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This is My LEGAL Medical Marijuana House!

by Richard Huffman 4 years ago in culture / health

Legalize marijuana and hemp! Because it's the 'right thing to do'!

Partial view of our 4.3 Acres, secluded, and full of wildlife! 

Hello there again everyone! I am so glad that I've found a new outlet for my campaign to bring cannabis use into the light of the 21st Century! I've got 105 videos on YouTube right now! I said in another post that I'm not going to sit down & be quiet, while millions of people worldwide are suffering from severe, intense, chronic, acute, and intractable pain, and it's not all about pain. There's a long list of illnesses helped by pot. And it's about freedoms and rights, also. There's hundreds of disorders that requires cannabinoids to promote homeostasis in the human body. We eat vegetables every day. And cannabis is a safe group of hydrocarbons that are classed as a vegetable. I've mentioned that before. So, why all the hoopla surrounding cannabis use? We shouldn't have to beg our government to utilize a plant. That's like, say....

Picture this: I'm a politician, and I'm allergic to onions. (I really am) Now, since I don't like onions, and they make ME sick, so "I'm going to ban onions in America, and I'm the DEA, so live with it!" That's basically what Harry Anslinger did in 1937! It's a right to utilize the safest medicinal plants available! We use rosemary as seasoning, and it contains terpenes and other compounds also found in cannabis that interact with our bodies and immune systems, and is used homeopathically. But, know what? You can try to smoke anything for a buzz. Even rosemary. So, J. Sessions. Gotta ban rosemary!? The internet has teens on video pulling wild weeds in an attempt to get high! And I've watched videos of these idjits trying anything to get a buzz! They pass out, vomit, walk around like someone gave 'em a good spin on a carousel! So, cannabis is an herb and vegetable that's got the same actions on our bodies as food; food for the immune system! Cannabis is an herb that's got a 10 thousand year safety profile of zero deaths ever recorded in the history of marijuana and hemp use. And it's edible, without any psychoactivity. And that's what people just can't get past. The buzz. "That awful, teenager killing herb!" 'Screw that! Nobody dies.' "But it gets you high!" 'Holeee-shit, we can't have that now, can we?!' People have been lied to long enough! BigPharma kills hundreds of thousands of innocent people yearly who come to them for help in managing diseases. No deaths from pot! Vioxx alone killed 60 thousand people in a year, and nobody got arrested. Cannabis has never killed anyone, and thousands of innocent people are being arrested for the utilization of a vegetable that just so happens to be a potent medicine! Something is friggin' backwards here! Cannabis needs to be brought out of the dark. That "no-place" that DEA chief butt-head, J. Sessions wants to keep weed. Un-friggin-believable! The health of millions of Americans are being endangered by them forcing us to turn to poisonous pharmaceuticals. "But it gets you high!" So-friggin'-what! Deal with it!

Cannabis and cannabinoids either cure, help, aid, reverse, or maintain any illness. Is folks getting a buzz so bad that we are forced to watch our children suffer? When completely legal and safe, cannabidiol from hemp helps them in the maintenance of severe and painful seizure disorders, and more!? So, what ABOUT our children? I mentioned in another story that kids with Dravets syndrome, and other painful and dangerous seizure disorders can be effectively maintained by safe hemp oil. And hemp is the future we need to prepare for our progeny! Free marijuana and hemp from the prison of ignorance, before it's too late! I am the proud owner/Admin of eight different Facebook groups that are all for the legalization movement for medical cannabis use. Come on over to Facebook and send me a friend request! If you live in the Tucson/Marana area, and you're a legal medical cannabis patient in Arizona, c'mon over, and spark one with me! I'm a safe, and easy-going dude who's turned into a medical cannabis activist, who's also a chronic pain, and autoimmune disease patient. And living day to day, on average I'm home half the time alone, as Debbie's working, and shopping after work, and I only leave for SSDI check and dispensary trip-time. Dr's appointments we keep to 3 to 4 months between.

