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How to Make a Homemade Gravity Bong for the Ultimate Super High

Also known as Bottle Bong or Bucket Bong

By Green Faerie Published 3 years ago 5 min read
A short example of filling up a homemade gravity bong with smoke.

There is no need to spend a ton of money on a bong just to get super high. It is very easy and cheap to make a homemade bong if you happen to have some weed and nothing to smoke it from.

But even if you have a regular bong, a gravity bong can be an awesome experience for a pothead if you want to get super freaking high, super freaking fast.

At the end of this article I give you the step by step with some pictures so you can easily create your own. Feel free to skip ahead or read through for extra tips and my pothead anecdotes.


It's pretty simple to grasp once you use it.

The basic construct of the gravity bong is a large vessel of water with a plastic bottle in it and some sort of bowl for the weed.

The bottom of the bottle is cut off and fully submerged in the water except for the top opening.

The bowl is placed over the top and lit while you slowly pull up on the bottle, which creates a suction that fills the empty part of the bottle with smoke.

Then when put your mouth over the bottle top and push the bottle back down, it forces copious amounts of smoke into your lungs. Woo hoo!

The hacking and coughing that ensues is horrific, but it's something we potheads live with for the sake of the super high.


Obviously gravity bongs are for use by adults and dummies who can legally smoke pot and are mature enough to make not-the-best life decisions for themselves.

I used them a bit in college, but I use them more now for when I'm super depressed and need to pass out. It's an amazing alternative to psychotropics and their side effects.

There are no health benefits that I know of to clouding your lungs with copious amounts of pot smoke, and I doubt it's healthy. But also, they haven't yet done enough studies to prove it's harmful so we might as well take advantage in the meantime, right?

The side effects I've personally experienced using a gravity bong include immediate sore throat and coughing, so I don't do it often. But I haven't experienced any lasting negative effects, just a beautiful high and some relaxation.

I would personally recommend not using a gravity bong EVERY single day, but the truth is you're looking up gravity bongs so you're probably going to do whatever the freak you want.

Have fun while you're at it.


A regular bong gives out about 1/10th the smoke I can get from my 2-liter gravity bong.

Also, the force of the water pushes the smoke out of the bottle and into your lungs much harder and faster, making it impossible not to fully inhale a large amount.

I can get a nice high sitting with my bong and having a few bowls, or I can get insanely high with one or two pulls from the gravity bong.


A large vessel to contain water: a bucket, bowl, container, bathtub or sink with a stopper, or anything that holds a lot of water and is large enough to submerge 90% of whatever bottle you're using.

A plastic bottle: juice bottle, 2-liter soda bottle, small water bottle, milk container, or basically any plastic bottle from which the bottom can be easily cut with a knife or pair of scissors. The larger, the better, but it has to fit into whatever water vessel you're using.

A plastic lid: I personally use my bong bowl by inserting it into my lid, but if you don't have a bowl, you can flip the lid over, cover it with foil, stick a hole in it, and use it as the weed bowl. See my pictures below or the video above.

Water, weed, and a lighter or matches: obviously.


1. Cut off the bottom of your plastic bottle.

2. Cut a hole in the center of the lid of the bottle.

3. If you have a glass bong bowl, insert it into the hole in the lid.

3a. OR wrap the lid in foil and poke a hole in that to use the lid upside-down as your bowl.

Bottle cut off, cap used to hold bong bowl or create a bowl out of the cap.

4. Fill a larger container with water.

5. Submerge the bottle into the container of water so that the top opening is the only part sticking out. Hopefully it presses against the bottom for some leverage, otherwise you have to hold it above water high enough for the bowl not to get wet.

There should be a little space between the water and the top before you light up.

6. Fill the foil-lined, hole-punched lid with weed and place it upside-down over the opening at the top of the bottle. OR insert your regular bong bowl into the lid to hold your weed and loosely place it over the top of the bottle.

My regular glass bong bowl in the lid.
Making a bowl out of the lid by punching a hole in it and wrapping with foil.

7. Light the weed and slowly, gently pull up at the same time - don't pull the bottle all the way out of the water as this will release all the smoke. The water on bottom, the bottle, and the lid on top are holding in the smoke.

As you light and lift, you will see the bottle fill with smoke.

8. Once you have lifted the bottle mostly out of the water and you can see it's full of smoke, quickly replace the lid with your mouth and then slowly push the bottle down back into the water as you inhale - don't go too fast unless you're trying to swallow a lot of smoke and make yourself throw up.

If you're using anything larger than a 16 ounce bottle, there will be far too much smoke for one set of lungs to handle in one go. Just a warning.

Put your lips over the top and push the bottle back down while you inhale.
Try not to choke on it. The longer you hold it the better the rush and subsequent high.

Have fun potheads!

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