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CBD/THC recovery after running a marathon

by Tia Moskalenko about a year ago in health

CBD/THC recovery for your body

CBD/THC Recovery After Running A Marathon

Sometimes we have it – and when we do, we want more. The so-called runner’s high might get new meanings as cannabis starts to become more and more popular among athletes. However, this topic should be treated with caution and, most often than not, what works for one person might not work for another one.

What Are The Features Of CBD/THC?

As the legal use of cannabis grows, people become more and more curious about weed, its effects, and usages. The cannabis plant includes two compounds: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD comes from cannabis and hemp which are extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD has become increasingly popular and is now legally sold as supplements, oils, extracts, and more, in many countries around the world. Hemp usually has less than 0.3% THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, unlike CBD, is a psychoactive compound extracted from the cannabis plant which gives the high feeling after it is smoked, but it can also be consumed in other forms, such as tinctures, oils, foods, and others. Both CBD and THC impact the body’s endocannabinoid system, but they interact with it in different ways.

CBD does not produce the high associated with the consumption of THC and, when combined, CBD might even alleviate some of the impacts of THC, such as the sedative or euphoric effects. Weed’s main effects relate to pain relief and sedation, which are part of the high people feel when consume it. Some other effects include altered senses, altered sense of time, impaired body movements, mood changes, impaired memory, and changes to thinking processes.

THC and CBD share most of their medical benefits. They provide relief from inflammation, pain, depression, and anxiety. THC is also used to treat muscle spasm, insomnia, lack of appetite, and even glaucoma.

The benefits of cannabis go beyond this. Some studies show that cannabis can help to regulate insulin levels and prevent diabetes. This occurs as cannabis was proven to stabilize blood sugars, improve blood circulation, and lower blood pressure. Another medical benefit of cannabis is its ability to fight certain types of cancer. Lastly, studies showed that cannabidiol helps to mend damaged or even broken bones by quickening this process. On top of this, it was proven to toughen the bone, too, making it more difficult to break in the future.

Is CBD/THC Recommended Before a Marathon?

Smoking weed before running might not have the results one would expect. Researchers are now convinced that smoking weed before a marathon will decrease the endurance and the cardiac output. In other words, muscles and heart will not perform to the same standards if the runner smokes weed.

On another side, marijuana is experienced differently by people. Some argue that it helps them be less distracted by pain and more focused on the task at hand. University of Pennsylvania published a study in which they conclude that marijuana is a proven painkiller not because it can block the pain, but because it alters the mental state, which is crucial for a good performance.

While weed running is not exactly recommended, there are some benefits to it. Many casual runners reported that they could run for longer and harder, and they also had quite some fun while doing so. This could be explained as running while high boosts the runner’s attention to detail, increasing the intensity of the activity.

It is important to mention that this is not recommended to marathon runners because of the negative impacts on heart and muscles. Furthermore, weed consumption has numerous impacts on the body. Effects such as altered senses and sense of time, and impaired body movements can be detrimental to the performance of a marathon runner.

As for smoking marijuana before a marathon, some athletes choose to do so because of the many beneficial effects on their body. However, they do not smoke it prior to their performance, but rather the day before. They report that consuming marijuana the night before the run helps them relieve anxiety symptoms, feel better, have a brighter mood, and, overall, have better quality sleep. This helps them recharge their batteries and feel well-rested.

Is CBD/THC Recommended After a Marathon?

CBD/THC can be taken after a marathon because long distance runners often, if not always deal with inflammation. Over the counter pills, such as Ibuprofen, have harsher side effects on health and can even lead to liver damage.

Smoking weed after running is recommended from several perspectives, although there is limited research that indicates how marijuana affects your body as a runner. Some advocates, along with a few researchers, highlight that marijuana should be used as it helps people relax after the competition.

Many athletes choose to smoke weed after sports because it provides relief for inflammation and pain. One study from 2011 concluded that cannabis can help athletes in several ways, as it increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the tissues and reduce their muscle spasms.

More and more researchers discuss marijuana’s potential to reduce inflammation. CBD, the non-psychoactive component in weed, is already used by a large audience to treat inflammation. Building on this, cannabis is also great for alleviating pain of any nature and helps muscles recover faster.

One highlight of using cannabis after running is its significantly fewer side effects compared to pharmaceuticals. Painkillers can not only become addictive, but they can also be expensive, and impacting general health of the consumers. Smoking weed after a marathon avoids these disadvantages, and it also boosts enjoyment. Relaxing after a long marathon can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and put the consumer in a more relaxed mood.

All in all, cannabis should not be smoked prior to a marathon because it can negatively affect the performance. However, smoking a joint after the run will help anyone sleep better, relieve pain and soreness, and improve the muscle recovery time. The mood is also enhanced by alleviating stress and anxiety.

It is important to remember that cannabis is still illegal in some countries, so everyone needs to verify if their state or province allows marijuana consumption. However, in NL, for instance, and many other countries, weed is legal, so it is surely a great way for athletes and marathon runners to ease body recovery and boost their mood, by-passing addictive and harmful pharmaceuticals.


Tia Moskalenko

Cannabis enthusiast from AskGrowers

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Tia Moskalenko
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