Cannabis Education For Everyone on Facebook, is where I'm asking folks to send me the weediots and Anti-weed Nazis who think they fart unicorn rainbows and sunshine (one of my favorite phrases; you'll notice the repetition), and need to hear the facts! Just the fact, in another story I'm working on simultaneously with this one, talking about hemp farming; all mentions of hemp have been scrubbed from the history books! Even The Textiles Museum, and the Smithsonian Institute don't have any mention of the word hemp! And our first and 3rd Presidents both grew hemp! As well as Ben Franklin, too! And Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Abe Lincoln wrote about hemp, A. Lincoln did a Hohner harmonica advertisement, and said there's "...nothing better for me than to sit in my favorite rocking chair on my front porch, smoke some 'sweet-hemp' (cannabis), and play my Hohner harmonica." (paraphrasing from memory, if ya wanna check my sources). Now, Ben Franklin; he farmed his own hemp for his own hemp-paper mill, and used his hemp paper on his printing press. It's time for a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical world; and hemp, and cannabis education needs to be brought out of the dark, dank bottomless pit of B.S. propaganda and lies, and scare tactics our DEA is hiding from us. TRYING to hide, I should say... because the Internet has everything you need to know about everything! Hell! One simple Google search, and you get millions to billions of hits on the subject at hand! That's why I'm never running out of ammunition in my war for cannabis and hemp legalization! And, the DEA wants to keep cannabis and hemp illegal. Why?

*Google search for US Patent# 6630507...

*US Patent #6,630,507 was granted to the US Department of Health and Human Services in 2003! I quote, "...covers the potential use of non-psychoactive cannabinoids—chemical compounds found within the plant species Cannabis Sativa—to protect the brain from damage or degeneration caused by certain diseases, such as cirrhosis." Doesn't that just piss you off? Because they synthesize the compounds in a lab, it's OK!?.... cannabis does the same thing as these single molecule pharmaceuticals they're patenting! And then some!! Weed coats our endo-cannabinoid receptors along our immune systems and in every corner of our bodies safely and efficiently curing, or fixing, maintaining, etc... y'all know what I'm sayin'! WPC, whole plant cannabis, is the best choice over pharmaceuticals. I'm a living, breathing, walking with a cane, talking chronic pain patient, and cannabis has improved the quality of my life.

Well, I gotta say that the shit runs deep here! Because they still class cannabis and hemp as schedule one narcotics, as having, "No medicinal value!" Get over yourselves, people! Hemp and her psychoactive sister, cannabis are simple little hydrocarbons that fit into us like a lock and key. Other schedule one narcotics are all highly alkaloid-based. These attack the opiate receptors in our heads, for the painkilling properties. That's why I'm against Kratom. It's alkaloid profile is similar to cocaine in small amounts, but the same leaf, same way of preparation, just a higher dose, and it attacks our opiate receptors! And if you are taking opiates, you're putting yourself at risk of a heart-attack, stroke, and/or, opioid overdose! And long-term use of it creates a different person. Some folks are fine, but a lot of people get these brown discolorations on the face; blotchy. And permanent. And there's been cases where the person gets aggressive, and argumentative just for the sake of arguing! I'm a'scaird a' that! Cannabis has a few alkaloids of it's own. But they're milder, and don't affect your brain like narcotics do.

But we're talking about cannabis, & hemp, & cannabinoids only on my groups. Other legitimate fruits, vegetables, and foodstuffs we eat for our health, (I'm on the anti-inflammatory diet) homeopathic usage of plants and flowers, roots, tubers, etc. That's fine, they don't alter your mind like Kratom. I was comparing the two, alkaloid profile to the hydrocarbons in cannabis. Opiates can be taken safely and efficiently with medical cannabis, without the addictiveness. That's safer than what I wrote above. All addictions can be cured by cannabis safer than what goes on now. Methadone for heroin addicts?....that's just synthesized heroin! Again, methadone has a high alkaloid profile! See the pattern? Now, cannabis breaks that pattern. Because, as compared to the rest of the schedule one narcotics, cannabis does not belong with opiod alkaloids! It's safe, simple little hydrocarbons that we need for cellular health and growth, and cannabinoids coat our immune systems for the purpose of healing, and maintaining homeostasis. Kratom gets you high, and destresses, and painkilling properties, yes. But! Cannabis cures cancers, does 'K'? No. Cannabis controls blood pressure and blood sugar, does 'K'? Again, no. 'K' actually screws with your blood sugar! Why? Read terpenoid saponins below. So, how about terpenes? Try this, I did... Google search "terpenes in Kratom," and you know the results I just now got from that simple search? ALKALOIDS! And in lieu of terpenes, it has 'triterpenoid saponins.' These are nothing like the terpene profiles of cannabis. Google search terpenoid saponins, it's a little chemistry and it's really a little scary! I feel safer on morphine sulfate. These saponins mess with the mind, and other vital organs. So, the hydrocarbon profile, and the terpenes that interact within our bodies, and cannabinoids, which do so safely, with nearly nothing bad in the way of negative side effects. In fact, I'm still waiting for Willie Nelson, at almost 80 years old, and almost 70 of those years he's been smoking pot! These horrendous side effects just aren't true. If it's really that bad for us, tell me how Rick Simpson cured himself from an ever-growing tumor? Every excision, grew back the tumor later. Two operations later, it resurfaced a third time, and he experimented and discovered how to cure his cancer with his signature cannabis oil. Super-thick & gooey, like cold molasses. Placed it on his arm, and covered it after one application, and four days later, the tumor was nearly destroyed! Another application, and he's cancer-free to this day! Tommy Chong, of Cheech & Chong fame, 99.9% cancer-free (as of the last I know of, he could be 100% now)! A Mr. Dennis Hill, biochemist, made pretty much the same thing and cured his cancer. Now, check it out... these three cannabis heroes have NOT cashed in on this! Simpson wrote a book telling us how to make his oil. But, that was a story, with the recipe. He's given us ALL the recipe! Free! That makes them heroes in my book!

