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Mother Nature's Flower vs. Devil's Lettuce

Part Deux

By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 4 min read
Mother Nature's Flower vs. Devil's Lettuce
Photo by Nicole Plunkett on Unsplash

Just as quickly as I was able to let the words spill out for the first article on the topic of Mother Nature's flower vs. devil's lettuce, I am just as quickly returning with a re-thought. Not a retraction; I do believe there is matter that should be minded in the first article.

As a writer, at least for me, I perseverate on the works I have created and published. Especially the ones that may make people angry. My perseveration is variable, material pending. It could be for days, it could be for hours, it could be not at all. I may leave it up on a shelf to collect dust, hopefully to return to it one day. B ut this one lead me to an immediate follow up.

I let it simmer. I let it sit. Sometimes that is the best thing to do when you do not know what it is you are supposed to do. In my figurative and literal life, this sums up what I am doing. I am simmering.

But back to my re-thought. I want to first address the people that are growing this marijuana in the lab. I do not think you are the devil. I think you are responding to an ever-changing world where the environment and the elements of this environment have become toxic. Perhaps the oxidative stress is killing, the once medicinal plant. Perhaps you have created a controlled environment in which oxidation is no longer an issue. Perhaps you are trying to keep the properties of this plant protected and if that is the case, then kudos, and I do sincerely apologize.

I am not a scientist. I have a Master of Science degree in speech and language pathology, and I like to call myself a "master of science" sometimes for giggles. I would, if anything, be a common-sense scientist. One that brings complexed scientists, back down to the basics. We have become too complex in our thinking and paradoxally too simple in our thinking.

And yet, our understanding of society and human development has not matured alongside our technological advancements. Someone once said you can tell how progressive a nation is by looking at their utilization of energy and resources. Here we are still burning up our own atmosphere, hazardous combustion, during production of oil, gas, and coal. Quite literally destroying our own planet. See what I mean? Not super evolved, at least by that determinant. It does not require a rocket scientist to deem this as unevolved. A dictionary would suffice. See UNEVOLVED. See ELEMENTARY. See UNDERDEVELOPED.

As a firm believer in the idea that we are energy, whether negative or positive, we are energy. I feel the physical effects of negativity almost immediately, after limiting my exposure to it and learning about solitude. I do not thrive in a negative environment. Most positive things don't. I don't believe in transforming to toxic, to survive in a world that made me choose toxicity in exchange for my own "existence". Hashtag What Would Kevorkian Do? #WWKD

I sometimes even refuse to go outside to smoke a cigarette, afraid of what energy I may breathe in during a smoke break exchange. Some may call this crazy, and to those, may I remind you, you spent over a year with a mask on your face to prevent breathing in "germs" from other people and believing that a highly contagious virus had an infection time limit of fifteen minutes. So call me crazy and I will stoop to your level, but only for a second, just to call you stupid.

My windows are heavy. Most of my big windows do not even open. I reduce the amount of "fresh" air that travels through my house. I have come to several observations.

1. My avocados stay green for days when cut in half and sit exposed on my counter.

2. My wigs remain soft and smooth when they stay inside the confines of my own home. When I wear a wig of mine outside, it becomes stiff, like the texture of horsehair, in less than a 24 hour time frame. Destroyed by the environmental toxins? Or oxygen?

3. My plants grow better inside my home with limited oxygen. And I smoke cigarettes out the window? I don't know the chemical composition of all of that, but it is my observation.

So, with all of this, it begs to ask the question, is oxygen bad for us? They don't call it oxidative stress without a reason of for the root word in that phrase to be oxygen.

With all of that, I can see the purpose of growing the medicinal marijuana in a lab if the environment has proven toxic. The idea of changing its genetic make-up by removing seeds, eh, I just cannot see another reason outside of monetary gain and control of the market. B ut I am always willing to learn in a non-defensive classroom.

The capitalists do not get to blame their ignorance on a medical diagnosis of hypoxia, anoxia, or poor quality of air. Considering they are the direct cause of the toxic air that leaves us here- suffocated and stagnant.

The end.

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