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Cannabis and Crohn's Disease

by Shaylyn Perry 3 years ago in health

My Story

Well hello there! I'm taking a guess that either yourself or someone close to you suffers from some sort of inflammatory bowel problem and are looking for answers. For so many years cannabis has been put down and explained to all generations as a drug; a dangerous addictive drug that is a gateway to the hard stuff. Unfortunately it took people some time to understand that this can be used for good but thankfully that time is now and there is new and promising research that comes out everyday showing the benefits of this plant.

I have suffered from chronological gastro intestinal issues since I was a young teenager. The symptoms included but were not limited to: vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, unnatural swelling, and extreme fatigue. Unfortunately was not diagnosed with Crohn's disease until I was nearly an adult at the age of seventeen. If anyone reading this has been through the diagnosis process of a GI disease then you know how painful and difficult diagnosis procedures can be. For those of you that do not, let's just say there are a lot of needles, cameras, long drawn out procedures, and pooping in a bag involved. Once I was diagnosed, then came finding a medication to maintain and control it. This is also a very difficult process as it can take months or even years to get right. You'll go from pills to injections, then back to another pill all for the symptoms to stay the same. It makes you feel like an over sized Guinea pig. Not to mention this is all very costly.

For years it felt like I would have to continually go through the medication fixing process over and over again. Constantly under observation, feeling hopeless. Then, finally a friend suggested that I try cannabis. At the time I was taking injections once a week and would still have flare ups about three times a month, which would last two to three days. Although I was very skeptical at the time, I decided to try it because I was desperate.

Within a week, BOOM, the overall feeling of my stomach was better. After almost two weeks I had not had a flare up at all. I finally got my first flare up while taking cannabis after about four weeks (these are sometimes unavoidable.) This flare up was different. It was a lot more mild. My stomach cramps did not cause me to double over this time, although I had as many trips to the bathroom as I normally would these were less violent, and the flare up lasted half of the time. Also, another huge plus is that if you are ever struggling with keeping a healthy body weight, you surely may gain a few. I decided to continue to use it.

It has now been over a year and I am no longer on a weekly injection or any other medication aside from a strong antacid, I might have a flare up once a month but they've been as mild as they could ever be and I can now eat a much larger range of foods that I couldn't before. My physician has seen a tremendous decrease in the amount of swelling that I have and my general quality of life has completely done a one-eighty.

To anyone wondering if using cannabis for medicinal purposes is a good idea, I hope that this answers your question. Cannabis alone has given me the opportunity to be able to live a normal, less stressful life! If I could have done it sooner then I would have. Thanks for the read!


Shaylyn Perry

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Shaylyn Perry
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