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By Sapphire GreenPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Legalize, Not Criticize!

Well, I bet you're wondering who the hell is Weed Momma? Why did she start a blog? What is her story? Well, I am gonna tell you...

I chose to start this blog as a way to keep mind busy when I'm not going crazy with my son hollering LOL and because I love to write and I'd like to share my life. I'm a stay at home wife and mom in the great state of Tennessee. Why did I name my blog "Weed Momma"? Well, I'm a mom (duh!) and I smoke weed. That's the reason my real name is not here nor will I share pics of my family or self. See here in this beautiful state, weed has not been legalized medically or recreationally. I smoke cause it calms my nerves, and it helps with my depression and anxiety. And I do like the escape from reality that it gives me.

So what is blog going to be about? Well, it will be about what I do and how things in my life go and the effects that weed has on me. Also as I go to places, say like Walmart, it will be how I rate the stores—cleanliness, friendliness, layout, etc. Basically my thoughts on the stores.

So I guess you probably would like to know a bit more about me. LOL! Let's see... I was born in 1987, I think you can do the math. I grew up in beautiful Alabama. When my mom remarried he moved us to GA and was abusive to the both of us. She stayed with him till she died in 2010, no matter how much I tried to get her to leave she wouldn't. We didn't speak much because of him and when she married him our mother/daughter relationship started dying because he never wanted me around. Before him, she was married to my step dad of whom I claimed as a dad. After he died in 2000 I got really sad and started hanging with friends who I knew smoked (weed and ciggs) and drank. So I was about 15 when I started smoking. At 19 I was married for the first time things were OK but we weren't really a good fit. I left him 2013. That's when I moved here to the beautiful state of Tennessee. In Sept of 2014, I met the most wonderful man and married him that Dec. We have been together almost 3 years and have a one-year-old son together. My life is by no means perfect! My hubby and I have our arguments, disagreements, and all around issues but we do love each other and our son. We cope with our day to day lives to the best of our abilities and that's all anyone can do.

Well, what effects does weed have on me? Why do I smoke? I smoke weed for anxiety, depression, and pain. When I smoke for depression I don't feel so sad, like crying my eye balls out, like dying that everyone including my son would be better off without me. Weed calms me down helps me focus and concentrate, I can sit down and get my thoughts out. I understand music, art, written things all better. When I smoke for pain, I'm actually able to move around better, do things with my son, clean my house.

I may not have the money to throw into the pot (no pun intended) to help with research but I do what I can how I can. I believe that by just being a voice out of many helps the movement move forward. Marijuana already helps so many people why not legalize it in all 50 states so that may help others both medically and mentally. I'm just one small voice in a sea of thousands to help push this movement into the present and future.

So to that end I hope that I will gain some readers and y'all will follow me and invite friends and people who you think would like to read my mess of life, love, and weed.

Smoke it up and have a groovy day!

Weed Momma


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Sapphire Green

I'm a stay home wife and mom. My first post pretty much explains who I am. Happy reading to you all. And thanks!

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