Mary Jean Dunsdon

Also known as Watermelon. A Vancouver personality, pin-up model, and cannabis expert. She is the star of Potent’s series Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean.

Best Pot Baked Potatoes Recipe
3 years ago
Potatoes are among one of the most popular categories of food: starch. According to the wise words of Samwise Gamgee, we can "boil ‘em, mash ‘em, and stick ‘em in a stew." As a starch, potatoes may no...
Cannabis Granola Recipe
3 years ago
Homemade treats add a pinch of unexpected sweetness into your life. With an enormous amount of chocolate, candy, and sugary goodies available at every convenience store, some may find it difficult to ...
Pot Jello Shots Recipe
3 years ago
When you neither want to smoke, vape, nor eat your pot, why not shoot it down in a jello shot? Jello shooters, or jello shots, are the number one pre-game drink for any party. Take a shot for extra co...
Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly Recipe
3 years ago
Peanut butter and jelly may be one of the easiest––and most satisfying––sandwiches to make. Famously found in everyone’s lunch box at least once in life, the PB&J sandwich is a sacred unity which bind...
How To Convert Cannabis in Alcohol
3 years ago
For those of you disinterested in smoking or even vaporizing your marijuana, have no fear––alcohol conversion is here! Converting cannabis in alcohol is an essential process in creating any marijuana ...
Green Marijuana Eggs Recipe
3 years ago
I will not eat green eggs with a fox, or on a box, or… wait, it has marijuana in it? I’d eat green eggs anywhere, with anyone, dear Sam-I-Am. Cannabis: it's what's for breakfast. Regardless of the typ...