How to Make Smoking Exciting Again

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How to Make Smoking Exciting Again

The first few times you get high are magical. The famous tunnel sensations, the giggles, and your awe at all of the new sensations. Chances are if you’re an everyday stoner, your highs aren’t like that every time now. Maybe your tolerance has gone up and the amount you’re smoking hasn’t, or maybe you’ve just gotten used to the sensation of being high. Either way, here are four ways to bring yourself back to those first times getting high.

1. Take a tolerance break.

As awful as T breaks can be, sometimes they are necessary. And after, smoking can feel brand new again. So if you've noticed you're feeling less than you used to, and don't want to increase the amount you smoke, a T break is the answer. Even if you can’t commit to a long break, just breaking up your normal smoking schedule can help. For example, if you smoke every morning before work, and right after work every day, try cutting your morning session to look forward to your night sesh more. A little waiting can go a long way in keeping your smokes fresh and interesting.

2. Go to exciting places.

This could mean going to a concert and just totally letting yourself go, closing your eyes, and letting the visuals take you away. Or going to a museum and looking at art with a group of smoke buddies (just make sure you aren’t too rambunctious in the place). Or if you don't love being in public while high, a nature walk can really get creative energy flowing. Giving your brain things to think about beyond ANTM reruns will make your highs more spiritual and impactful, not to mention more fun.

3. Make art.

This tip falls in the same vein as the one above. Art just comes more naturally to people when they’re stoned. Art could mean singing, writing music, drawing, painting, and all other sorts of stuff. Stoners are known for resourcefulness, so if you think you don’t have anything to make art with just hunt around!

4. Try new strains.

Generally, if you smoke a lot of one type of weed you will build up a bit of resistance to it, and not feel the effects as strongly after a while. This can be fixed if you rotate the strains you smoke. Or if you have a strong preference, just add in a new strain once in a while. For example, if you usually smoke sativas, try smoking a heavy indica just to mix it up.

5. Put in the work to make your sesh special.

This could mean buying a new bong or pipe that you're excited to use. Or it could mean setting up a special place in your home to smoke, where you feel at peace. Even just lighting candles or burning incense a few minutes before you start smoking can help make smoking more special that day.

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