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Marijuana Bacon Recipe

Wake up to Marijuana Bacon in this 'Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean' exclusive recipe.

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey! To go right alongside your Green Eggs and Taoist, why not include the most salivating food alive (bacon) with the most desirable ingredient of all (marijuana)? Bacon, aka God’s gift to meat-eating humans, is a luxury food and easy-to-make-staple at the same time. Often used in breakfast creations, this Wake ‘n Bakin recipe finds marijuana bacon as an appetizer.

There will always be those who say, “I don’t like pizza,” or “I hate the taste of that pasta,” but it is truly hard to come across someone who has tried bacon and doesn’t love it like their first-born (vegetarians aside). There’s something about that smell. Bacon entices you, much like cannabis does. It’s a feel-good, pain-forgetting, all inclusive high; and with the combined perfumes of bacon and cannabis, you’re sure to sigh.

Weed infused bacon may be a little more unconventional and lesser known on the edible scale, but I assure you that it is one of my favorite recipes to create. You can even use the excess bacon grease in other Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean recipes (see: Cannabis Quiche). As Mark Wahlberg exclaimed in his unforgettable The Other Guys scene, “I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly!” That’s exactly what we need to do with this recipe: stop labeling bacon as only a breakfast food, and let it spread its wings and fly. Fly all the way onto the plate with appetizers galore, and get Baked!

You can convert cannabis in almost any fat in order to feel its effects. This process, called decarboxylation, involves the carbon atom being knocked off of the THCA molecule (thus becoming THC). When not using fat, this process of decarboxylation can be achieved through time and heat using your handy dandy oven. For more on this process, head over to our complete how-to guide on decarboxylation.

When using fat, you do not need to decarboxylate your cannabis ahead of time––you can do it while following along with the recipe. Butter and oil are some great cannabis converters that can add a bit of flavor to your recipe. Some oils are better than others––like peanut oil and coconut oil––due to the intensity of heat. Olive oil doesn't sit well at higher temperatures like the other two oils do, prohibiting the cannabis from having a successful conversion. Remember, time and heat are our best friends here.

We recommend Red Congolese, an uplifting sativa, for this salivating Wake 'n Bacon, Marijuana Bacon, recipe. The sativa genetics dominate the physical effects of Red Congolese, resulting in a weightless euphoria that promotes focus and mental clarity. Its energizing properties make Red Congolese perfect for morning treatment of nausea, cachexia, tension, or Alzheimer’s. Paired perfectly with any bacon morning and appetizer recipe, the Red Congolese is the ideal choice.

For this recipe, I'd like to underline that the unsung heroes of cannabis conversion are meat and dairy. That's right––bacon and hamburgers are great high-fat meats that convert cannabis efficiently. Simple sprinkle your finely ground cannabis over the meat, place it in the oven, pan, or on the grill, and the fat converts the cannabis for you.

I can’t emphasize this enough: not all cannabis is created equal. The best cannabis for cooking is clean cannabis. Phant Extracts is the clean, natural choice to include with your food. Some growers put pesticides and herbicides in their crop, and some don’t even flush their crops properly. Please, know your source! Choose clean cannabis.

Let’s Get Bacon!

All you need to do to prepare for your mouthwatering, marijuana bacon is preheat your oven to 250 degrees. For this recipe, make sure you have:

  • Bacon
  • Accoutrements (fancy French word for the things you wrap bacon in: Cantaloupe or Asparagus work well)
  • Finely ground shake flour
  • Empty small salt shaker with little holes in it
  • Oven tray
  • Wooden sticks

The first step in cooking this delicious creation is to spray an oven tray with a minimal amount of cooking spray. Then place the bacon strips across the tray.

Next, you’re going to take the finely ground shake flour, put it into the empty salt shaker, and lightly dust each piece of bacon with your shake flour.

Once each piece of bacon has been dusted with the shake, you’re going to insert the tray into the oven, which should be preheated to 250 degrees, for about 10-15 minutes. Every oven is different, so make sure you keep an eye on the bacon.

After the one side has been in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, gently flip the bacon over onto the other side and lightly dust the other side with the shake flour. Then, put the bacon back into the oven for another 10-12 minutes.

Keep in Mind: You don’t want to cook the bacon too crispy. If you plan to wrap the bacon around accoutrements, it will crackle and break. That being said, the longer you cook the bacon, the more potent it becomes. It’s all about finding a happy medium.

After the other side has cooked, take the tray out of the oven, and remove each piece of bacon onto a plate covered with a paper towel.

IMPORTANT: The remaining bacon grease on the tray is cannabis infused. Salvage the grease, pour it into some type of container, and reuse it if you wish.

Finally, take your cooked bacon and wrap it around whatever you wish, or simply eat it plain. In this example, I use asparagus and cantaloupe. If you want to serve these at a party, take a little wooden stick and put it through the concoction to secure it. At last! You are left with some delectably salivating cannabis infused bacon, ready to wrap around anything your heart desires.

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Mary Jean Dunsdon
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