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Does CBD Go Well with Coffee?

by Jonathan G about a year ago in fact or fiction

A new health fad coming to a coffee shop near you.

Coffee consumption is increasing within all age groups, and it’s the primary source of caffeine for the average person. People take it to boost mood, improve focus, aid with socializing, or simply recover from a rough night. Some people are not fans of it due to the jitters, increased anxiety and the effect it has on the adrenal glands.

Ar the other end of the spectrum, CBD is also being used for similar reasons, so it’s no surprise to see CBD Coffee becoming trendy. Although, the idea of mixing the two substances is still somewhat controversial.

Does CBD and Caffeine Mix Well?

The primary concern of drinking CBD coffee would be a bad interaction, especially considering CBD is derived from cannabis. Since people use CBD oil to reduce anxiety & stress, it may be assumed that coffee will knock you out of your chill sessions.

There have been some accounts of bloggers on how the combination makes them perkier without the jitters, and with overall improved mood. Others have reported not of a reaction over their regular cups of coffee. With the absence of focused scientific studies on this specific drink combination, we have to take everything with a grain of salt.

Setting aside anecdotal claims, both caffeine and CBD seem to interact with adenosine receptors in the human brain, albeit in different ways. Caffeine directly blocks adenosine, which is responsible for perking us up in the morning after not-so-great sleep. Cannabidiol delays your neurons from uptaking adenosine, which can prolong the alertness you get from coffee.

Of course, if being a bit extra perky may not sway you on the extra investment of CBD oil in your latte, you may want to do so for health reasons. Considering that one study suggested that compulsive coffee consumption can deplete one’s endocannabinoid system, combining the two substances may be a lifesaver for hardcore coffee addicts. This can prevent the likes of chronic stress, pain, and inflammation.

Still, there need to be direct studies of how the combination of caffeine (or other substances in coffee) and CBD react with each other. Until then, it’s down to self-experimentation to see if it’s something you’re into.

Boosting Antioxidants

While coffee contains quite a few useful antioxidants on its own (like theobromine), it isn’t quite the same as the essential we get from plant foods. If you’re consuming just coffee as a means of preventing disease, you’re doing it wrong.

Fortunately, CBD is also a powerhouse of antioxidants, including some forms that coffee is missing. This is one of the main reasons why it’s so strong against inflammation.

While you can’t take out vegetables or fruits out of the diet with your new CBD coffee concoction, it can be useful for longevity & quality of life purposes. Perhaps consider having a cup of it with a side of fruit salad for an extra-strong punch towards free radicals to start your day.

What about the taste?

For the real foodie, the taste can be just as (or more) important than science jargon. The reality is that most types of CBD oil are quite subtle and earthy, but it can change the taste to a certain degree. This is especially true if you drink unsweetened black coffee.

If you are a fan of coconut oil or saturated fats in your coffee anyway, there are types of CBD oil products to accommodate you. I know when I’m on the keto diet, I use fat over sugar/nut milk, so it isn’t much of an adjustment.

There are some products with novelty flavors and some that are made just for flavoring coffee. The taste probably isn’t augmented significantly if you’re already putting lots of additives in your daily brew.

fact or fiction
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