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Can You Treat COVID19 With Cannabis?

by Lisa burney about a month ago in fact or fiction

Explaining the possibility and CBD effectiveness

Can You Treat COVID19 With Cannabis?

Started from just a few cities in China, it quickly became one of the most deadly pandemics in history. Currently, the number of lives claimed by COVID 19 is 1.46 million globally.

The year 2020 began chaotically due to the highly contagious manner of the COVID virus. It took a while for the world organizations to draft precautions and ring the global red alert bell.

At the end of 2020, COVID19 is still in the air while almost all countries are trying to invent a vaccine. Even with a 90% success rate, the scientist has concluded that the funding, manufacturing and distribution of COVID 19 vaccine would take more than two years.

Meaning, till at least 2023, we are liable to live with precautions and sudden lockdowns. Till 2023 unfortunately, we could only take precaution to our health.

However, many researchers are also looking for a cure in the existing medicines and supplements in the market. One of these current supplements is the widely gaining popularity CBD (Cannabis) variant supplements. We know that Cannabis can be a probable cure and scientists are researching on the certainty of this hypothesis.

The potential of Cannabis as a COVID treatment is being tested at various centers across America including the University of Nebraska and Texas biomedical research institute, studies by Dr Hodge a graduate from the Morehouse College, and Scripps Research institution among others.

To understand how Cannabis can work as a treatment of COVID, first, we need to learn how COVID 19 affects our body.

How Does Our Body Respond To COVID 19?

As soon as a bacteria or virus invades our body, the immune system starts to respond by different physical changes to kill or fight against bacteria. One of the immune system techniques to fight against bacteria is by releasing cytokines. In the process of cytokines, the body goes through inflammation as a natural defensive system, but sometimes the immune system overdoes it, and our body goes into a cytokine storm.

The central element that heeds the severity of any corona case is our body's natural defense mechanism taking an aggressive turn towards cytokine storms.

Initially, our body starts with the natural response of inflammation through releasing cytokine. However, in severe cases of COVID19, the body overturns and starts the process of cytokine storm, which proves to be fatal.

According to the researches, as COVID19 invades our body, the virus is accompanied by an extreme inflammatory response with large amounts of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Our immune system reacts to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and goes into a cytokine storm. The cytokine storm is correlated with lung damage and multi-organ failure.

So, in simple words, when our natural defense mechanism turns aggressive, it starts affecting our healthy cells, when our body goes through cytokine storm, fever, nausea and fatigue which are also common symptoms of the COVID19.

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How Can Cannabis Cure COVID?

Over the years, CBD has gained popularity for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. CBD has become a joint supplement for chronic physical and mental disease, including cancer and depression. The various products of the CBD also help you in muscle pain and migraine release. So far, you can control symptoms of several chronic diseases through CBD, if you can't treat it.

Studies have found that Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and inhibits the cytokine in the body, reduces angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), has the same benefits as terpenes, and it can work as an antivirus.

COVID19, along with the immune system directly damages your lungs through inflammation which results in the infected person's inability to breathe independently. Starting with lungs, each vital organ starts to fail eventually within the week.

The cannabis property of reducing ACE2 (an element promoting lung inflammation) can widely help infected people in preventing fatal lung damage. Compared to the medicines, Cannabis is 20 times more potent than Advil in reducing inflammation and also two times stronger than Dexamethasone. CBD halts the process of cytokine storm developing in a COVID-19 patient.

CBD supplements are non-addictive with no apparent side effect cases. The supplements of CBD can be used to suppress and control the symptoms of COVID 19 more effectively than the majority of the drugs. The anti-inflammatory properties will protect the lungs from damage and will calm the immune system. CBD also has properties to boost the immune system and keep the body from aching.

Although there is no absolute proof of Cannabis as a cure, however, cannabis supplements can help suppress the significant symptoms and help with the extreme inflammation in the immune system.

At this moment in history, many experts think that even CBD supplements can completely cure the COVID19, but it can help you control the number of cases globally. CBD is available easily in the most affordable rates with properties for good health.

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Lisa burney
Lisa burney
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