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How To Smoke Weed in Style

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 4 years ago in culture
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Want to kick it like Snoop Dogg? Here's a veteran user's guide on how to smoke weed in style.

One of the things that divides the weed noobs from the weed veterans is how you enjoy your cannabis. Newbies have that oddly teenage sense of pride in being able to say, "OMG, I'm so stoned!" and it translates into how they experience weed.

It's so clear when you see how newbies act while they're smoking. They are okay with chowing down on bags of Doritos and watching Beavis and Butt-Head, because that's just "what you're supposed to do." They might even dress up in weed gear or put on some stoner metal because it's just apropos.

Truthfully, though? That kind of behavior's pretty whack. Stereotypical stoner behavior isn't really that fun and can lead you to get arrested if you're not careful.

Veterans, on the other hand, tend to want to smoke weed in style. It's not about showing how cool you are; it's about enhancing the experience that's already there. When done right, weed can be an extremely enjoyable and, yes, cosmopolitan experience.

It all boils down to making sure that your smoke sessions have a touch of class to them. Here's how to smoke like a real class act.

Part of being able to smoke weed in style is having the proper gear for this. Go for a high-quality pipe, bong, chillum, or batch of rolling papers. The better your smoking equipment, the more enjoyable your experience will be.

Flavor is what you should want to pursue here, not a high. Due to the fact that vaping tends to give you a better access to flavor than smoking, you may also want to consider getting a vaporizer like the G Pen Pro rather than a standard pipe.

Don't be afraid to add a touch of personal style to your goods. Though aesthetics really aren't the point here, it's okay to find a statement piece that you feel reflects your own aesthetic interests as well.

A lot of people now believe that the phrase "smoke weed in style" translates into, "get a glamorous photo of your life while smoking weed." We all know that major Instagram models tend to have a thing for pipes made out of crystal.

If you want to have that kind of "alt-but-cool" vibe for your smoke session, there's nothing wrong with getting a pipe made of carved crystal. We'll admit, it's not a bad option and can be a good conversation piece. (See what we did there?)

Oh, and get good bud.

The idea of smoking weed in style should be one where you enjoy all the elements of the herb. You want to enjoy the flavor, the smell, the THC content, and the actual look of the bud.

It doesn't have to be one of the strongest weed strains out there, but it should be better than the $10 herb that your friend gets from that one high school drop out who smells like death warmed over. (You know the guy we're talking about.)

Personally, I'd suggest getting something like Strawberry Fields or Girl Scout Cookie. However, any really good bud will do.

I'll say it before, and I'll say it again: you can't smoke weed in style if you're sitting in the middle of a trap house. The setting where you smoke will make as much of a difference in your experience as what you're smoking.

If you're smoking outdoors, find a nice private place like a garden where people won't disturb you. A nice field or lake also can work nicely. Boat owners might want to take a trip out into the water.

If you are smoking indoors, you will need to make an effort to create a nice setting. Adding one or two artsy touches to your cannabis accessories, such as a luxury ashtray like the one above, can make a huge difference.

Remember how I said you can't smoke weed in style while in a trap house? The reason for that is the cleanliness factor—not to mention the noise issue. While smoking weed in that environment can be fun, it's often a lot more fun when you add a personal touch.

A bad weed smoking environment is cluttered, unclean, and sloppy-looking. It distracts you from the experience and can also make you feel a little bit down. So, go ahead and clean up your surroundings. You'll thank yourself for it.

People who want to neutralize or conceal the odor of pot smoke would also be wise to invest in an upscale scented candle or some incense that adds a nice touch to your overall ambiance.

It's a good idea to go for a fragrance that doesn't smell "stereotypical stoner." So, rather than some nag champa, why not give the oceanic smells of Tocca's Montauk a try?

If you're the type of person who gets munchies, you might as well prepare for that ahead of time. While I will say that it's possible to smoke weed in style while eating some Taco Bell, it's not always a good idea. I mean, fast food isn't too healthy for you, even if it is from a great fast food chain.

It's better to order delivery, or better yet, to cook some healthy comfort food ahead of time. A good cookbook to check out would be Secrets of a Skinny Chef, which features a bunch of low-calorie, good for you recipes that still keep the flavor on.

If you're a "drink and smoke" type of person, then grab your booze of choice.

Everyone knows that smoking weed alone isn't always that fun. If you want to smoke like a real pro, get at least one or two side activities you want to do aside from conversation.

You can try one of the better weed-themed games, dust off your video game console, or just find some really trippy music videos to watch. Anything works as long as it's relaxing and fun.

Nothing quite is as enjoyable as showing friends how to smoke weed in style. So, invite them over for a toke. Your friends are going to love you for it and it will be a wonderful time.

A good way to really make sure that you guys have the full experience of smoking weed like a guru is to talk about the weed. What do you notice about the strain? What's the high like? Talk about it, and you'll be able to take it all in better.

Oh, and you also should use a cool lighter to get blazing. It just adds a nice touch, don't you think?

Yes, this article is about smoking weed in a classy, enjoyable way. But, hear me out. Cleanup is just as important to the smoking experience as the actual party. The more that you make the experience a ritual, the better off you'll be.

Aside from cleaning up all the dirty dishes and glasses, you should light up a candle to let the smell dissipate. Another thing that people often forget to do is to clean the pipe completely once you're done smoking from it. Not doing this will ruin the flavor of the next tokes you take.

Formula 420 is good for that stuff.

To finish off your smoke session the right way, put away the equipment that allowed you to have that much joy. You already probably have a smell proof case for your smoking equipment, but what about the leftover herb that you still have?

If you don't, you should consider splurging on a luxury cannador. A proper cannador will keep your herbs in a nicer humidity and just make things more presentable.

You've got to treat your weed right, you know. Without good herb, you could buy all the accessories but the kitchen sink and still end up with a bad smoking experience. So, how else are you going to smoke weed in style?


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