Cannabinoids help kill pain, they're anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, good for either getting a little outgoing and head to the bowling alley, or 'couch-lock,' where all you want is M&M's and cartoons!

I'm always open to criticism. But I do use a very broad view of the pharmaceutical industry as opposed to cannabis and hemp usage, and I try to use actual links, and direct quotes from articles telling us of the safety profile of cannabis and cannabinoids. I'll try to cut down on the rhetoric, but I really feel that there's many aspects of the cannabis industry that I feel needs saying. I just deleted the last half of this post. Hope the videos are OK, because those are all about how I've been improving my overall health care with hemp and cannabis as my main focus. And I am guilty of expounding on a vast scale, but I'm really trying to get the message across, and the way my brain works, from back in the day, up to now, I feel has a valid spotlight on it. Pot has given me that elusive quality of life that's been my target from the beginning.

So, enjoy watching the videos below, as I call myself a controlled guinea pig experiment to show the healing side of cannabis, cannabinoids, and hemp oil. And as that guinea pig, I medicate live in my videos; which I can, because I'm a legally scripted medical cannabis patient and I support the legalization movement! In future stories, I'll be comparing my thought processes in an effort to show that I've not felt one negative side effect from my medicating. And my brain's powers are really apropos to my stories, as it's basically about the effects on my mind. I attribute most of my newfound pain relief to cannabis and morphine working synergistically on my mind and body, with the latest months from earlier this year talking about how I've improved beyond the lies, and scare tactics by starting to use CBD hemp oil also. I tested Hep-C positive, and I couldn't get to the doctor's for the genotype of the hep for over two months time, and during that little scare, I started utilization of hemp oil and Rick Simpson oil! And the Hep-c was gone! The doc said the markers were there, but fading fast. At which point I told him what I did, and he's amazed. Every visit, I give him updates on how he's helped me to get better by tossing the dice with me and started me on cannabis treatment. I'm sure I mentioned that I've got a new diagnosis of emphysema in the lower lungs. First ever look there! Told Doc Rick that I'm actually going to smoke more weed and stay with the Rick Simpson oil and hemp CBD with Chaga mushroom powder blend.

It's time for that shift in people's views of the Cannabacaea family. Time to educate! That's the purpose I've found in my life! Teaching the weed-ignorant of the healing powers of these plants that we've been lied to about, and the continued prohibition of which has been the biggest lie and propagandic scare of the 20th Century.

As above, I'll try to maintain the standards here, but I really do owe my brain's new outlets, and I.Q. increase that can only be linked to weed, and hemp. They assist the opiates and give me ideas for videos and stories. And I feel smarter. I'm even taking free college courses through EdX, and Coursera dot com to learn more about the world, as well as addressing cannabis use and legalization for medical necessity, if for nothing else! My poetry alone! I'll try to find my poems about cannabis to share here, if allowed, as my writings over 18 months and over 700 poems written in that time, all about pain, the greatest motivator, and weed poems too. I've got 3 or 4 written about pot. And my feeling of increases in my brain's special ways already amaze me, and that's an extremely good thing for a person whose body is trying to lay down and die; as my frame feels warped, damaged, and in constant pains that are acute, chronic, and seemingly unending. And cannabis use has done these things to me, that I feel the need to share with everyone. It's a real, live, life-changing herb! And I do get fervently happy when my pain levels drop due to cannabis and hemp working in conjunction with the opiates therapy.

Thanks bunches for your time and feedback. Free the Cannabacaea family from the prison of ignorance!

Richard Huffman
Richard Huffman
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Richard Huffman

II'm a 56 year old disabled and homebound veteran who has at least 7 different types of chronic pain syndromes and I am now a medical marijuana patient in Arizona who's an activist for the legalization movement for medical cannabis.

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