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Cannabis & Hemp for Balance & Harmony

Individual uniqueness in humans, and our own individual pharmacological needs.

By Richard HuffmanPublished 7 years ago 13 min read
Here's a recent shot of my stash. We've got a bong, bowl, hash-pipe, blunts separated by Sativas and Indicas, Pura Earth's Space Rocks (like Kurupt's Moon Rocks), and Pura's 80 to 95% THC oil.

Hello again all! I'm back with a few high points about cannabis use and its overall actions on our bodies in more ways than any type of pharmaceutical can perform. They're a flop!

Let me explain first off, that I have told you in my past stories about me and cannabis, and the powers of my mind that's been steadily increasing, in direct contrast to the Anti-weed Nazis views on cannabis use as evil, and vile, and creates violent people with no value for human life, and we're nothing less than ignorant stoners! Well, if my health rests on the utilization of my endo-cannabinoid system by ingestion of pot, then I'm guilty! Lock me up! But it'd be cruel and unusual punishment for me to be jailed, and my pharmacy would be taken away! I'd fight against the courts for my medications...

So... my mind.. I'd felt like crap for 6 years prior to getting oxycontin and psych meds, and my doctor and wife saw me go through hell that way for around 16 months. And when we agreed to switch me over to morphine sulfate AND cannabis? It's just been the greatest boon to my overall health, memory, quality of life, and more! As some folks who lose a sense; like sight... the hearing, touch, taste, etc. are potentiated to try to overcome or get around the disability. And as my body has been degenerating and breaking down to the point where I can't work like when I enjoyed my jobs fervently in the past; as the body breaks down, the mind, (in my case, at least) has grown stronger, and more, ummmm, diverse? Multidimensional, or multifaceted? Sounds good. And I have to credit cannabis first and foremost; and just this year, since January, with the RSO, and hemp products. I'll overcome emphysema! Just like the Hepatitis! Just watch me!

*Remember that I'm the guinea pig!*

"Balance & Harmony"

As good a topic as any! Cannabis gives us the balance and harmony that we're all looking for. Peace of mind. Sense of everything working properly, like the immune system and homeostasis in the body. An aura of color; that many people claim to see. Bright hues, as opposed to dark, and dank. And it doesn't make us SEE different colors, it unblinds us to see the true beauty of the world, and have an appreciation of the colors that are there already. And it gives us that harmony, whereas the disease process in humans, unchecked/uncontrolled, just sets us off to walking around like the proverbial "drunken sailor." Out of true, unbalanced, tottering on the brink of the abyss of death, and a life that sometimes causes us to wish for death. But! Do not despair! Cannabis is there!

I've said before, that I almost never feel the "buzz," from either the weed or my opiates! Just a drop-off in my overall pain levels. Strong strains of cannabis do make me feel sleepy, but very rarely. My Seroquel (Quetiapine), is really the only pill that I do feel! And IT makes me sleepy. So that and the Amytriptaline for bed works. I'm presently taking two 25mg Amytriptaline, a 30mg morphine sulfate if needed, and my Quetiapine comes in 200mg pills that I cut a bunch in halves, and during the day, if I need sleep but can't keep my eyes closed, I'll take a half (100mg) with a 10mg Valium, and a 30mg immediate release morphine tab if needed. Bedtime has become a regular dose of one and a half Seroquel (300mg) So; I'm going out of order... let's start with waking up in the mornings.

