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Best Smoking Accessories

Every true stoner should own the best smoking accessories to make the most of their marijuana moments.

Best Smoking Accessories

Most of what makes smoking marijuana so pleasurable for people is that they have the necessary items to engage in the act of smoking it. One of the best protections against disappointment with smoking marijuana is to have a proper inventory of items and also an awareness of how to make the experience better. Let’s make the entire experience for you more calm and pleasurable.

Is it surprising that marijuana use is on the rise? Since 23 of 50 states in the US have legalized it for medicinal purposes and 4 for recreation, while manufacturing companies have taken advantage of legalization and have made it possible to get the drug at the tips of your fingers on an iPad, it’s certainly not shocking news that 10 percent of adults in the US alone are using. Approximately 30 million Americans smoked up in 2015, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

The trend and legalization in Colorado, for example, has spread now to Canada, and millions of dollars are being invested frequently at what’s looking to be a multi billion-dollar business by 2020.

An essential reason that marijuana is such a fast booming industry is that one doesn’t have to be an expert in the field itself to make money. There is room for people in software, baked goods and retail who are exploiting the industry. When looking at investing into the marijuana industry, it's essential to consider how cultivation works, your knowledge of medical dispensaries, legal recreational retailers, edibles/infused product makers and service firms like security, software and setup consulting.

Look at people in web and software companies such as Leafly, Viridian Sciences, and Weedmaps and begin to understand why software is essential in helping drive marijuana businesses forward. These companies are here to assist cannabis users and create an online community.

Where is the weed we’re smoking coming from, anyways? Cultivating the best marijuana requires practiced and developed techniques and it’s cannabis farmers with a lot of skill who are tending to this. It’s risky business. Things like temperature control, spaces, pests, the right amount of light, breeze and air circulation and nutrient problems, among many other issues, could arise. Those who are looking for a job on the farm can be sure to find some work to do. In the Architecture of Happiness Alan de Botton says "What we seek, at the deepest level, is inwardly to resemble, rather than physically to possess, the objects and places that touch us through their beauty.".

De Botton has a point, however, if we can match the deep beauty inside of us with a convenient and equally as beautiful and practical inventory of marijuana smoking items, we’re gold. Below is a practical list of every item a marijuana smoker should have.

A generic four-piece grinder is probably the best type of grinder to use to break up your weed. The three-piece and two-piece grinders generally don’t have as good as a keef build-up and when you remove the weed from the grinder area, things can get tricky as it likes to stick after a couple of uses. When grinding marijuana with a four-piece grinder, some of the small THC crystals that fall off get collected and you get a better high because of it.

An often overlooked aspect of smoking pot but very important for a top experience is in the papers you are using. Trying to choose from the dozens of options at your local market can be overwhelming, but next time you’re in this situation, go RAW. RAW’s organic king sized rolling papers take it to the next level. They’re eco-friendly and made from chemical free organic hemp, which accentuates the flavour of the weed when you’re smoking it. Package held shut with a natural rubber band, the packaging is pretty modest and also contains built-in roaches for your benefit.

For the serious marijuana smokers who want more than a pipe or joint can have some fun with the digital Volcano Vaporizer. It seems to fill a niche as a bag vaporizer that other vaporizers haven’t seem to have matched. You control the temperature as precisely as you want as the Volcano displays the unit’s current temperature which can give you an evaluation of how long ago the unit was shut off.

Probably the most common sense item to use but also very easy to forget is water. After smoking, it’s common to get a dry, pasty mouth and you’ll be glad you filled the bottle. Always try to keep it at least half full, because it may also come in handy if you’re filling a bong.

What’s more important when you’re smoking marijuana than having some good eats? It’s a cliché that food like McDonalds and Sour Patch Kids are the best when you’re high. Have you ever tried taking a bite into a crispy, red apple (not you’re iPhone! Please don’t get that high) or swapping high fat potato chips for flavorful and satisfying Coconut chips? Be mindful about what you’re eating when you’re high to feel good even when you come down later.

Traverse your needs on the go with a Medtainer. It’s an airtight, smell proof, and waterproof capsule to with a grinding capability. It’s a very good product and a practical, safe solution for those who want to hide the marijuana smell from people.

Typically, one hitters look a lot like cigarettes and for the smoker who wants to keep low-key, you can get away with using them in public by acting as if you’re taking a cigarette out. They’re really meant for people on the go and are a fast solution for a quick high with a capacity for about 1 or 2 hits of the weed. Either produced in glass or wood, it can be your all in one travel solution.

Ozium spray kills odors at the source, but it’s a good idea to wait until you are finished smoking and any food is put away before spraying it around the room. It works great and will certainly get rid of the smell. There will be a chemical odor for about 2 minutes after spraying but soon will eliminate the all smoke odors.

Hopefully you have somebody who loves you enough to apply some infused CO2-extracted THC lotion on your body. Ideal for post workouts, although just as good to do recreationally, your muscles will thank you for this. Since you are absorbing this topically, it’s not going to get you too high and you’ll still be functioning fine for the rest of your day, just much more relaxed.

A Good Place to Smoke

Our environment has a far reaching impact on our behavior, and it’s going to be up to you to have a calm and happy place in mind for smoking. This of course isn’t necessarily an item, but maybe the most important part of smoking! Everybody is different but some suggestions include smoking by a big body of water, at the beach, in a park, garden, courtyard. Open space is generally a good idea as to not feel any pressure or restrictions, and nature is why you’re smoking in the first place. Stay grateful for the nature.

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