How To Be the Perfect Sesh Partner

Smoking is always better with the perfect sesh partner. All you need to do is weed out the ones who suck!

Smoking marijuana has always been a team sport. And although it can be nice to wake n’ bake in solitude every once in awhile, smoking weed is always better with another person. That being said, sometimes you’ll end up in a sesh with someone (or a group of someones) that make you wish you were alone! Don’t be that person. Follow these tips on How To Be the Perfect Sesh Partner and become the perfect spark-up candidate for any situation.

Sharing is Caring

One of the most important traits when looking for the perfect sesh partner is the ability to bring something to the table. Whether it’s a couple of bucks you found in your pocket, the last remnants of weed left in your stash or those nachos you picked up before heading over to smoke, always contribute something to the sesh! Nobody likes a free-loader!

The Joint Roller

Whether you have the ability to roll blunts/joints or not, it’s always nice to have someone you can tag-in to assist in the process. And it’s gotta be someone that knows how to roll just as well or even better than you! You wouldn’t recommend a bad restaurant to a good friend, right? Just like you wouldn’t hand over some dank weed to inexperienced fingers.

Birds of a Feather Sesh Together 

Although they say opposites attracts that’s not always true when it comes to finding the perfect sesh partner. A perfect sesh partner (PSP) should have similar tastes as you when choosing music, movies, and munchies you want to include in the sesh. Nothing is worse than having someone in the rotation who wants to watch Sharknado for the hundredth time.

Can I Kick It?

Finding a stoner sidekick with high-deas that are just as good as yours is probably the most satisfying thing for a stoner. It’s important to be able to contemplate the universe and all of its vast mysteries while getting stoned, however, it is equally important to know when to be silent and just enjoy the ride.

Stoner Superhero

Normally the words ‘Super’ and ‘Hero’ are not used to describe a stoner. Yet ironically, there are so many situations in which a stoner must be quick on his feet. For example: They must know exactly how to deal with your parents when they show up after an enormous sesh, they must be able to craft a smoking utensil solely out the things that are lying around in your car, and most importantly they must know exactly what they want when ordering food at a restaurant.

Take a Load Off

More often than not a stoner can be found traveling with an arsenal of gadgets. As you start making your way up the ranks of stonerhood, eventually you’ll never leave your house without the basic LBG (a.k.a. Lighter, Grinder, Bud). But let’s face it, the basics are never enough! We all have that one friend who shows up to the sesh with his 5-foot bong and a toolbox full of paraphernalia. Heck, we would too if we could! A perfect sesh partner will always be there to help you carry the load.

Always DTS

As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to seshing, two heads are better than one! Therefore, it is very important that you and your sesh partner are on the same page. The perfect sesh partner will always be DTS or Down To Sesh. Whether you’ve been hanging out since last night, they should always be down for that last bong rip before it’s time to call it a day.

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