I'm usually up with Debbie on weekdays at 5:30 to 6:00 am and I take a 60mg time release and a 30mg immediate release morphine tabs just for breakfast! Then Jalapeña, our hyper little dog of mixed breeding (vet estimated that she's a mix of Italian Greyhound, some type of Terrier, and possibly part Chihuahua: she's really close to looking like a mini Italian Greyhound), and we see Deb off to work with kisses all around, and Peña and I watch her from the deck, and we blow kisses as she's pulling out. Almost never miss seeing her off. Then I'm usually sharing posts, answering comments and notifications, and I have several friends who are regular Facebook "Pokers" that I answer. Then I'll share a poem from my list of over 700 poems written in around 18 months from my group called "Poetry For Everyone" on FB. Then I'll share a different cannabis strain to all of my groups, and then I'll usually shoot a video, and share it after uploading to YouTube. So, technically I'm taking 90mg of morphine sulfate as soon as I sit up. Then, I usually sleep while the video uploads, and nap-time is usually a half Seroquel, a 10mg Valium if needed, and a 30mg immediate release morphine. The 30s are four times a day, if I need one, but I'll sometimes get through the day with only three 30s, and I have a bunch saved up. I take the 60mg time release at wake-up and around 3 to 5 pm with another 30mg. So, I run out of the 60s on time, as I'm taking those regularly, but I have a lot of extra 30s in case the refills get screwed up. All the while, during my days alone at home, I'm smoking, vaping, or eating a pot candy drop; cherry and lemon flavored, 10mg THC each. My cannabis use is almost hourly. Vaping really helps when my throat gets raw, and I cough a bunch. But, I'm hacking up years of tobacco, and I have told y'all, I think, that I just do NOT enjoy my weed like back in the day! I cough a lot, and I smoke a few menthol cigs to ease it. So, I'm not that "Stoner" everyone calls us, and the rest of my pain-family are also. It's medicine, and it's the best of all my meds, hands down. I'm not one of those "wake-n-bakers" that everyone believes all pot users are. I have to wait for at least 2 hours before I start the first bowl/blunt/hash/vape. Annnnnnd, I'm drifting. I'm always guilty of that! Just watch my vids! I get lost sometimes due to my pain levels, but when I medicate live in my videos, you'll see the pain leave my eyes. I rock a lot too. Forward and back, that's an indication that I'm up around the 7/8 range pain-wise. Anyhoo, getting to bedtime, I take the 50mg Amytriptaline, a Seroquel and a half, and the 30mg morphine if I need it to get to sleep. Sometimes, when I don't use the last 30mg, I'll wake up in the middle of the night, so it's always been a toss-up, whether or not to take a 30mg immediate release for bed, and if I do wake up in the middle of the night, I'll take a 30mg morphine, and I let it dissolve under my tongue, and I get back to sleep in around a half hour, max. When I see my doc in two months, I'm going to ask him to up the Seroquel by an extra half pill daily. Shouldn't be a problem, he's very trusting in my medical background, and he knows that I wouldn't ask unless it's absolutely necessary. Used to be that I got by with one and a half Quetiapine daily, but I'm starting to run low on those; as I had saved up a lot of them over the years, but I'm getting low on my extras.

So, back to balance and harmony. I'm always striving; within my head, and it's really crowded in there, but I reach for Nirvana, (not the band) through my meditation. Since I have been laid out with all the degeneration of my discs, bone-on-bone grinding of my vertebrae in the neck is worst, but I have almost all of my thoracic vertebrae acting up too. And I'm not even going to talk about the lower back! There are not enough expletives to describe that shit!

So, I'm also a martial artist from waaa-aaay back. Elementary school was when I first got interested in the arts, (Bruce Lee movies are to thank for that) and I started myself out with books from the library. I studied 4 versions of Kung-fu, Karate, Savate, Judo, Ju-jitsu, and of course, Jeet-kun-do, Bruce Lee's personal technique; then, as soon as I hit Jr. High, my mom let me go to classes for Kendo, and assorted other sword fighting techniques, and I had one instructor that, when I finished my first tour in the Army, he gave me an introductory letter for a Ninjutsu school where I lived in the Togakure region of Japan for 18 months of intense Ninja training that was a real blast! Now, I've hung up my swords, and I get winded just working out with my T'ai Chi! I'm always walking around with either a cane, or one of three different staffs that range from 3 and a half, to 5 feet long; and I take them outside for a good bo-staff workout so I'm always prepared for anything. P.S., I always have a Springfield XD-40, .40cal tucked away in the back of my belt. Arizona is a right to carry concealed state without needing to go to their schools for a concealed carry permit. Used to need the permit until around 2014. And with all of my Army training with Soviet-bloc, and US weaponry, even with my morphine and other meds, I'm still a danger to the bad guys. I'm one of those who stays ready for action at all times, and both military, and martial arts schools have prepared me for that anything. I'll be that guy who's there when a bad guy starts some shit, and I'm the toilet paper to wipe 'em out. I'm always working on focus; through my pain, so I don't hesitate if I have to act. Just a second of non-awareness of my surroundings can result in disaster. So I stay focused and ready. All the time! And opiates and cannabis do not alter my focus. I'm in so much pain, that it actually keeps me in that state of constant awareness.

