Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

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Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

There are two main classifications that make up most of all cannabis strains; Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis Indica is believed to have originated in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Morocco. Indica strains are generally a darker green in color with short, fat leaves.

Indica strains of cannabis are known to help relieve pain and relax muscles. Typically when enjoying a nice Indica strain such as Bubba Kush, you get a full body heavy tranquilizing effect. You generally relax from head to toe, providing relief from stress while experiencing a euphoric high.

A personal favorite Indica strain is something called 9lb Hammer. This strain earned its name well by making your entire body completely relaxed. This is an excellent strain for pain management and insomnia. Not for the faint of heart, some people are not entirely fanatic of the heaviness this strain has to offer.

Indica strains commonly provide the same type of relaxations, though it can vary from strain to strain. This is because Indica landraces have higher CBD levels. Most strains are highly beneficial for pain management and insomnia, or if you just really want to mellow out and vibe for a few hours. You can expect to feel effects more heavily concentrated in your muscles, usually your legs when enjoying Indica strains. This feeling is usually what is referred to as being “stoned.” One of my favorite sayings about Indica strains is that Indica puts you in da couch, which is very true based on my experience.

Cannabis Sativa plants generally have thinner leaves and longer flowering cycles often lasting several months. They also can grow up to 25 feet tall, though most stay under 12 feet. Sativa is a widespread variety of strains and found in areas that have warmer climates.

Sativa strains have more of a head high than a body high. If you have a task that needs to be accomplished such as shopping, or focusing on an art project, then you are going to want a nice Sativa to balance yourself out as opposed to an Indica strain that is going to make you become one with your couch.

A popular Sativa strain named Sour Diesel, or Sour D, provides a fast acting, energizing cerebral effect. This strain is good for aiding with pain, depression, and stress and is a top choice among medical patients. It helps to stimulate the brain into more creative thinking and original thought. Individuals have made remarks of feeling euphoric, energetic, and uplifted. Sour D is also good for giving you a better appetite, or the munchies.

My personal favorite Sativa is a well know strain called Green Crack. Though the name can be misleading, this is a pure cannabis strain. Very few strains can compare to the energy and focus it provides. Green Crack provides an invigorating mental buzz and the creative flow it can help create is amazing. I have accomplished many great art projects with this strain on deck. It is great for the daytime and fighting fatigue. Green Crack is also great for relieving pain, stress, and relieving tough migraines.

Hybrid strains contain a genetic mix of Sativa and Indica plants. Depending on their lineage they can take on characteristics from both families. Hybrids are man-made strains that are made in an attempt at customising the plants with specific kinds of characteristics.

A popular Sativa-dominant hybrid known as Blue Dream has achieved a legendary status. It is a cross of a blueberry Indica with Sativa Haze. This strain balances full-body relaxation with a gentle brain buzz. The effects kind-of gently eases you into a calm euphoria. This strain is great for providing a creative and uplifted buzz while keeping you in a nice, relaxed state.

My personal favorite hybrid is a strain known as Trainwreck. This strain lives up to its name by providing potent Sativa effects that hit you like a train. This hybrid was bred with Mexican and Thai Sativas along with Afghani Indicas to produce this strain. It provides a speedy surge of euphoria and allows creativity to flow smoothly. This strains high THC content is excellent for migraines and even soothing symptoms of arthritis. Patients with anxiety and PTSD use this strain for relief of symptoms.

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