CBD Oil: Is It Safe to Use During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

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CBD Oil for mothers

CBD Oil: Is It Safe to Use During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Description: It is often said that one must be careful during pregnancy. Perhaps this is why there is such a big question mark about the use of CBD oil during pregnancy. Although pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences in a woman’s life, it is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms are physical and mental, from nausea, migraine, anxiety, and even depression. This is when CBD Shelter might help.

Can future mothers use hemp?

Is CBD oil safe for pregnancy? Here we need to recall that when we say the word "hemp" - we always mean hemp without psychoactive effects -, especially CBD. Studies have shown that CBD, present in the hemp plant, can treat many diseases, including depression.

The hemp plant contains not more than 0.2% THC. As a result, it is not psychoactive. That is why hemp is legal in most countries and safe for older people, children, and even pets. From uncomfortable conditions and sensations during pregnancy, you can help CBD yourself. Although most still see this idea negatively.

Social stigma

Although this is better not talked about. Pregnancy is beautiful and exciting, but it is also a time when the expectant mother is very vulnerable. Most people who oppose using cbd oil and breastfeeding or during pregnancy find this to be very risky. On the other hand, those who used it during pregnancy claim that it helped them cope with pain, anxiety and depression. They also argue that they have always been confident that using CBD is associated with less risk than most prescription drugs at risk.

CBD oil is safe during pregnancy

Dr. Stuart Titus, Senior Research Fellow and President, Medical Marijuana, Inc. explains that CBD safety can only be determined by looking more closely at the endocannabinoid system and how it responds to external cannabinoids. Titus reports that most people, including pregnant women, have cannabinoid deficiency, a serious health deficit that can lead to chronic fatigue, early dementia, fibromyalgia. Based on this logic, it is clear that a diet rich in cannabinoids will benefit both the mother and the unborn baby.

The study shows that the psychoactive nature of THC has the ability to interfere with the endocannabinoid system and, therefore, can lead to brain defects in unborn children, interrupting the formation of the neural network.

However, CBD works in a completely different way than THC. Both CBD and THC work with CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are activated either by natural cannabinoids in the body or by external cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. THC activates these receptors by binding to them, while CBD acts by stimulating the natural cannabinoids contained in the body, causing them to activate receptors. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, since it does not bind to these receptors, unlike THC.

CBD oil benefits and side effects

A study conducted in 2010 showed that CBD has the ability to reduce contractions. The study also mentioned an earlier study, which showed that THC and naturally occurring cannabinoids, such as anandamide, had a similar effect on contractions.

CBD has essentially the same effect as oxytocin antagonists such as Atosiban, which is used to reduce/stop premature contractions in pregnant mothers.

Clinical studies have shown that CBD significantly reduces nausea and vomiting, common symptoms in pregnant women.

CBD is also known for its anxiolytic and analgesic properties that can help pregnant women deal with anxiety and pain during pregnancy. Cbd oil for anxiety and depression is great!

How to use CBD during pregnancy?

The best and safest way to use CBD is CBD oil, which drips under the tongue. Pregnant women with pain in the body and muscles can easily apply CBD gels, including.

Conclusion: There are several studies on the use of CBD during pregnancy. However, there are a few promising ones. It is widely known that smoking marijuana is extremely bad for pregnant women, but when it comes to CBD oil, which doesn’t contain the potentially dangerous substances, it can not only be safe but also useful. For example, one recent study has suggested that CBD may be useful in reducing/stopping premature contractions for pregnant mothers.

Author’s Bio: Richard Browny is a father of two from New Jersey, he pays much attention to studying the women’s health conditions and issues. After his wife having some pregnancy issues, he decided to stick to researches in that specific field.

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