner. Dad knocking out a few cold ones after work. Now we have parents all over admitting they pack a bowl when the kiddos go to bed.

It's a no-brainer that marijuana has a natural element of killing stress. Parents are dipping into the garage after work and hitting the green to help them transition from the long or stressful day at work to home life. They are doing away with any work-related frustrations that may have followed them home. Coming home with a bad attitude only sets the precedent for everyone else in the house. As we all know a crappy mood is one of the most contagious things out there.

There also the parents who just thoroughly enjoy smoking with no underlined and highlighted reason. They love the peaceful mindset, the stress relieving properties, the way life seems to have a brighter more colorful flame. There are many benefits to reap when you smoke marijuana.

Why the negative hype about marijuana and parenting?

Why do so many people pass judgment when a parent is rumored to be a smoker of the green herb?

In the thirties, fear of marijuana was born. It was perpetuated as something criminals took part in, falsely linked to violent acts and deviant behaviors. The fear of marijuana was also used as fuel to further push racist ideologies. Animosity against marijuana and its users became rampant throughout the nation.

This day in age may be bringing reconciliation to marijuana and knocking down misconceptions, but there is still progress to be made. There are a good number of people who still believe marijuana is a common evil in our world. Whether it be from propaganda, the way they were raised, or simply due to a bad experience. The misinformation and demonized view of marijuana are still slapping parents in handcuffs even after showing a medical marijuana card. CPS is still stepping in where marijuana has been recreationally legalized.

Some may think, "well there are parents who are abusing their use of marijuana and negatively affecting their children." Of course, the parents who are passing the bong to their ten-year-old daughter or smoking around children should be investigated. There will always be bad with the good and unfortunately, not everyone will smoke responsibly. The same issues have been surrounding alcohol consumption for years.

The majority of parents who are toking it up are good people. These parents are not taking bong rips on the couch, watching cartoons with their kids. They are hardworking members of the community. Their ability to parent should not be in question if they are raising well-adjusted children, teaching them right from wrong. Setting boundaries and instilling morals. These kids are in safe environments. Being brought up happy, healthy and very much loved and cared for.

Hopefully, a time where marijuana use is accepted no matter lifestyle, background or home life is just around the corner.


Adrian Spencer

When I'm not staring at a computer screen typing out stories and posts to my little hearts content, you can usually find me at home or outside on hiking trails enjoying time with my little family.

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