So, balance and harmony comes naturally to me; especially with the martial arts. I really am one of those folks you want on your side, trust me! I'm able to meditate myself into a trance-like state, after 40+ years of the arts, and Army type warfare that's readied me for just about anything that might occur. And I mainly meditate myself in true Buddhist style. I'm able to delve deep within myself, and I reach the plateaus of mindfulness where I shut nearly everything out, negatives like pain and such. Abstract: Rastafarians are legal pot users because it's a sacrament of their religion/philosophy, what have you. And I can attest to the fact that cannabis use helps me reach the plateaus of mindful meditation that helps me deal with my constant pains. Alas! It's not a cure-all. As much as I would like. I'm always going to be deteriorating, and the disintegration of my skeleton is held in check, just a bit, by cannabis and hemp oil. I've already kicked Hep-c out of my liver, and body, and I am working on the emphysema I've recently been diagnosed with. I've really and truly ridded myself of chronic bronchitis and asthma. After two months of starting opiates therapy with cannabis as an adjunct, I didn't even realize it at first. I used to keep my Albuterol inhaler on my bedside table, but I started having to sleep on the couch, in one position only, right side, semi-fetal position. So I didn't realize that I hadn't even looked in that drawer for a while; months, maybe? But weed cured me, and the next time I found the inhaler, it was a year out-of-date! I ain't lyin', brothers and sisters! Smoking weed DOES help the lungs in many different ways! Cured the bronchitis and asthma, and even though I've still got runners-lungs, I have noticed an improvement in my breathing; I do get out of breath easily, but that's mostly due to my lack of being able to run. I wish, so hard, but it's in the distant past, now. But, athletes are discovering these benefits to their workouts. Increases lung capacity overall, and that's a boon for weight lifting, and exercises that require good breathing techniques. Football players are looking for legalization for just that exact purpose! The benefits of cannabis and hemp legalization is a happy, healthy, and hungry population of people who just want to smoke, eat everything possible within reach, and still control your weight. Need to lose weight? Smoke Sativas. Or look for a strain that has the specific cannabinoids that helps the body lose a few pounds, even while munching out! Pot raises the metabolism, and that's why the majority of smokers stay skinny, no matter how much they stuff in their faces. But, balance and harmony, right? That's a valid point! Munchies, you'd think, would add pounds. Just the opposite is mostly true. There are specific cannabinoids that help us by boosting our metabolism, and actually helps the body to maintain a steady temperature, and weight control. Mostly, it helps drop body temperature when fevers are present, meaning that weed really does make you cool! But balances of differing cannabinoids can perform the specific actions you're striving for. And harmony just falls into place when balance is reached.

So, enjoy watching the videos below, as I have a total of 107 shootings done! And if I maintain one or two per week, I'll never run dry when it comes to sharing with everyone here. I'm always happy to answer any questions or ramble on about any topics you may have for me, and I would love feedback on my YouTube videos and these stories.

Well, don't know 'bout y'all, but these are ways that cannabis helps me to cope, and maintain some semblance of balance in life. It's really opened up my mind, more so than when I was younger. And keep in mind that today's weed is 17.5 times stronger than 70s weed! If anyone has any ideas on balance and harmony that I may have missed, please, give me a direction, or questions about weed that I can research for ya and add to a video, and these stories. And I've added a sub-title here about cannabis use as making a pharmacological addition to our health care, a combo of pharmacy and logic, as it's only logical to utilize medical cannabis for pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more! So, I'll be addressing the "pharmacological" effects in my next story. Enjoy this one, and I will start the next story discussing this motto, and others I've been inventing. Positive healing vibes from the universe and free the Cannabacaea family from the prison of ignorance!

Showing off my dispensaries packaging.


The marijuana theory of relativity is:

Weed=marijuana × cannabis squared! LOL


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Richard Huffman

II'm a 56 year old disabled and homebound veteran who has at least 7 different types of chronic pain syndromes and I am now a medical marijuana patient in Arizona who's an activist for the legalization movement for medical cannabis.

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